Internet Marketing Is Risky Business

Is internet marketing risky business or the road to riches?

Let me ask you a question? Would you climb the highest building in your city and jump off with no parachute, no plan and hope that you land safely on the ground? Of course not.

Then why do people do this when they get into the business of internet marketing? People do this everyday. They jump in with no plan or safety net and hope they land safely on the lily pad of success.

Internet marketing is risky business for the majority of people with a strategic marketing plan let alone those with no plan.

Now of course if you are reading a lot of the emails of some top marketers it appears there is a magic button on your keyboard that fills up your bank account. I don’t know about you but I must have the wrong keyboard.

I have not found the magic button yet!

Any business you get into with no plan or idea of what you are doing is risky business online or offline.

Acres of diamonds

There was a story of an old farmer in Africa who was quite wealthy and content on his land. One day he had a visitor that was describing the beautiful shiny rocks (diamonds) that were worth fortunes.

The once contented farmer went to bad that night and tossed and turned thinking about these valuable diamonds and he was determined to set out to find these diamonds at any cost. The risky business of searching for these diamonds did not deter him.

He packed up and headed off on his quest of finding what he now considered the ultimate riches. He travelled everywhere, digging and searching but could not find them anywhere. After years of looking in a state of despondency he threw himself into the river and drowned.

One day another farmer had bought his former farm and while out walking the land he crossed a stream and there in the water was the brilliant sparkle that almost blinded him. He picked some of these stones up, fascinated by their brilliance and brought some home to put on his mantle.

A friend came over one day and discovered them and asked the farmer if he knew what these were. He had no idea. He was advised that he had found some of the biggest diamonds he ever saw and they were worth a fortune.

The farmer then told him that the river bed was full of them. It was revealed that this was one of the richest diamond mines ever discovered.

The first farmer had been sitting on one of the biggest diamond mines in history and he ended up searching everywhere but his own farm.

The moral of the story is that what you are looking for is right where you are. Its risky business to go wandering all over the place to find your riches. If you want to read the full story click this link.

Risky Business

Risky Business

Its risky business if you have shiny object syndrome

Internet marketing is like a jungle or at least it seems like that. It will be big time risky business if you are easily distracted by all the shiny objects on the internet. Everyone trying to seduce you into their site with promises of riches and with almost no effort.

If this was the case then why isn’t everyone a millionaire? It is true that the internet is producing more millionaires then any other business sector. There are lots of real success stories of people who have made it big with internet marketing.

The key is to find one that resonates with you and follow their blueprint. You have to realize that YOU can’t do it all so you might want to look for a system that simplifies the entire process.

Real success stories are about people who have made it, lost it, made it again and got smarter from that failure. Internet marketing is risky business if you don’t have a great marketing plan or strategy.

Take it seriously and stop looking for the magic button that will fill your bank account up with. It does not exist.

If you are looking for a system that simplifies the process (sorry,you still have to work) and provides you with support, training, knowledge, encouragement and mentoring then check out this franchise style business model on the free video. Click the link now.

Risky Business

Risky Business

Important success factors for better results

What does it take to be successful online, or in any business for that matter? The world is changing at warp speed and one of the new success factors for your business is to be adaptable.

The speed of change is necessary to shift into a new direction fast. Blockbuster and Kodak are two primary examples of big companies that did not adapt and where are they now. Toast, gone from lack of vision.

Other success factors are finding a system that simplifies all your processes. There are so many great online tools to grow your business. You should always buy from reputable sources or ask for recommendations.

Having a great mentor who has achieved what you want is a very important success factor. Why try to figure it out on your own? It would be like getting a box of several puzzles in one box and with some pieces missing. You will never put together the complete picture.

There are many ways to become successful online. Pick one and master it. Team up with others that compliment your skills and work together.

Invest in yourself is one of the most important success factors. You need to develop your mindset to face the obstacles you will encounter. There will be lots of obstacles.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. That is part of the learning and growing process.

Its risky business to be the same as everybody else…

Don’t blend in, stand out! One of the common problems that all businesses and marketers make is they all look the same. This causes potential customers to revert to price as the major component of a buying decision.

You need to be different. Offer better service. Provide more value with more information about your product or service.

Do not, I repeat do not talk about features. Features bore people to death. People don’t buy your product, they buy what your product will do for them.

Create such an incredible customer experience so that your customers will become your raving fans. There is a system for every business.

Look at what your competition is doing and don’t do that. Don’t compete, create. If you separate yourself from others in your niche then you will be rewarded by customer retention and loyalty.

Don’t take the shortcuts because there are no shortcuts to long term success in anything.

Are you struggling to be successful online? Are you looking for a better way? If you had the right systems, support, training, mentoring team to work with do you think you could be successful?

Take a look at the FREE video that shows you a franchise style business model that is transforming internet marketing. Click the link now.

Risky Business

Risky Business


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