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Internet marketing has stumped a lot of people

Are you struggling to figure out the internet marketing game?

That is a very big club. I think one of the reasons most people get stuck is they put a blindfold on and dive into the internet looking for the pot of gold that someone promised them.

The next problem is when they take the blindfold off and it is like a maze of shiny objects and you act like a crow.

Running in all directions chasing the next shiny object.

This is the recipe for disaster.

There is no magic button on your keyboard that when pushed fills up your bank account.

Sorry to inform you but there is a lot of learning and work involved so if that bothers you then you can stop reading this post now!

Before I dig into the intricacies of an internet marketing business, I want to share a few fundamentals of business building 101.

Building a solid foundation to launch your internet marketing business

All businesses need a foundation to work from.

It starts with, “What do you want?” What are your skills? What is your passion?

How to turn that passion into a profitable business with a solid plan.

You need a base blueprint to begin.

Nothing needs to be perfect to start.

You do need an action plan.

This is the same offline and in internet marketing.

If you have absolutely no idea of what you want or where you are going, any road will take you there.

Since success leaves clues it is so much easier to model someone or have a system to follow.

If someone walked up to you tomorrow that had a success track record and a system with a blueprint already in place and they had social proof that it worked, would you follow it?

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Internet Marketing Business
Internet Marketing Business

Let the traffic begin to flow

One of the easiest ways to begin your internet marketing business is to learn how to create a blog.

When you create a blog you will have a place to drive traffic and more importantly control the traffic.

Social media is a great place to meet people but ultimately you want them in a place that you have control over.

You have no control over social media.

They make all the rules.

You could work for years, as some companies and people did and then, BAMM, the game is changed and all your efforts go down the tubes.

Your internet marketing business is no different than running a typical brick and mortar business in the sense that there is the right way of doing it and the wrong way of doing it.

This is where a mentor comes in handy.

Sure, you could work at it trying to figure it all out on your own.

But why do that?

It could take you years and cost a small fortune.

When you create a blog you have the foundation for you to build your brand.

Even if you are doing network marketing I strongly urge you (from hard lessons learned) to build you as the brand because companies and opportunities come and go.

That way you can just find new products or services to offer to your trusted team or customers.

Use your internet marketing business to build authority

Now that you have learned how to start a blog, you are on your way to building your successful internet marketing business.

The internet is the information highway where people research to find solutions to their problems.

You choose a niche that you feel comfortable in and you start to produce great content on your blog.

Don’t be like the pushy used car sales man trying to close the deal every ten seconds.

Discover what problems people have regarding your niche and offer valuable content that allows them to discover the solution to that problem.

When you establish yourself as a trusted resource then your customers will become raving fans.

You want to become the go to person in your niche.

Yes it takes a little longer to build but ask yourself, are you in this for a quick buck or to generate a life changing income long term.

Who do you like to deal with, quick buck artists or  someone you know, like and trust?

Exactly, your customers like that too!

Do you want to learn how to be an authority?

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Internet Marketing Business

Internet Marketing Business

How become an internet marketing business wizard

You have started to create great content on your blog.

You’re building your brand.

Now you are ready for the next step , how to start a blog generating traffic.

First and foremost you need to put an optin box on your homepage.

This gives your viewers a chance to get access to inside information that you are going to create.

This starts the list building process that drives people to your autoresponder.

Now you have a captive audience to market to over and over.

I will get into more details of the specifics of creating sales funnels in another post but to have a more effective optin rate you want to create a lead magnet which is a report or some relevant information that your subscribers will want.

This is a free giveaway. Everybody likes to get free stuff.

You can send a short marketing email everyday to your list of subscribers giving them some nuggets of wisdom.

Be congruent in your emails, which simply means if they are subscribed to you and you are focused on internet marketing business, don’t try to sell them the latest fishing gadget.

Its all about creating value for your subscribers and customers.

Internet Marketing – money is in the list -B.S.

You may have heard the expression that the money is in the list.

That is a big lie that you have bought into.

The size of the list is not where you rake in the bucks.

What happens to you as a customer when a business does not treat you right?

Exactly, you leave and go to another business.

There is always another business for your customers to go to.

When you have a great customer experience anywhere, what do you do?

You tell other people.

That is a business that builds relationships with its customers.

That’s what you want to do.

The money is in the relationship with your list.

Serve them tons of value and they not only come back but they bring their friends.

There is a lot of noise in the internet marketing world.

Don’t be the one trying to yell the loudest.

Load your customers up on value and this will create the tipping point for your business to grow exponentially.

Do you want to learn effective internet marketing strategies? Do you want to work with people that have a successful track record?

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Internet Marketing Business

Internet Marketing Business


David Thompson

Success is yours to discover…imagine!

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