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Everybody’s favourite subject is how to make money…

The world has a fascination with money. The things that people do to make money is amazing. Money is just a tool. Money will not buy you happiness but it will allow you to make different choices. Choices about where you live, what kind of car you drive, the clothes you wear and the vacations you take. 🙂

Some people even consider money the root of all evil. I’m not sure where that myth came from but money just makes people more of what they already are. What would you do to make money? How much is enough? How to make money is not that difficult if you are a little ambitious, willing to work and willing to learn.

Success leaves clues but always remember that it’s not how much you make it’s who you become.

Money making ideas that create an M.B.A. (massive bank account)

There is more opportunity available today than any time in history. 20 years ago if you wanted to get into a business using the internet it would cost over $5,000,000.00 . Today you can start up 1,000 businesses online with that amount of capital.

Youtube was started using a few thousand dollars on credit cards and after a short time it sold to Google for over 6 BILLION. The network marketing industry creates more millionaires than any other sector other than the internet. It is a low cost, low risk business where you can learn business skills to launch whatever business you want.

There are many people who have never created a product or company and they do affiliate marketing which is promoting other people’s products and they make millions. Learning the art of copywriting can make you a fortune by writing ads or sales letters for offline and online companies. Check this article from WikiHow.

Make Money

How To Make Money

Easy ways to make money

Amazon is one of the best business opportunities out there if you are looking for easy ways to make money. Amazon is one of the most innovative companies on the planet and it re invented itself when it jumped beyond its normal boundaries of books.

Amazon was one of the first giants to offer affiliate programs to anyone to promote their books. Amazon has extended its markets to virtually everything and there are courses you can buy that teach you how to white label almost any product out there as your own and market it through Amazon’s search engine. If you wanted to be a player years ago you had to look at buying container loads of goods from China or other countries.

Now you can source out manufacturers and buy as little as 50 items with your label on it. Amazon provides the audience, does the distribution and you collect money from sales. This is a system built by someone else that you get to leverage. You can run this from the luxury of your home.

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How to make money with blogging

The internet has become the information highway and one of the simplest but yet  highly overlooked ways how to make money is selling information. Do you remember the books Dummies for Computers…home repairs…how to cook and more? Those books sold millions because someone had the genius idea to sell SOLUTIONS to people’s problems.

The problem with most books on DIY (do it yourself) was they were written by people who did not know how to communicate on a simple level. Did you ever read the manual that came with your DVD player? Who are these people? Techies write in Greek, at least it seems that way to you and me.

Today thousands have taken to the internet to create blogs and build a tribe of followers and they do blogging about everything under the sun and IT WORKS. There are lots of communities of stay at home Moms who are blogging about raising kids, where to get the best deals, how to get the best deals, nutrition and so much more. How to make money is everywhere.

And they make good money providing SOLUTIONS to people’s problems.

How To Make Money

How To Make Money

Unique ways to make money

How do you find ways to make money for you? What do you know how to do? What are you good at? What is your passion? Let me point out simple things that you may have overlooked. There are 6.8 billion people on the planet now. Everybody that I have ever met is good at something and lots of the other 6.7999999 Billion people would like to know what you know.

A Ha! Ureka, a great idea to provide what seems like information to you but is really a solution to a problem other people might have. The way to discover how many people approximately is to use Google’s keyword search tool (FREE) and type in some terms related to what it is you know and see how many people are searching for it. You will be amazed.

A couple of decades back people got used to seeing slick, polished ads created (expensively) by professionals. Now everyone’s smart phone is a camera and  what we want is to connect with another normal human being like ourselves that knows and can talk to us in simple terms, so you can shoot your own video and that works like a charm. Be real and be yourself and offer what you know.

Remember, it probably took you a few years to master that guitar but along the way you learned a few tricks and a few shortcuts to learn faster. That is a product people will buy. If you don’t know something then go learn what people are looking for, like ways to make money!

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How To Make Money

How To Make Money

A few tips on how to make money

Always remember that you are a consumer. How do you like to be treated? 3 of the best tips about how to make money that I have learned over my 35 years in business is:

1) Give great value to people. Don’t be short sighted and try to gouge people on value because they will remember. If you over deliver on value you will be remembered in the bad times too.

2) Give great customer service or if you are promoting someone else’s product make sure they give great customer service. Too few companies get this and the ones that do stand out.

3) The last thing is do not sell crap. Yes, you can make money selling lots of stuff but if you sell crap your reputation will go down the tubes. Do you like buying crap..guess what…neither do other people.

These 3 tips will create a good customer experience and scientific studies have shown that when people have a good experience they tell 3 other people (which is great for you) but if they have a bad customer experience they tell 10 people ( very bad for you). Which do you want, and remember everyone has a social network with hundreds or thousands. How do you want them talking about YOU? Get it right and watch the river of money flow right into your bank account!

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Make Money

How To Make Money


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