Is Internet Marketing a hard struggle for you?

Extremely Frustrated with Your Progress in Internet Marketing?

Been there, done that – You Are Not Alone!

To kick this off, listen to Dan Kennedy’s expert comments on Internet Marketing Strategies …

In this article, I am going to identify and discuss some of the common issues in internet marketing (see Internet Marketing Directory – Wikipedia) that everyone faces.

In future posts here on this blog, I will go into more depth on how to avoid many of these pitfalls and how to get going quickly to earning a decent income – so, keep in touch.


By the way, just to give you the proper earnings disclaimer, there is no EASY BUTTON in Internet Marketing – no work, no pay!  So, stop looking for the lottery key on your keyboard – the instant and free way to success – you will never find it before you go broke.

Now, lets get right to the point.  Here are some major issues that may have been cramping your style as an internet marketer:

  1. low traffic to your internet marketing blog
  2. disappointing sales – internet marketing strategies aren’t working
  3. low repeat online visitors – few followers
  4. internet blogging technology is way too complicated
  5. difficulty choosing best tools and methods – overwhelmed with sales pitches
  6. not enough time to do everything

The Importance of Your Internet Marketing Blog

An internet marketing blog or website is really just another vehicle to market your business.  It’s a place where potential customers come to meet you and your products or services and to buy what they came for.  If your products and your business (aka ‘you’) meet their needs and the visit to your blog is positive, then you are likely to make a sale or two.


The more people that come to your blog, the more sales you are likely to have – simple math, right?

One of the greatest advantages of internet marketing from your personal blog and from your social internet properties, over more conventional marketing vehicles such as newspaper, magazine, billboard, TV, or mail ads to name just a few, is the sheer volume of potential visitors.

I could quote you some fascinating statistics here, but suffice to say that billions of people now come to the Internet to look for things to purchase, and hundreds of thousands of businesses use the Internet to make sales. Internet technology is ubiquitous  in the world today with cloud servers, notebooks, tablets, smart-phones, wearable devices – the list goes on.  Furthermore, there are now 5 generations of buyers in the marketplace and the youngest are the most tech-savvy and Internet-aware.

Your blog is a major keystone to tapping into this market – so, when anyone does come along, you had better have designed a great experience and excellent marketing material for them.  If you haven’t, don’t expect visitors to stick around and buy – or come back again, for that matter.

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However, excellent website design is not the only requirement for success.

Don’t forget about the traffic – it doesn’t find you by some magic – you have to attract it.  You can blog your heart out all day long and have the best sales presentation in the world, but no one will know about your wonderful creations unless something brings them to your website.

So, How Do You Get Visitors to Your Internet Marketing Blog?

There are two kinds of internet traffic – PAID and UNPAID.

Paid internet traffic is much like buying an ad in a magazine or on a TV spot, except, on the Internet, it’s an infographic or a banner ad on Facebook or on some high authority blog that is congruent with your product or service – or it’s a paid share of someone’s email list of potential buyers targeted to your product market – or it’s a paid ‘click’ from an internet advertiser’s ad delivered to your website – or it’s a paid-for ‘Adsense‘ ad in Google that appears around the search results for keywords you have selected in your market niche – or any number of other paid traffic methods, and there are many more to choose from.


Some people think that Unpaid Traffic is FREE.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  The myth is that getting Google or other search engines to rank your internet marketing articles on the first page of the search results for keywords in your market niche, gets organic search traffic for FREE.  Yes, free of payment in dollars, but not free in terms of the time it takes to write quality articles and to position them properly, playing by the rules,  in the various search engine optimization schemes (Google, Bing, Yahoo) – it’s a lot of work, believe me!

Remember that dollars are assets that can be replaced, but ‘time’ is a non-renewable resource that should not be regarded as free.

For now, be assured that there is no one best traffic method for getting visitors to your blog – paid or unpaid.

But you must be proactive in researching and selecting one or more of these methods, educating yourself about their application and sticking with them without ever giving up until you get that all important traffic to your blog where the sales process can kick in for your potential customers.

The worst thing that you can do is to not give a particular method a fair chance and bolt from one to another in search of a quick solution.

A failed traffic generation strategy is often one that is abandoned just before it works!

Lousy Sales – What Are the Best Internet Marketing Strategies to Improve Them

Remember the fundamental strategies of any business:

  • having a GREAT PRODUCT or service
  • getting eyes on your products from TRAFFIC sources
  • converting visitors to customers and SALES

Let’s assume that you have a great product – if you don’t, your enterprise is doomed from the start.

Now, here’s where choosing effective internet marketing strategies begins. Your first big challenge is to engage targeted traffic sources – those most likely to want what you are selling – and getting their eyes on your products.  It’s a waste of time and money to market to anyone not interested in your offerings.  So, don’t try to sell water to a camel, diapers to a grandma – you get the picture!


Your strategies here are to know your product, know your targeted buyers and connect to those buyers from traffic sources.

Find out where your buyers hang out – their social networks – and engage them. Since we are talking about strategies in internet marketing, the obvious hangout is simply the Internet – Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, blogs, forums – you name it – there are hundreds of places.  Engage the people that frequent these hangouts by searching these platforms, join those most appropriate, find the groups that resonate with your products, share, like and comment on their posts, set up your own accounts and create your own buzz and presence there, get to know them and them you – then, point them ALL to your BLOG.


Thus, targeted SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT is one of the best internet marketing strategies that you could have to get the right traffic to your website – your virtual store on the Internet.

Now, you have the right people’s eyes on your website – through friendly and effective communications in the social networks. The next strategic step is about making SALES from your blog.

