Internet Marketing Business Success Strategy

Internet marketing business is the trend for the future…

In the past there used to be a distinction between traditional business and an internet marketing business.

One was offline and one was online.

In today’s business world all business has to have an online presence because your customers are online.

87% of all purchases start with a Google search of the product or service you are looking at buying.

Smartphones are equipped with a digital cameras and they have processors that make them as powerful as most desk top computers used to be.

People either Google it or they look for a video on Youtube that talks about it.

This trend is accelerating faster every year.

The quicker you transition your business online the faster you can start to have a wider reach for your customers.

You can run a global internet marketing business from your home office.

Webinars, hangouts, Youtube videos, podcasts and social media networks have extended the capabilities to broadcast your marketing message to the entire world.

Internet Marketing Business

Internet Marketing Business

Internet marketing strategies to apply to be successful

If you looking to build an internet marketing business you need to first select your niche and then choose a target market within that niche.

You need to get a wordpress or other website theme that is mobile responsive.

With the rapidly expanding smartphone market having a website or blog that is mobile responsive is critical.

You need to then figure out what is the purpose of your blog before you start to create it.

If you have too broad of a target market of have scattered messages when people land on your site then they will just click off it and never return.

You have to create content that provides value on your blog whether it be videos or blog posts.

No value, no followers.

Many of the same principles apply if you are transitioning a traditional business to online.

You will already have your niche and target market.

Part of the focus for your website marketing is to capture names and emails to build a list and then drip value on that list.

Since you will not know most of the people that land on your blog you need to always be thinking, “How can you build a relationship with your list?”

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Internet marketing strategies for social media networks

If you have a retail outlet and your customers walk in you get to meet them face to face and get to know them.

Once you have established what they want you take them to a selection of products or services for them to potentially purchase.

This is very similar to the online approach except there is no face to face.

Where the waters get a little unclear is when business jumps over to the social media networks.

For some reason business seems to think that this is an online retail store for them to be selling from.

Social media is meant to be social.

It is a perfect place to connect, communicate and contribute value.

This is the relationship building aspect.

Then you move them over to your blog or website because you control that environment.

Social media networks data is all controlled by them.

When business mixes this up and attempts to close the deals on social media  the results are poor.

Think of social media like going to a networking event.

You make contacts and get to know them a little bit and then you follow up after the event.

Internet Marketing Business

Internet Marketing Business

Email marketing tools for follow up campaigns

One of the most valuable tools you will need is an autoresponder (email sending service).

As you build your list you want to be doing ongoing communication to your list.

You will be providing them tips, tools and resources for them to grow their business or what product to buy or service that works well.

Email marketing tools are a great asset to build the relationship.

You want to be applying the 80/20 rule in your follow up email campaigns.

80% value and 20% promotion.

Nobody likes an ongoing commercial.

Remember, with the click of a mouse they are unsubscribed and gone.

If you want to look at one of the best autoresponders available go to my tools page and you will see what I use or recommend.

If you use the email marketing tools correctly, this is where you will generate the vast majority of your sales.

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Internet Marketing Business

Internet Marketing Business

You need to focus your website marketing

One of the biggest problems that many people have when they engage in an internet marketing business is they are scattered.

A common affliction is shiny object syndrome because every week a new system, a new tool, a new resource is being launched and the internet marketers pushing them make you believe that you have to have all of it.

You will literally go broke or out of your mind trying to keep up with the new stuff.

Stay focused on the path you are on and buy only the essential tools that you will use immediately.

If you think that it is something you need later on, don’t buy it.

It always seems to end up in a virtual graveyard.

It is a waste of time and money.

One of the best pieces of advise I can give is to position yourself as an authority in your niche and create tons of value.

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Internet Marketing Business

Internet Marketing Business


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    Retail establishments utilize customer surveys to understand what their customers want. Online marketers should embrace surveys and questionnaires to do the same…SurveyMonkey offers a free service for some col survey templates. Why not 🙂

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