How To Get Targeted Internet Traffic, Leads And Sales

Do you know what the # 1 struggle of all internet marketers is?

Getting more targeted internet traffic.

The second step in the process that will drive your internet business to success are converting that internet traffic to leads.

The third and final step to creating ultimate success in internet marketing is converting those leads into sales.

Most internet marketers seem to put this all into one.

This is three separate components and if you skip one or don’t get it right you will not experience success.

It takes the right knowledge, the right tools and the right resources to connect the dots on these components.

Wallace D. Wattles in his book,”The Science of Success” referred to this system as doing certain things in a certain way.

In this article I’m going to cover 11 proven steps that will get you more targeted internet traffic, more leads and more conversions of those leads into sales.

WARNING: Most of these things can be done for FREE with just your time!

Internet Traffic

Internet Traffic

1) Define your target market within your niche

This is an area that lots of entrepreneurs struggle with.

If you select too broad of a target market you will experience ineffective promotion campaigns.

If you have laser targeted focus for your internet traffic it is an instant game changer.

If you are doing paid advertising of any kind or PPC (pay per click) you will spend extra money on ads attracting the wrong customer.

This is where your research will help you discover if your target market is viable from a business perspective.

For example if you were focusing on furniture making, you would Google search furniture making to see what other sites are focused on.

You would then find some keywords and go to Google keyword search tool to see how many people were searching those terms on a monthly basis.

2) Create an optin page with a lead magnet on your blog.

A lead magnet is simply a FREE report, white paper, video training or PDF that provides value (solves a problem or pain point) to your targeted audience.

The significance of your optin page is to capture names and email addresses.

This builds your list which becomes your gold mine.

The lead magnet gives you a greater optin rate and it has been proven that the more you give the more information you are able to get.

The name can be vital because when you go to send out your follow up emails you will have a higher open rate with personalized emails.

The optin page should be on your home page above the fold (the area that appears on your screen and you don’t have to scroll down) and on all other pages on your blog or website.

Always make it easy for them to optin.

3) Create a capture page with a lead magnet.

If you have chosen to do affiliate marketing you may not be using a blog or website.

Internet Traffic

Internet Traffic

Create a capture page (otherwise known as a landing page or a squeeze page).

Affiliate marketers will typically drive targeted internet traffic based on keywords to a capture page.

The capture page has to have certain compelling elements in it to attract the person to put their name and email.

The capture page needs an emotional hook which is the problem or pain that your target market is experiencing.

The capture page hook is also providing a possible solution to that problem or pain.

The third step is to have a call to action which is to put their name and email to get the solution.(never use more than one call to action)

You always have to tell people what to do.

4) Be consistent writing blog posts with tips, techniques and resources. (provide value)

This is for people who have blogs.

You will use your blog to position yourself as an authority in your niche.

This is all part of the  relationship building process with your audience.

This is a long term strategy.

The more value you create for people the more they are inclined to know, like and trust  you and buy your stuff.

Most people are tired of the internet marketers who continuously blast email after email that is always pushing you to buy, buy, buy.

Educate your audience and serve them value and they will become raving fans.( raving fans with networks)

Make sure you have several call to actions ( with the same message)placed throughout your post.

5)  Apply SEO (search engine optimization) techniques on your blog post and/or Youtube videos.( applies to all content)

Before you do a blog post or shoot a Youtube video you first start with keyword search.

You  select one primary keyword and 2-3 secondary keywords that are relevant to the primary keyword.

You use the primary keyword 1-2% throughout your blog post including  some in the subject lines of each paragraph.

Secondary keywords are used 3-4 times throughout the post and you can use in the subject lines also.

Post relevant images and videos in your blog post.

Use your primary keyword as alt tags embedded in the images. (this is part of your Yoast plugin for WordPress)

You then include your primary and secondary keywords as tags for the post.

In your Youtube video you put your primary keyword in the video title.

You find 3 other related keywords either from Google keyword tool search.

You can also do a Google search on the primary keyword and then scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will find Google related searches and you select 3 of the related terms that make sense .

You then put these 3 keywords in the description area under the video and you write  about 200-300 words using those keywords.

Internet Traffic

Internet Traffic

6) Post your blog posts to social media networks to syndicate which gives them a lot more exposure.

If you are using Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn to engage and promote your business or brand then you can find lots of relevant groups to join.

When you do a blog post or video you can go into these groups and publish your post or video. (Avoid spammy links in any post or anything you promote)

You can join 10-20 groups and post into about 10 groups a day in each social media paltform you are using.

This will create a broader reach for FREE exposure to you.

If you are providing value you will find that others in those groups will start to like, comment, share and connect with you.

