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iCon Steve Jobs : The Greatest Second Act In The History of Business.

It’s always interesting when you see a public figure and how the media portrays them in a certain way.

Then when the unfortunate thing of them passing away happens the autobiography comes out and reveals so many intimate details of their life.

Steve Jobs was one (if not thee greatest) business icon the world has ever seen or experienced.

The historic rise and fall and rise again of Steve Jobs at the helm of Apple was legendary.

This book, which I would highly recommend, is a great read about Steve Jobs life.

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You get to see a young Jobs who literally started building electronic gadgets with his brilliant cohort Steve Wozniak transform into a business icon who helped shape the world of technology and redefine how technology would impact all of our lives today.

To say he was brilliant and articulate would be an understatement.

He literally pushed people to their limits but there was a special magnetism about his tenacity and conviction that caused people to treat him like the pied piper.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs – young entrepreneurs

The two Steve’s were best buds.

Steve Jobs was the influencer who could convince anyone to jump on board with his zany ideas.

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs developed as one of their first projects (while still in high school) a device that could tap into Ma Bell and offer people free long distance around the world.

Steve Wozniak was an electronic genius.

Jobs would give him an idea and he would relentlessly work until he had a device that functioned.

Working days, nights and weekends seemed like such a normal thing to these two.

In the early days of Apple Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs would put together one of the first functioning computers designed for household use.

Wozniak was also working full time at Hewlett Packard and Jobs got himself a job at Atari.

Steve Jobs was a true visionary and people started to recognize the brilliance and absolute belief that when he proposed an idea to you, regardless of whether he knew how it would work, that people started to fall under his spell.

Steve Jobs 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

Steve Jobs – the emergence of Apple..

If you look at the definition of visionary or entrepreneur you would likely see a picture of Steve Jobs.

Technically he was no mastermind but he adeptly knew how to surround himself with people who could do the job.

He demanded perfection from all those that worked with him.

Many people considered him a bit of a tyrant because of how hard he drove people but there was something mystical about him that people could not say no to.

There was nothing in Steve Jobs vocabulary that remotely suggested that he did not know how to do something.

All he needed was a concept and then the spark would go off and everyone who worked with him became engulfed in the flame of burning desire to launch the next product.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs – the first crash

How would you feel if you had given birth to an idea and then parenthood was taken away from you.

Steve Jobs had already experienced this once in his life.

He was, after all, an orphan, so running around in life trying to find your true identity and now being booted out of the very company he had started and built was a hard pill to swallow.

If you look at the typical challenges of an entrepreneur, you will find at the roots, persistence, consistency and a burning desire that no amount of water could snuff out.

In a relatively small amount of time Steve Jobs would launch another project known as Next.

You have to keep in perspective that this all began back in the days of the emerging Silicon Valley as a technology powerhouse.

Bill Gates had launched his little project (Microsoft) and other major players such as IBM and Hewlett Packard had a stronghold in the industry.

Apple – how to be a little fish in the big pond and survive…

There was a culture associated with Apple and this culture was what attracted a lot of its customers.

Steve Jobs was a practising vegan (vegetarian) and he wore shredded jeans and long hair.

This was the 70’s when the world was going through a revolution.

Jobs bucked all the trends and yet he was able to put a tiny little company on the map against all odds.

The genius of Jobs continued to develop with Next but it was a real struggle to get a working product delivered to market on time.

One of the major assets of Jobs was putting teams of people together that would work tirelessly to create a product ready for the marketplace.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Pixar – the next generation

Steve Jobs was one to never settle, and once one victory was won, it was off to fight the next battle to prepare the future.

Along his journey Jobs either knew of or was known as an innovator of great creations.

He was one of the first people to organize a team and start a company that would later revolutionize the movie industry.

Jobs founded Pixar and within a few years was involved in high stakes negotiations with Disney to produce 3 movies.

These would be the first real high tech animated movies to come out.

Disney up until this time had been the king of animation.

Jobs company Next was failing miserably and draining his abundant stocks of cash.

Jobs undaunted, orchestrated one of the greatest deals ever done with Disney on the 3 animated movie deal.

The first of which was Toy Story, the first full length fully animated movie.

Little did Disney know that Steve Jobs was on the verge of dwindling funds to keep his two companies afloat.

The brilliance of Jobs kicked it up a notch and with Disney forking over $100,000,000.00 just in marketing and promotion for Toy Story, Jobs decided to launch an IPO (public offering) shortly after Toy Story was launched.

If it worked he would be mega rich and if not he could be wiped out financially.

Well, of course, Toy Story was a box office smash hit.

Pixar stock went through the roof and Steve Jobs was now a Hollywood icon as well as mega rich to the tune of about 250,000,000.00.

Why We Do What We Do – Tony Robbins – Ted Talks


The life of Steve Jobs

The life of Steve Jobs is like a fairy tale of a young orphaned boy who grows up to become an entrepreneur who literally changes the world first in the computer industry, then the movie industry and he followed that up, as you all know with another return to the helm of Apple to not only take Apple to the next level in computers but also in the music industry with iTunes and iPods.

It seems that every thing Steve Jobs touched transformed an industry which transformed the world.

When you think that he had 1 year of college and did not really attend class, his accomplishments are staggering.

Although this book is an unauthorized version of the life of Steve Jobs the depiction of his life caused me to rethink entrepreneurship and to look at Steve Jobs in a whole new light.

His vision, his tenacity and his personal obsession to achieve was beyond anything I have ever read about anyone.

There are many people who have made more money but none have had the significant impact on multiple industries such as Jobs did.

This is truly an inspiring and enlightening book to read. I was totally captivated by Steve Jobs and all his trials and tribulations at that level of business.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs


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