How To Drive Targeted Traffic

How would you like to get more targeted traffic now?

If you ask anyone doing internet marketing what they would like to have more of the answer is usually targeted traffic.

There are many ways to get that targeted traffic but it takes a precise strategy to get people to your capture page or to your website.

You can attempt to take the free approach but the one main issue of that is you can’t scale up free.

Free targeted traffic generation involves you spending your precious non renewable resource called TIME.

The one thing that puts us all on a level playing field is we all get 24 hours a day, no more no less.

Creating targeted traffic on command and then implementing this into your system of traffic, leads and conversions will create massive success for you.

Targeted Traffic

Targeted Traffic

Targeted traffic + strategy = conversions

The 3 pillars of traffic are

1) Fast – you want to be able to generate traffic fast to get massive results

2) Scalable – whatever system of getting targeted traffic you apply you need to be able to scale it up instantly.

3) Consistent – you have to use a consistent systematic approach to your website traffic. Consistency builds momentum.

Their are typically 4 categories of internet marketers:

1) Amateurs – they send traffic directly to an offer or product

2) Typical -they send traffic to a landing page and then to an offer

3) Pros -they send targeted traffic to a landing page using a custom lead magnet.

Read a full blog post on lead magnets here.

They then direct the traffic to a custom reframed page with the offer.

4) Elite Pros – they drive traffic to a landing page (fyi..a capture page and landing page are the same) using a lead magnet to get more optins.

The traffic is then sent to an offer that creates regenerative traffic by offering them more when they refer people to this page.

The traffic that does not become a buyer is also retargeted.

Do you want to become an absolute master of traffic?

Do you want to be able to create targeted traffic on command?

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6 rules of targeted traffic to be in control of your business

Every successful person in any business develops through trial and error a pattern of success that they implement into their strategy.

Once you have a solid system in place to drive more website traffic all you do is rinse and repeat as often as you like.

Here are the 6 rules for you to follow.

1) Don’t follow the herd – if you always follow what everyone else is doing you put your success in their hands instead of yours

2) Never depend on anybody for traffic – if you rely on certain sources of traffic and for whatever reason they stop or become unreliable your business stops too

3) Never depend on a particular traffic source – develop a variety of targeted traffic sources

4) Dig your own well – always be testing and tweaking your own traffic methods

5) Master traffic – when you can master targeted traffic you can be control of where your business is going

6) Be strategic and rise above the noise – don’t be like everyone else, create a differentiator in your business that makes you stand out and adapt to a strategic process and stick with that strategy

Targeted Traffic

Targeted Traffic

How to increase website traffic

If you want to know how to increase website traffic you have to be looking at the methods that can get you more traffic as fast as possible. Here are 7 strategic ways how to increase website traffic to boost your results.

1) Email media – when you have a list you can use this as an opportunity to send them to your website

2) PPC (pay per click) – pay per click is one of the most common forms of paid advertising, you just have to choose which medium or platform you want to market on

3) Banner/display – you can approach other website owners and ask them to place a banner ad on their site, you want to select websites that are aligned or congruent with your target market

4) Solo Ads – you can contact any number of companies and create an sales copy of an email for them to send out to a selected list that will drive traffic back to your site

5) Video PPC – Youtube is one of the top search engines in the world and videos are a hot marketing tool because people are more inclined to watch videos over reading text based messages

6) Facebook PPC – Facebook is the number 1 social media network and PPC on Facebook is still relatively inexpensive and you have the advantage of having the best targeted market with very specific demographics

7) Content Syndication – this is a great leverage approach because if you can become part of a syndication group you can have your content ranking much faster.

Some of the critical criteria that is used to rank content (either video or blog posts) is likes, shares, comments and in the case of videos embeds (which is when someone takes your video link and embeds it into a secondary site).

The advantage of a syndication group is that everyone is working together to boost each others business.

The key is to get into the right groups.

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Track Website Traffic
Track Website Traffic

You need to track website traffic to be successful

If something you were doing was not working, would you keep on doing it?

The answer is a resounding NO!

Here’s the catch, if you you don’t know how to track website traffic or you aren’t doing it you will never know what works and what doesn’t.

You can attach Google analytics to your website through your Google account and its a free tool.

Split testing (testing different ads, banners or capture pages) is a major component of internet marketing because you want to always be putting out the most effective stuff to maximize your results.

Tracking your links and where those links are strategically placed is critical.

You could be spending your hard earned cash on stuff that is not working.

That is like literally burning money for being lazy.

Tracking and tweaking is an ongoing process in the internet marketing game.

Things change very quickly today and you need to be ready to adapt instantly.

If you want to have access to a success blueprint for internet marketing click the link and watch the FREE video.

You can try to figure all this out on your own or you can work together with a system that was built by internet marketers for internet marketers.

See you on the inside.

Track Website Traffic

Track Website Traffic


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  1. Dig Your Own Well and Then You will never be thirsty…That was something my maternal grandmother always said to me..I always wondered what she meant until I started Network Marketing. She was one wise lady…RIP.

    When you create your own funnel and then use any of the above strategies to drive traffic to them, there is no end to your success. The important point is to create the funnel and make sure there are no leakages…thats tracking and tweaking…

    Never depending on someone else’ traffic is a il difficult since SE traffic is not strictly speaking your own…. BUT if you are syndicating your stuff and optimizing your content, then SE traffic will come. Its takes that Precious non-renewable thing called time…but time is what you gotta give this one! Building a trusted brand does take time.

    Thanks David!

  2. Hi David I believe you’ve captured one of the most important income producing activities we should work daily and if anyone follow these strategies consistently you will be setting yourself for success. Great post thanks for sharing.

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