In your blog post you will provide links to click for any one interested to read your posts.

This helps to generate organic (FREE) targeted traffic to your blog.

7) Create a Youtube channel and start producing videos. (Its FREE)

When you name your channel you want to use the keyword that is related to your target market.

Make most of your videos approximately 3-5 minutes long maximum. (You want people to watch the entire video)

Youtube video marketing is very cost effective because the channel is free and Youtube is hosting the video.

The structure of the video is very specific.

You need to do keyword search just like you do for your blog posts.

Internet Traffic

Internet Traffic

You pick one primary and 3 secondary keywords.

Apply the SEO (search engine optimization) for your Youtube video as per instructions of # 5 above.

Here is the structure you follow for Youtube video marketing:

1) Intro – who you are. 5 seconds

2) Question – which has the keyword in it and ensure the question is focused on the pain or problem of your audience. (within 10 seconds)

3) Content – no more than 3 bullet points of content (problem or pain and make reference to a solution)

Call to action – go to read blog post, enter your name and email on the link below or something similar. (use only one clear call to action) (I do not recommend sending cold market traffic directly to a sales page as the conversions will be low unless you are a recognized authority in your niche.

If you are using your Facebook business page for videos do not post Youtube videos directly on Facebook as they will not rank or get exposure.

Remember Facebook and Google (who owns Youtube) are competing for your business.

8) Be consistent with your email marketing to your new subscribers.

When you start to build your list you want to communicate to that list several times per week.

Consistency is one of the keys you need to focus on when it comes to email marketing content.

Some internet marketers do it multiple times a day (which I believe is far too many) and others do it a few times per week.

You will have to experiment but realistically you don’t want to wear them out.

People have limited time to learn what you are teaching and then applying it.

When people get overwhelmed with information they tend to do nothing.

I have been successful doing about 5 times per week.

Best time of day to send these emails is between 7-9:00 A.M.


9) Be strategic in how often you promote your offers in your emails.

You have probably heard that the money is in the list.

This is wrong.

Internet Traffic

Internet Traffic

The money, (at least the really big money), is in the relationship you build with your list.

The general principle to follow is the 80/20 rule.

You provide value in 80% of all the follow up emails you send.

This means no links in these emails.

You promote nothing.

You only teach and serve lots of value to your audience so they can get better at what they are doing.

You promote offers 20% of the time or tools and other products or services. (make sure you either use the product or service or will stand behind the source offering it)

Remind yourself that everyone has a network(s) and if you turn your audience into raving fans they will promote you to their network(s).

What do you want them saying?

10) Drive all your internet traffic to a place (blog or email list via capture page) that you control.

Social media networks own and control all the data and content that is published on their platforms.

Use social media to connect, communicate and engage with your audience but as quickly as you can direct them to your blog or an email list.

You want to be in control of the environment and you want to expose your audience to everything that you have to offer.

You will be putting limited amounts of great content on social media to attract and engage your audience.

Give lots of FREE tips and provide solutions to build know, like and trust.

This makes it easier to direct them to your primary area (blog, email list) where you have lots more value to offer.

Noisy internet marketers are always selling with every thing they do.

People don’t want to see endless commercials of sales and promotions, right!

11) Create don’t compete.

Typically speaking most people in business view others as competitors.

This comes from a scarcity or lack mentality.

Most internet marketers (even the ones selling you stuff) won’t give you all their knowledge or strategies.

Their belief is that this just creates another competitor in the marketplace.

Have an abundance mindset because there is enough for everyone to get wealthy.

There are millions of products and services available and seven billion potential customers.

Stop thinking that you have to take business away from others in order for you to make money.

How To Generate Leads

An abundance mentality understands that if you help others succeed, (really help others succeed), then you will be rewarded.

Invest, learn, apply and teach is the mantra you want to operate from.

If you want to stand out from the noise of the marketplace create ten times value and you will create a loyal tribe of raving fans.

Word of mouth always was and always will be the most powerful form of advertising.

Follow these  proven steps to get targeted internet traffic, leads and sales and you will be successful.

Everyone wants to learn how to generate more leads to increase their sales.

Increasing targeted blog internet traffic or doing email marketing or affiliate marketing success is all about creating a strategic process.

Every successful internet marketer has a system they follow.

One important component that almost all internet marketers overlook or undervalue is, “how to build the right mindset.”

You can have all the best tools, systems and strategies but if you have a scarcity mindset you will fail.

Invest into yourself as much as you invest in your business.

Internet Traffic

Internet Traffic


David Thompson

Success is yours to discover…imagine!

P.S. If you got value from this post on how to get more targeted internet traffic, leads and sales you can leave your comments below and please feel free to share it.


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