How To Become A Marketing Email Rockstar

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is directly marketing some form of a commercial message to a list or a group of people using email.

If you apply email marketing in the broadest sense it is usually used to refer to sending email messages with the purpose of enhancing the relationship of a merchant or vendor with its current or previous customers.

Other  purposes of the email marketing could be to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business, acquiring new customers or enticing current customers to purchase something immediately.

Email marketing is your common thread between social media marketing,  affiliate marketing, Youtube video marketing and your blog.

One of the primary purposes of  online marketing strategies is to build a list of potential customers to promote your offers, products or services to.

The process of building a massive email marketing list is achieved through landing pages (capture pages) or the optin boxes on your blog.

Email marketing is your method of communication with your list.

Email Rockstar

Email Rockstar

One of the best assets in your tool box is a reliable email sending service or autoresponder

A good email sending service or  autoresponder is the link between you and your list.

There are several to choose from in the marketplace but I recommend  Aweber for ease of use and having a great reputation for customer service.

You can check them out on a link on my tools page.

There are a couple of selections that can change the volume of optins for you.

You can select either a single optin or a double optin.

There are different schools of thought on this.

Double optins does eliminate bogus emails because someone actually has to click a link sent to their email after they entered it in the optin box.

Single optins get you more leads initially but if the email addresses are not real ( many are not) you will have a higher unopen and bounce rate.

This could cause your account problems.

Aweber is a great email sending service that has a good amount of analytics already set up in their back office with lots of tutorials.

All components of the internet marketing process has to have tracking because metrics and analytics will save you time and money.

Getting started right with email marketing online…

You have a system (source)  for your internet traffic (or you should) so it is critical that you have a strategic process for your email marketing online.

One of the things that will definitely increase your optin numbers from your capture page is a lead magnet.

Email Rockstar

Email Rockstar

A lead magnet is simply a FREE giveaway that you are offering in exchange for them entering their name and email address.

The lead magnet could be a PDF,  video training, white paper or a free training webinar.

Now you have subscribers pouring into your list.

What does everyone do before they buy a product or service?

They go online to do research.

They have somehow been directed to your capture page and gave you their name and email address.

Remember, they probably don’t know you but they are opening the door for you to offer them a solution.

This is your opportunity to start building a relationship.

Your potential customer may or may not be in purchase mode or what is referred to as a now buyer when they first see your offer.

If you start to deliver  value with good content by way of your email marketing online you start to build know, like and trust.

What % of your emails should be value based?

100% of your emails should contain some form of value.

Going for the quick buck is tempting because it’s less work but you will lose a lot of business by pushing sales all the time.

How to effectively monetize  your email marketing campaign

The lead magnets significantly increases the number of optins.

It is more challenging to get someone from your cold market, which is almost all traffic that you generate, to buy now.

There are a number of psychological approaches to use to get your list built for FREE.

One approach is to have your lead magnet  go to a sales page that has a low price point offer where people are less resistant to spending their money.

You can stop your process there and you have them on your list to do your follow up email marketing.

This will generate some immediate revenue to neutralize your upfront costs to generate traffic.

The interesting thing is that once somebody has made a purchase from you, you can add an upsell or a cross promotion with a higher price point.

Once they have become a committed buyer your conversions on the upsells are greater.

Another best email marketing practice is to segment your lists into different groups..

Once someone has become a buyer, you move them to a new list.

You can also segment your list based information your customers  give you from surveys.

This allows you to drill down to get more information so you can laser focus your marketing.

The more refined your targeting is the better chance you have of offering exactly what products and services they are looking for.

There are rules of engagement you should follow with your email marketing list

Email Rockstar

Email Rockstar

When people from your list have engaged with your content you want to promptly respond.

Tell your story of your path to success so that they can relate to a real person who started just like them.

Everyone needs to identify with someone who goes through the inevitable obstacles that everyone faces.

Let your followers or subscribers get to know, like and trust you.

