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Using your most precious commodity -time…

Have you ever heard people say – I have no time?

For some strange reason the clock must be ticking faster than 10 years ago because no one seems to have any time to do what they want.

There might be some ways that we are not equal in this world but there is certainly one thing that puts us all on a level playing field. TIME.

You, me and everyone gets 24 hours a day, no more, no less.

So how exactly does one person become so successful and the person next to them has nothing.

One thing that separates them is how they arrange their priorities.

I’m going to talk about a couple of simple strategies where you can maximize your time with audio training.

Audio training is all about learning while you are on the move.

Audio Training

Audio Training

Take advantage of audio training while attending traffic university

Did you know that the average person spends the equivalent of a university semester travelling to and from work every day during the course of the year?

So, what does the average person do?

Listen to music, drink their coffee, talk on the phone which in most cases is just killing time because you are stuck in traffic with thousands of your closest friends.

Oh yeah, I forgot about all that frustration focused on the brilliant drivers cutting you off.

Time to get out the audio books on cd or an audio course so you can be productive with all that precious time on your hands.

Its a perfect time to do audio training for your personal growth plan.

You get to shift your focus and energy onto something productive and positive.

No one loves the rush hour commute so instead of burning off fumes of anger over something you can’t control, you get to learn something valuable.

Audio books on cd is a great idea to learn a new skill

You promised yourself that when you get home you would spend some time learning how to be a more effective communicator, how to be a better blogger, how to be better at sales or whatever you need to learn.

This never seems to happen. Rush, rush, rush.

Traffic university is an entire semester every single year.

You actually will start looking forward to the commute because your brain is going to be excited to absorb that new knowledge.

This makes the commute FUN.

Have you ever spent an entire commute flaring your nostrils and shooting lightning bolts from your eyes at other drivers and by the time you get home you are exhausted?

What’s the point!

You could be listening to another great audio course while all the other drivers are losing their cool.

I have at least 15-20 audio training cds in my car at any given time. The more I listen to them the more I learn.

Audio Training

Audio Training

No more excuses of no time to read -audio books on cd

Brian Tracy is one of the top personal development and business coaches in the world and he talks about how important it is to train and retrain our mind with inspirational and educational information.

Brian Tracy makes reference to the fact that traffic university is a good thing if you use it wisely.

Did you know that 87% of what we are exposed to daily online and in the various forms of news media is negative. 87%. WOW!

Time to get the audio course out and shift that mindset.

All that negativity takes its toll on your energy and your health.

Taking back control of your life is a conscious choice. Imagine what 60-120 minutes a day of learning a new skill set or personal development could do for your life!

Do you know how many books you could have read (listened to) in one year?

Audio training is a great motivator

Is your life headed in the direction that you want it to go?

Choosing to listen to something positive or learning something new with an audio course will become a habit.

Do you know what happens when you exercise the discipline to form good habits?

You start to shift your mindset and this will shift your life.

Now, the easy thing to do is just put on some tunes in the car and turn up the volume and drown out the noise outside.

What about that lifestyle you wanted to have?

What about that new car?

What about more vacation time?

How exactly is that going to happen if you don’t change your habits?

I absolutely love driving down the highway knowing that if traffic university comes to a grinding halt, I really don’t mind because I’m either learning something new that will improve my business or I’m shifting my mindset with an inspiring audio cd.

Audio Training

Audio Training

Turning obstacles into opportunity

If you asked 1,000 people if they enjoyed the commute to and from work, you would likely hear a resounding NO!

The commute in traffic university is like any obstacle in your life.

You will always have obstacles throughout your life.

The question is, what are you are you going to do about it?

Now, after you have experienced one of those special days where every driver left their brain at home and created havoc on the roads, do you think anyone needs to hear all about it as if you were reliving it?

Yet, people do this every single day.

“Life is not about what happens, it’s about how you deal with what happens.”

If you re focus your energy on learning new things  and focus on the positive versus negative your life will take a dramatic turn for the better.

You do want your life to get better, right!

You also know that it is new choices and decisions of how to spend your time that will create new positive life changing habits, right!

Then get out the audio training  courses and start on a whole new path.

You will enjoy it and your friends and family will appreciate you more.

Are you looking for a better way? Do you want a blueprint for personal development and business development? Having support and encouragement is as important as having the right systems and tools. Is it time for a change? Click the link and watch the FREE video to experience a shift into what is possible.

Audio Training

Audio Training


David Thompson

Success is yours to discover…imagine!

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  1. Why, as adults, are we so ‘afraid” of learning. Why do we “think we know it all”? I learn everyday. I love syndicating for my fellow bloggers for two reasons. 1) We have a community that HELPS each other, 2) I always learn something new.

    Great share today. Will G+ for you.

  2. I am a great advocate of Traffic University. It is one of the best uses of time… I have learned so much that way. Thanks for sharing this valuable tip!

  3. Your are right David about the excuse of not enough time for learning, you can always do it while you are in your car, with CD’s and audio training. This is the first time I have heard of Traffic University thank you for sharing, I like learning new things everyday it is how I improve myself.

  4. Oh, so true. I live in the boonies. It takes an hour to get to the nearest city. That time comes in so handy for listening to audios. Do I have to commute? No more — those days are gone forever. Thanks for the tips David.

  5. i will have to check this out. Thanks

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