How To Get Website Traffic Results

Internet marketers always want more of this…

If you ask 1,000 internet marketers what they want more of, the answer is website traffic.

The # challenge of all internet marketers is getting good quality website traffic.

There are two common concepts that internet marketers use to get more website traffic.

There is the free sources of traffic approach and there is the paid advertising approach.

There are pros and cons to both of these types. If you use free methods, especially to get started, quite often these are time based.

Since everyone only gets 24 hours in  a day there are limitations and the really big problem with time based methods to get FREE website traffic is that you can’t scale it up.

The paid advertising methods such as Google PPC (pay per click), solo ads or Facebook paid ads is that if you don’t know what you are doing (and most don’t) you can burn through lots of money with little or no results.

The big plus to paid advertising is that when you get it right you can scale it up fast as all you need to do is increase your ad spend to get more clicks.

Website Traffic

Website Traffic

How to get free website traffic

Do you have a blog?

Do you have a Facebook page or other social accounts such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Periscope and SnapChat?

You are probably starting to feel a little overwhelmed with all these social media sites.

Keep the first rule simple.

If you have identified the niche and more specifically your clearly defined target market, ask yourself where are your potential customers hanging out.

If it is LinkedIn then you open your LinkedIn account and you master that.

Trying to chase all over the various social media platforms will only waste your time.

Focus and get really good at that social media.

Your blog is a perfect place to establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

You use social media to connect, engage and communicate with your audience and then as quickly as you can drive them over to your blog.

Website Traffic

Website Traffic

The reason for this is that you do not own the data or control the social media environment and one day if Facebook or the others decide they don’t like what you are doing they can delete your account instantly.

Blogging is also a great way to build authority and use SEO in your blog posts.

Creating Youtube videos is also effective if you write a blog post and then create a video talking about the post and having your call to action to go read your post.

It is critical that you have an optin box on your blog to capture names and emails to build your list.

The other key thing on social media is to join relevant groups and build relationships.

This is all FREE time based ways to get started.

Pay per click marketing

A lot of people are intimidated by pay per click marketing because you can burn through loads of cash trying to figure it out.

Google helps you and there are lots of people posing as pay per click experts that will teach you the techniques and strategies to crush it.

My experience in my first three years of internet marketing taught me that most people online are full of it.

They either don’t know what they are doing or they are purposely misleading you to sell you other stuff.

Google teaches you the first layer of knowledge that you need but you need to get access to some real mentors who will actually teach you how it works and more importantly what they are doing.

Pay per click ads can rack up your credit cards in a short time.

The key component is that whatever you do be Google compliant as black hat strategies will get your accounts shut down overnight.

Understand what Google wants and provide that.

This will help you get a better click through rate and increase your quality score of your ads and ultimately this will lower your cost per click.

Google will reward you with lower costs if you do it right.

Pay per click marketing is an effective strategy that once you get it right, you can scale it fast.

Cheap targeted traffic

One thing that you will have to master is keyword research.

Google controls 75% of all the searches online.

There is a science and a psychology that goes into keyword research.

You can use Google’s keyword planner tool for free to get your feet wet in  your keyword education.

You can get access to the keyword planner by creating a free Google account.

One of the keys to getting cheap targeted traffic is understanding how people do searches and using long tailed keywords.

This is all explained in the video just below.

The better you become at keyword research the more targeted traffic you will be able to drive to your website or landing pages.

Your cost per click will also  be lower because you will not be competing with the big internet marketers.

Cheap targeted traffic is also available on Facebook paid ads as Facebook has very targeted search parameters which allow you to zero right in on your target market.

There is still a big learning curve and remember that both Google and Facebook chance their algorithms frequently so don’t get too comfortable.

If you are using paid advertising to get more website traffic there is no set it and forget it.

You will be constantly testing, tracking and tweaking.

Google Keyword Search

Pay per click services

There are companies that you can hire to do your pay per click services for you.

The danger in this is do they really know your business and do they know what they are doing?

One of these types of services is Solo Ad providers.

Solo ad clicks can come from some other internet marketers email list, banner ads strategically placed on websites or they can come from ads that the Solo Ad companies themselves create to attract clicks and or leads.

Unfortunately there are a lot of companies out there selling absolute garbage clicks.

You have to be very careful who you buy clicks from as you will not know the source where the clicks are coming from most of the time.

Pay Per Click Ads

Pay Per Click Ads

If you know a business that gathers leads and it is a perfect fit for the product or service you are promoting then you can negotiate a deal to have them send an email (that you craft) to their list.

You would create the landing pages to attract names and emails.

I always recommend to my clients or students to use an email verification software that will validate emails.

I will write another blog post on this at a later time and provide a link to get access to a software.

This will lower your autoresponder cost and increase your open rate on follow up emails.

You can hire a company to manage your ad spend but make sure you check that company out.

Pay per click services generally charge you a set up fee and a percentage of your ad spend or a % of the leads or sales they generate.


Secret to success in internet marketing

The secret to your success in whatever form of internet marketing you choose is not to depend on anybody for traffic.

Most internet marketers are in need of more targeted traffic, converting that traffic to leads and converting those leads to sales.

Landing page or website traffic is one part of the equation and to be highly successful you need to be able to do all three.

Once you can put all three components together you will be able to run successful campaigns on any product or service.

Being able to drive targeted traffic on demand puts you in the drivers seat because you will never have to depend on anyone to grow your business.

If you try to figure it all out on your own you will have a high probability of failing.

There is a strategic process of doing the right things in the right way.

The smartest thing you can do is to find the right mentors who will teach this strategic process and you will be in full control of your business.


Website Traffic

Website Traffic


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