Internet marketing blog – secrets revealed!

Internet Marketing Blog – Is It Still The Right Way To Go?

An internet marketing blog is an excellent way to reach a captive audience today and make money online. It gives you the opportunity to create a connection with your followers if you are an effective communicator and if you give value.

Building many internet marketing blogs is an excellent traffic generation strategy. If you structure the blogs properly you can drive massive traffic.

One of the new ways to get more attention to your internet marketing blog is to do local internet marketing. Google and other search engines can act like a local business directory and this allows you to attract a targeted audience for your business products or services in your area.

Diversifying your income on your internet marketing blog can also be effectively accomplished by adding related products to extend its value as an affiliate marketing blog. You can easily find other people’s products or services to promote – all you have to do then is drive traffic and convert that traffic into sales. Even the sales copy or banners for your affiliate marketing blog are usually provided for you by your affiliate partners. The benefits of diversifying your income in this way are discussed in more detail below.

Seth Godin Focuses on “Blogging to Success”

Do You Want More Traffic to Your Internet Marketing Blogs?

You can do this using an effective blog network strategy.

A blog network consists of tiers of blogs or websites that interlink in a specific way. Blogs on the outer tiers are designed to drive traffic through to your main website – your – “money site“. The strategy here is first to provide high quality content on your money site, then to promote that content by syndicating or “announcing” its publication on the blog network.

Setting up this kind of network may seem overwhelming, but it does not have to be. Blogging platforms like WordPress and syndication systems are available to make this an easier and more economical task.

Blog networks thus effectively extend the reach of your main website to a broader audience and bring more organic traffic through the search engines.

Internet Marketing Blog

Internet Marketing Blog


Internet Marketing Blog – Secrets to Building an Authority Site

Think of turning your internet marketing blog into an authority site and reap the financial benefits.

Just what is an authority site? It is a high quality site that is recognized by everyone in your niche as providing great value. Its primary focus is to deliver your own quality content with references to other relevant and authoritative information sources.

Here is a basic outline for building your internet marketing blog into an “authority” site:

  1. Create a site that provides valuable content.
  2. Link to other valuable related sources of information.
  3. Create an appealing site that search engines will rank.
  4. Build a site that targets a specific audience. (i.e. weight loss).
  5. Publish original content that informs and teaches your followers.
  6. Focus on two sources of traffic.
    • Organic traffic from search engines using SEO (search engine optimization).
    • Word of mouth traffic from your visitors and followers.
  7.  Publish current and relevant information,  tips and strategies.
  8. Capitalize on other experts in your niche (eg. internet marketing blog guest post).

By following the strategy above you will attract more people to your site and  build a significant subscribers list.

This list is a powerful business asset for you to monetize over and over.

Internet Marketing Blog

Internet Marketing Blog

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Affiliate Marketing Blog – Benefits You Don’t Want to Miss!

  • MSI – Multiple Streams of Income
  • Leverage.
  • A Fast Track Business.

Although your main business may be centered around your own product or service, you can earn additional income by selling other people’s products as their affiliate.

Where is the leverage in affiliate marketing?

It is saving the “time” and “cost” of designing and building your own product, and bringing the product to market. Typically affiliate products are provided with many of the materials required to make sales – swipe copy, landing pages, squeeze pages, banners, sales marketing funnels. There are many sources of both physical and digital affiliate products to choose from – Clickbank, Amazon, JVZoo – to name a few.

Because of the leverage achievable from affiliate marketing it is possible to fast track an internet business as a secondary source of income.

Internet Marketing Blog Topics – What Should You Write About?

What do you want to tell people on your internet marketing blog?

What is its purpose?

This needs to be identified first – determine the nature and scope of your business – your market niche – and focus on that! Then you can consider what to write about.

Here are some ideas:

  • Solutions to common problems
  • Answers to burning questions
  • Engaging in what others are talking about
  • Conducting surveys
  • Trends and new products
  • News

Blogging about common problems and urgent questions in your niche will gain the trust of your visitors and lead to sales of your solution.

Engaging in topics that your competitors and peers are talking about will get their attention, boost your authority and build your following.

Writing about trending topics will get as many eyes as possible looking at your website. This gets you a lot of unique visits. Conducting surveys will help to define a more targeted market and to maximize your efforts.

The popularity of your website – and thus its success – cannot help but increase by providing content that is trendy and newsworthy.

Maybe you have a passion and a lot of knowledge on a particular subject like ‘personal training’. People are always looking for tips and information that they can relate to and that can help them. Don’t forget that the key element in all of this, and to stand out with your internet marketing blog, is the VALUE in what you actually write about.

Internet Marketing Blog

Internet Marketing Blog


How To Make Money Online With Your Internet Marketing Blog

Have you figured out how to make money in the internet game yet?

You have your internet marketing blog set up, you have blogged your heart out, and you are getting traffic –  so now what ?

To reap the rewards of your blogging, you need to monetize your website. Here are a few technical ways to do just that:

  • Insert Opt in forms to build a list that will be used to market related products.
  • Use your website to sell advertising space to other marketers
  • Place banner ads and text links on your website to sell your own products or other people’s affiliate products
  • Use ‘Adsense’ ads on your pages from Google and others to monetize your traffic

With these techniques, your website becomes a virtual internet marketing company.

Internet Marketing Blog 101 – “Give Them What They Want”

What is your visitor looking for on the internet?

Exactly what you are providing – if you expect your internet business to be successful!

If you need to find a restaurant, you ‘Google’ it. If you need a plumber, you ‘Google’ it. If you need information for your business, you ‘Google’ it … the internet is a vast resource of information that solves people’s problems.

When you are designing your internet marketing blog strategy you need to remind yourself that you are a problem solver. The more problems you solve for people the higher your value.The higher your value, the more money you will make.

Publish content on your Internet Marketing Blog that solves problems and you will be King.

Internet Marketing Blog Theme – Does it Make a Difference Which One You Use?

Themes have to do with the appearance and style of the information presented on your website.

The choice of theme is very much a reflection of your own personal objectives and how you want to market your business on the internet. There are literally thousands of ‘themes’ or layouts available on many different blogging platforms.

Let’s talk about the WordPress platform here because of its popularity on the internet (over 74 million websites and 13 billion pages – 19% of all websites worldwide  -TechCrunch). There are both free and ‘premium’ or paid themes available for WordPress.  Whatever you choose, it is important that the theme is designed to be fully compatible with WordPress requirements and that it be supported properly as WordPress evolves.

WordPress has made it simpler for anyone to put up a website, add a theme  and start an internet business. It offers substantial flexibility and interaction without you having to be an expert.

Since the world is going mobile with tablets and smartphones, if you want your customers to be able to view your website properly, your theme must be mobile compatible or ‘mobile responsive’.

The vast majority (93%) of websites are not mobile responsive – so this is a great opportunity to jump ahead of your competition.

Internet Marketing Blog Summary

An internet marketing blog is a great way for you to make money online.

Building a top internet marketing company is like making a cake. You need to use all the necessary ingredients in the right proportion.

Here is a winning recipe for your internet business:

  1. Create content that solves people’s problems.
  2. Use interesting internet marketing blog topics.
  3. Jump ahead of the competition with a mobile responsive theme.
  4. Build an authority site that will get you ranked high on the search engines.
  5. Build a tiered blog network to drive traffic to your blog.
  6. Leverage your traffic and generate multiple streams of income with an affiliate marketing blog.
  7. Capture a bigger audience with local internet marketing.
  8. Build your list and do email marketing with great value and special offers.

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