No Value, No Trust, No Sales – Without Great Internet Marketing Articles and Enticing Email Copy

Have you heard about ‘Know, Like and Trust’ in marketing 101?

People like to buy from people, not from blogs!

It may take several visits to your blog to convert tire kickers to paying customers. Really off the wall, entertaining and informative internet marketing articles go a long way to giving value and gaining the trust of prospective buyers.  If they like your articles, they will come back for some more fun and information and eventually be more comfortable with the idea of purchasing something from your website.

Your intention in writing good internet marketing articles could be any of:

  • just establishing your authority or brand on the Internet
  • having someone connect to your information flow for future value (free stuff, return visits or informative emails)
  • simply purchasing from one of your banner or textual links

Whatever your goal or intention you must – and I cannot stress this enough – give value to your blog visitors both in the articles that you write and in your follow-up emails.  People who subscribe to your website  do so because they are motivated by your personality, your expertise and the quality of your offerings – they simply want more of a good thing!


So, your content marketing skills and your email copy expertise are really important, if not the most important, factors in the sales component of your internet marketing strategies.  If done correctly, blog visitors become your followers, recognize you as an authority in your niche, become repeat visitors to your blog – and buy your products – that simple!

Are You Afraid of All of The Complex Internet Marketing Jobs that Make Up a Successful Online Business?

Hold on!!

Who said that success was easy in the first place?  No, it’s not.  Fear of complicated internet marketing jobs is good – it’s a message about something unknown that makes you uneasy until you do something about it!

Do you think that you have to be the expert in every single aspect of your business?  No, again!  Successful companies are the product of many experts in different elements of their business – not the result of single person’s knowledge and ability.  It’s just plain stupid and no fun being the CEO of no one.

So, buckle up, wise up, and team up to get a handle on what jobs need to be done.  Find someone to work with who has some of the job skills that you are lacking.  Get some training so that you can begin to know what you don’t know and attack all of the jobs in your internet business with help from others and with less fear and more confidence.

Here are some of the kinds of jobs facing internet marketers in their online businesses:

  • the job of establishing personal goals – fame, fortune, blessings
  • research jobs related to defining the business – what product, what market, what competition, what rate of return
  • the job of planning – how to make it work (partners, contractors, investors)
  • jobs involved in creating the business – all the parts (people, networks, websites, systems, tools, training)
  • everyday jobs in operating the business – engineering, blogging, writing, speaking, marketing, selling, fixing, organizing
  • the jobs of growing the business in the longer term – leveraging, scaling, diversifying

This list may seem daunting – just take it one step at a time and the jobs will get done.


Try these steps:

  • find a great internet marketing course to get you started, to broaden your knowledge of the jobs above
  • look on for an internet marketing forum in your market niche where you can participate and learn and, yes, market
  • search for the top authority in your market and emulate his or her system and success – perhaps as your mentor

Internet Marketing Tips – Avoid These Dangers!

You have probably already fallen into these traps in your internet marketing journey:

  • forgot or misplaced important information or data
  • spent too much time on the phone every day
  • paid too much time to procedural details without really accomplishing your main objective
  • purchased a lot of expensive training that’s still on the shelf
  • acquired almost every tool that came along that would surely enhance your business – and still haven’t installed them

Working at home in your internet business is often more of a challenge than having a conventional job ‘at the office’.  It’s too easy to be distracted, to be unfocused, to be unorganized and to be unmotivated.


Your internet business is a real business – keep your goals in the forefront and be serious about your ‘job at home’.

  • equip yourself with good organizers and tools (computer, smart phone, software)
  • filter out distractions
  • create a daily balanced routine and stick to it
  • give the highest priority to the actions that are likely to make you the most money
  • reserve a part of each day for learning – get through the essential training and expand your mind
  • budget for systems and tools – get only the essentials until profits allow you to scale up

Don’t Get Left Behind – Keep Up With Internet Marketing News

Here’s a recently release article relating Matt Cutts’ views on Social Identity on the internet:

Does Google Get Ranking Signals from Facebook & Twitter? Matt Cutts Answers
Home / content marketing / Google’s Matt Cutts: Understanding Social Identity on the Web is Hard…the “buried headlines” in a Google Webmaster Help video by Matt Cutts released today….think that’s why whenever Matt Cutts…

To be a successful internet marketer, it’s important to be aware of what’s happening around you – in your market, with your social network, with your systems and tools and with your customers.

Markets change frequently – what’s trending in internet marketing news one day may be flopping the next.  If your product is not in demand, your business is in jeopardy!

Social networks on the Internet are buzzing like never before – be on the lookout for new groups on new platforms that you can resonate with in your marketing.

Internet marketing systems and tools are very volatile because their underlying technologies are changing at almost the ‘speed of light’ – it seems!  Get the most from your existing tools and check sources of internet marketing news frequently for updates.

News feeds in your marketing niche are a great source of information in all of these areas.


You’ll find a great example of internet marketing news in my tabbed widget at the bottom  of this article.  It is designed to point you to useful information related to the topic of this article, to tell what’s trending in internet marketing, to provide great videos and images on the subjects here, and to connect you with important news feeds in the internet marketing industry.

Internet Marketing – That’s a Wrap for Now

So, that’s a taste of some of the issues in internet marketing that we all experience.

If you read my comments above, you will hopefully find that developing an effective internet marketing blog, applying great internet marketing strategies, tackling all of your internet marketing jobs wisely, and paying attention to key changes that may affect you from listening to internet marketing news sources related to your business – doing all of these – will help you do very well in internet marketing.

Thanks for dropping by.  Stay tuned for more internet marketing tips in future posts.

I would love to hear your comments – please let  me know below.

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