Internet Marketing Jobs – The Trend is Growing

Is an Internet Marketing Job Your Solution ?

Internet marketing jobs are becoming the norm because the internet has changed the face of business, marketing and how we communicate.

As the world of marketing has shifted from traditional to digital media, a growing need for internet marketing training has become clear.

Corporate America has changed the job landscape and many people who have lost their employment are looking to replace it with internet marketing jobs from home because of the advantages.

In any industry shift there is a higher demand for experts and with the massive growth of the internet a qualified internet marketing consultant is a great opportunity for some.

Internet world stats reports that nearly 2.5 billion people are internet users and 75% of North America is online.

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Internet Marketing Jobs – What are Some of Your Options?

The emergence and evolution of the internet has shifted many of the traditional jobs to digital media jobs.

Here are some of the internet marketing jobs available today:

  1. SEO (search engine optimization)
  2. SEM (search engine marketing)
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. E – Commerce
  5. Blogging
  6. Copywriting
  7. Web Traffic Analysis

Search engine optimization is the process of getting traffic from the “natural”, “free” or “organic” listings on search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Search engine marketing is the promotion of website content to increase visibility to your site or pages by using optimization (SEO) and advertising.

Social media marketing is promotion on the wide spectrum of social media sites to drive traffic and sales. This sector is exploding and creating lots of demand career wise.

E – Commerce is setting up payment systems on websites to facilitate the collection of money from sales.

Blogging is writing about certain niche topics and attracting followers.

Copywriting is the art of crafting sales letters that encourage customers to buy things.

Web traffic analysis is the tracking of a variety of statistics from websites to help business determine if their strategies are effective.

Internet Marketing Jobs

Internet Marketing Jobs

Your Internet Marketing Job – Tips on Crushing the Interviews 

If you are searching for an internet marketing job, here is some advice you can follow to gain an advantage.

  • Review the company website.
  • Research the management team.
  • Look for content and social profiles for the company that you are considering working for.
  • Check out news and news releases from the company.

Review and study the company website so you understand what they are focused on.

Knowing the management team gives you an edge into the type of owners that you will be working for.

Research the content that the company has published and the social profiles of the key players so that you will have a better understanding of how they think and where they are headed.

Studying news and news releases of the company give you better insight.

These tips are part of your preparation to put you ahead of your competition in the job market. Business owners are impressed when you can reveal to them that you have spent a great deal of time in knowing what the company is about before you walk through the door. Business owners love their team players who take initiative without being prompted.

Internet Marketing Jobs From Home – The Opportunities are Endless

Corporate America has been restructuring for a number of years now and this new course has opened the door for many new internet marketing jobs from home.

Outsourcing and downsizing of business has also opened the door for many new jobs to be created where you work from your own home.

Here are some jobs that allow you to work from the comfort of your own home:

  1. Consultant
  2. Writer and Author
  3. Medical Transcriptionist
  4. Virtual Assistant
  5. Programmer
  6. Data Entry Clerk
  7. Research Assistant

The internet is becoming very specialized and you can focus and do consulting in a specific area.

If you are an effective communicator and like to write, many companies will be in search of your talent.

Transcribing medical documents and dictations from doctors is a good opportunity provided that you have training and knowledge in the medical field.

Many business owners are using virtual assistants (online secretary) to do their online tasks such as setting up social media accounts or entering content.

Try programming at various levels provided you have a good deal of knowledge in coding.

Data entry is inputting data provided by companies into their database, archives and filing systems.

The internet is the information highway, so research assistants are used to filter through information for a variety of reasons.

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Internet Marketing Jobs From Home – The Many Advantages

If you are one of the many new people exploring the potential of internet marketing jobs from home, then you need to understand that there are significant advantages in choosing this path.

Here are some of the advantages:

  1. Tax savings (if you are set up as an independent contractor or business)
  2. More productivity
  3. No work commute
  4. Flexible schedule
  5. More time with family
  6. Environmentally friendly
  7. Save gas and expenses commuting to work
  8. Work/ home balance

When you are set up as an independent internet marketing consultant you can have significant tax advantages such as claiming:

  • Part of your home used as an office
  • Telephone
  • Car
  • Travel Expenses
  • Office Supplies
  • Meals
  • Entertainment
  • Cell Phone

You need to consult with your local accountant to see what is applicable to you.

“Working from home” jobs allows you to control your work space and minimize distractions.

You save time and reduce stress with no more commute.

You get to set your own work schedule.

You will have the opportunity to spend more time with your family (this is one of the highest  benefits as voted on in surveys).

People are becoming more environmentally conscientious today –  working from home jobs contributes to a cleaner environment by not taking your vehicle to work.

You will have gas and expense savings travelling to and from work.

The # 1 thing that appeals to people about internet marketing jobs from home is the work/home balance that they create. This helps develop more harmony in the family, which improves everyone’s quality of life.

internet marketing training

Internet Marketing Training

Internet Marketing Training – Formal Education or Self Education?

Demand for internet marketing jobs is growing and if this is where you are headed then you need to decide what form of internet marketing training you will require.

1.Formal Education Training Options: 

  • University Degree
  • College Degree
  • Technology Institute Degree


  • Certified course degree ( required for some jobs)
  • Structured learning environment
  • Teaches basic fundamentals


  • Expensive
  • Time consuming ( 2-4 years)
  • No immediate practical application
  • Technology is changing so rapidly the course could be teaching obsolete information by the time you finish

2.Self Education Training Options:

  • Training courses on the internet
  • Volunteering for companies
  • Taking an internship with a business
  • Doing self learning by reading and practising
  • Participating in a mentorship program


  • Earn while you learn
  • Up to date training on current technology
  • Less expensive
  • Start part time
  • Work with people who are already doing it
  • Practical learning instead of theoretical learning


  • No degree


The internet is changing at warp speed, so taking the self education route might be a better way for you to go, as you will be getting – hands on – experience with all the latest tools, resources and techniques.

In some cases formal education is a requirement.

internet marketing careers

Internet Marketing Careers


Internet Marketing Jobs – Summary

More internet marketing jobs are being created as the internet evolves, forcing business to shift its focus online.

You need to do your research to determine what internet marketing job best suits you.

The many benefits of “internet marketing jobs from home” might persuade you to head in that direction.

You could take one of the many internet marketing training courses and become an internet marketing consultant.

It is clear that you have homework to do before taking the plunge into the internet marketing job world.

Remember these steps:

  • Do your research – preferably in an area that you are passionate about
  • Find someone who works in the industry and ask questions
  • Research statistics on the various sectors as some areas are growing faster than others – this gives you more job opportunities
  • Check out the reputation of the internet marketing training company
  • Weigh the benefits and disadvantages of both types of education and make a decision on what works best for you
  • Take on an internship or become a volunteer will get your foot in the door in the business

Internet marketing careers are evolving as quickly as the internet itself so be prepared to make some shifts.

Preparation and persistence are two of the keys to success in any profession.

Good luck in your internet marketing job search!


Success is your to discover…imagine!


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