Your email marketing list will become like your tribe of raving fans if you follow the 80/20 rule.

They will look forward to receiving your emails instead of, “not another pushy email from so and so.”

Relationship building 101 with your email marketing list means you always provide lots of value and offer solutions to their pain or problem in their life or business.

Your follow up email marketing campaigns should not be a pitch fest

If you use your follow up email sequence to sell and promote every  time you send one out you will generate lots of unsubscribes.

Your list is not looking for another commercial in their inbox.

Always keep in mind the power of the mouse, one click and your subscribers are gone, forever!

You will be running a number of different campaigns simultaneously.

One campaign is always for your regular followers.

These are people that have come to know, like and trust you.

These emails need to be chock full of value.

You can give your loyal followers key tips, new tools that you are using and strategies that are working  for you.

Other campaigns are for subscribers that have never bought anything from you and they likely don’t know you.

This means you need to warm them up to you by giving some great value but also you want to be informing them of your story.

You want to be taking them on your journey where they get to know the real authentic you.

Typically speaking the push-pull ratio in email marketing content which is the value-selling ratio is 80/20.

Provide value 80% of the time and selling or promoting 20%.

You can also add videos and images so they get to see you in action and that provides a form of connection to the real you.

How to set up your drip email marketing…

Do you know what I mean when I use the term drip email marketing?

It basically is a system of follow up emails that you  provide in a sequence.

This will walk your audience through a process with information that creates value, builds trust and directs them towards a purchase.

The process can take a month or up to several months.

When you don’t know the person who is on the receiving end of the email you don’t know where they are at in regards to making a buying decision.

Surveys help you determine what problems or pains they have, what struggles they are experiencing and this gives you great insight as to how to approach them.

Email marketing campaigns need to follow a strategic process to yield great results

Maybe you have heard the expression that email marketing is dead.

Email Rockstar

Email Rockstar

This is definitely wrong!

Bad email marketing is dead.

You know the kind of email marketing I’m talking about.

The internet marketing spammers who are trying to sell you everything from fake Rolex to wonder drugs.

Yeah, I’m sure you would not trust a total stranger to sell you that garbage online.

If you imagine that you are the customer on the other end of the emails that you are sending, what kind of emails would you send out?

You are a consumer too.

What do you want, solid value or garbage?

Serve people value.

Give without expectation and you will be surprised at the results.

Here are a few key tips for designing your email marketing strategic process:

1) Do split testing on capture pages

2) Do split testing on subject lines

3) Resend emails with new subject lines to unopened emails

4) Always have some type of call to action (but only one)

5) Only offer one things for them to choose in the email. Too many options and they get confused. Confused people do nothing

6) Use surveys on a regular basis to better understand your subscribers.

7) Once you are advanced subscribe to an email verification software because this will cut down on bogus emails which reduces your bounce rate.

High bounce, high unopen rate   or complaint % and you could get your autoresponder account terminated.

Plus email verification software reduces costs as you will not have as many emails on your lists that are worthless.

Email Rockstar

Email Rockstar




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  1. Hey David, I love using lead magnets! This is a very powerful way to build an email list and create trust by providing free value. What you shrared here is the must have information for any online marketer.

    The secret is and made that clear is to provide something of value to the marketplace.

    Great tips David.

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  5. We like to call our Offers Complimentary or Zero-Cost to the receiver coz that adds value t it immediately and in their eyes. Lots of people giving away Free offers. People are literally not even tempted these days. Unless So much Value is added to the offer thus making it irresistible and there are many great tools to use for that. Many paid some free to start with.

    I like using Landingi…others use Thrive leads, MITS, Click Funnels, Lead Pages etc all are great, its the message that matters.

    Whatever the tool, the work starts once they optin and indeed as you say David, Its when we get the chance to build on that initial click and optin. a great tool for the User.

  6. Awesome man
    I’m so glad to see that you are teaching to lead with value as opposed to pitch pitch pitch your list.
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