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SEO tips to get more eyeballs on your website

Do you have a marketing plan in place or are you hoping that the internet gods will be kind and send you traffic?

If you ask, the vast majority of internet marketers struggle with traffic, leads and conversion of those leads into sales.

Is this you?

For starters this is not an Olympic sprint contest.

This is a marathon so you need to pace yourself to get in the game.

Google is the primary search engine on the internet and they make the rules and they change them very often now.

When you consider that Google owns Youtube the two search engines combined are 2 of the top three places people go online on a daily basis.

The other major player is of course Facebook, and with these two giants competing for your eyeballs and your wallet you have to know the game you’re in to come out on top.

SEO tips -the good, the bad and the ugly!

Depending on who you talk to or more importantly who you listen to there are two schools of thought to win the game of traffic.

One is using blackhat strategies, which of course, based on the name, is the way to try to cheat the system.

For many years internet marketers were able to ride on the coattails of Google, make tons of money, and skate around the rules.

Then one day Google, the king of search engines did what was referred to as a Google slap, and smacked those marketers right in the head.

If you want to use blackhat methods, stop reading this article now!

That is short term thinking and trying to make a quick buck now.

It’s not if but when you will get caught and one day, BAMM, your websites will be de indexed and buried deep in cyberspace.

The other way is white hat strategies which is staying within the boundaries of the rules and building a business that grows deep roots and offers value to your subscribers.

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SEO Tips

SEO Tips

Blogging SEO tips

Blogging seems to be the way for many internet marketers to go these days.

Its a cost effective way to go for you to build your brand.

First and foremost create value for your subscribers because this is a great search engine optimisation component.

Good content gets rewarded and the more you publish the more you get rewarded.

Two of the parameters of search engine optimisation are bounce rate (which is how long long someone stays on your site) and page views.

How long do you stay on a site that publishes crap?

Exactly, you are gone in a nano second.

Some other good SEO tips are to use outbound links to relevant articles on an authority site.

Don’t be afraid that when you send people off your page that they will never come back.

Use images or videos that are relevant to your article or post.

Make sure your information is related.

This means do not post an article about fishing gear and then one about marketing affiliate products.

When you publish any article you can do social sharing.

One of the simple tools to use is shareaholic which is a plugin that you can set up all your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, etc.

1 minute to share to all those sites.

Then you go to and you can ping the blog post with your keyword and url.

This pings the search engines faster to get your post out there.

And its FREE.

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SEO tips on video marketing

Video marketing is one of the most effective internet marketing strategies.

Using Youtube as an example, the growth of videos on the internet has exploded because  every one is ready to lock and load a video on their smartphones.

Youtube is a free search engine for you to use to publish your videos.

One great strategy to get more traffic is to post an article on your site, then you go shoot a video about it and provide links to your post which is more in depth.

Videos have more chance of being watched than your post being read.

Its also another way to connect to your audience.

Set up your Youtube channel and start putting out 1-5 minute (maximum) videos because everyone’s attention span is that of a commercial.

You can then take the same video and post it on your Facebook business page.

Because Facebook has it’s own algorithms do not post it on Youtube and then load it on Facebook from your Youtube account.

Remember, Google and Facebook are duelling it out to be top gun and you have to play smart to maximize your views.

Link back to your blog or wherever your article is hosted, not to your social media account.

You control the environment on your blog, not on Facebook or Youtube.

SEO Tips

SEO Tips

Smart internet marketing strategies wins you eyeballs

SEO plan for your site is essential to gain more traffic, especially organic traffic.

In your SEO plan you need to balance your backlink strategy. Non relevant links from unrelated sites costs you.

Social sharing is growing more and more and since Google has stepped into the social media arena with Google+ search engine optimization through your social media accounts has far more significance.

It’s all about who is liking, sharing, following, commenting and Google+ your information.

Other major players that have emerged in the internet marketing game is Pinterest and Instagram.

These are two very popular picture sharing sites.

Building links and getting followers through all the social media sites is critical to get more traffic to your site.

LinkedIn is also a major player but that is strictly a B2B platform.

Make sure that what you are posting on each platform is relevant to the type of audience.

SEO will help you create the first part of the equation which is traffic.

I will go into more detail on optins (leads) and conversion of those leads in a later article.

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SEO Tips

SEO Tips


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  1. David, I think you have given great value on this post. One of the things I try to do for my “partners” is to stay and read these blogs to the end. Will share for you.

  2. Just beginning to use the technique of putting up a video on the blog. Glad to see that you endorse this method as I have seen it recommended other places as well. It gives people a choice — and, of course, it is said that people prefer videos to the written word these days. But they can read the post, watch the video and hopefully do both. Also, the staying power on the post is important. So if you can grab a person’s attention through a video, I believe they are more likely to stick around and read the post. Appreciate this information. Thanks David.

  3. @carol, posting videos is a great way to derive SEO benefits. Also getting your own videos embedded is something you should look into. Nice post, thanks for sharing

  4. Its important to play nice with SEO or Not only Google but all other search engines will lower your chances of receiving organic traffic…i.e. your visibility will drop down the plughole!

    I agree that blogging is a long term strategy, a Marathon as you call it. but we all know success loves speed so the sooner one gets their online super store in great SEO order the better for their website Visibility and ranking!

    Thanks for sharing David!

    • Always play by the rules and if you want to build any business you have to be in it for the long haul. Glad you got some value from it Julie. I really appreciate your great comments and all the great work you are doing.

  5. awesome share you have on SEO, thanks david

  6. You know you are good at something when you can explain something complex in an easy way. I agree with you David content is king thanks for sharing!

  7. Philip Lapinski says:

    This is amazing info David! I never realized how big SEO was for videos until recently and you give amazing tips thanks for this

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