Global Economy – Are You Working On Plan “A” or Plan “B”?

The global economy has drastically shifted!

We live in very interesting times now.  For the Baby Boomers, there is the looming threat that what they worked so hard for and contributed to may not be there to serve them in their golden years.

For the 25 to 40 year olds there is the uncertainty of the growing economic climate.  With many financial responsibilities already established with family, home, investments, etc. (and much of it at risk) it is very unsettling to determine the right move to make.

Global Economy

Global Economy

Generation Y –  What to Do?

Then we have the new Generation  Y of young people who have started to move out of the education system and into the work force. For the first time in history there are 4 generations in the workplace.

The $64,000.00 question they are faced with is:  “What do I want to do with the rest of my life?” Where should I focus my efforts?

Old Guarantees – Gone

The world used to be this comfortable place where you could decide what you wanted to do or be, and you did it, for the rest of your life.  This is now an old reality that is being replaced with one where each person has an average of 4 to 5 careers instead of just one. Pension plans, retirement funds, benefit packages and worker bonuses are all becoming a thing of the past as the new emerging economy unfolds. Take a look inside here at a Plan “B” that has changed countless lives already. Click the link now.

Plan “A” or Plan “B” – The New Economy

The demographics of the economy have changed too.  It has really gone beyond local, regional and even national boundaries to become truly global.  What happens somewhere else in the world now has a direct impact in our own back yard.

The current economic crisis is forcing people out of their comfort zones.  With so many businesses restructuring and/or failing, people are taking a serious, long, hard look at the alternatives to their current situation.

You really do have to think this through.

Whenever a major paradigm shift happens, the people who can adapt best are usually those who succeed more often.  Being adaptable has never been more important than in today’s rapidly changing global economy. You may be in a safe zone with your job today, but if your company depends on clients from unsafe markets, you are literally next on the unemployment list.

Plan A plan B

Plan A plan B

Opportunities in Down Times

An interesting thing has been stated often, that “some of the greatest wealth ever created came during the great depression”.  This would lead us to believe that there are reasons to be optimistic in down times.  The fact is that there are opportunities available in a down economy and they are different from those that we are accustomed to in an upswing or a thriving economy.

If you currently have a Plan “A” and you think that you are safe, would you be ready to adapt to Plan “B” if necessary?  Would you be able to exploit unique opportunities especially in the bad times? Look at this franchise style business model that is turning heads. Click the link and watch the FREE video.

The Right Mindset

You have all exercised and continue to possess a great power in life.  It is the power of choice.  You can choose to do something or you can do nothing. You can choose to be paralyzed with fear or to be motivated to action.

What do you think would work best – to be proactive or reactive?

Proactive means that, when you know that something can potentially happen to alter your (economic) situation, you create a Plan “B” as a backup to your standard Plan “A” in life.  Planning is an action, not a reaction, done more on your time and on your terms. Do you really think that the government or a company cares about you or your future. The massive global meltdown should be enough proof that you have to look out for you.

Reactive would more likely mean that you wait until the very last minute and then you are overwhelmed by the situation and your emotions.

This is a dangerous position to put yourselves into because you are less likely to think clearly.  You are more likely to act in a desperate manner, which often leads to more bad decisions and a worsened situation.

Plan for Success

It has been well studied and documented that people who create plans and take action have a more balanced lifestyle and are more successful in their jobs and in their businesses.

Of course, none of us can ever prepare for everything.  However, success in life is not really about what just happens by and by.  It is much more about how you influence and deal with what happens.

Global Economy

Global Economy

Who is the Opportunity For?

Lots of people are looking for opportunities and lots of people are offering them.  If someone is presenting an opportunity to you, perhaps you should ask yourself: “Is this about serving my interest or theirs?”

The real answer tells you a lot about the opportunity and the person offering it.  Social integrity has much to do with choosing the right opportunity, especially in difficult times. Click the link and watch how a group of successful people with an abundant mindset have put together an incredible franchise style business model that is making a difference in lots of lives now.

Preparing for the Future

In summary, the world is changing rapidly, with or without your consent.  Its global economies, driven by fast-paced advances in technology, are in constant challenge of integrity and stability  –  witness the recent incarceration of once prominent corporate CEOs who have been permitted to violate the public trust, and the near-catastrophic failure of many of the world’s most powerful economic institutions in the worst economic crisis seen in decades.  We are at risk!

The Baby Boomer secure, patronizing mentality just does not cut it any more.  Generation Y must adapt, must be proactive, must have a Plan “B”.

Get your plan “B” by clicking on the image below.

Global Economy

Global Economy


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