Internet Marketing News – Are You Plugged In?

Internet Marketing News – Are You Getting Left Behind?

One good reason why you should stay current with the latest buzz in the internet marketing news world:

You will definitely get left behind by your competition – a serious problem for your internet marketing business!

Here are some other great reasons:

  • You will miss new opportunities before they peak and key events when they happen.
  • You won’t know how to adapt your internet or local business as the market changes.
  • You will be lost among your niche superstars without tracking and mimicking their success.
  • You won’t know exactly where to create your own ‘buzz’ and advertise your brand.

Understanding the nature of the internet direct marketing news industry will go a long way to avoiding these dilemmas.

The Anatomy of Internet Marketing News

Ask yourself the following:

  1. What is NEWS anyway?
  2. What is internet marketing news all about?
  3. Who is it about – the newsmakers?
  4. How and where can you find internet marketing news – what are the channels?
  5. Who are the messengers?
  6. How does technology make it all work?
  7. How Much Does It Cost?

These are big questions!

Let’s dive right in with some answers and find out how to exploit – from messengers to newsmakers – all aspects of email, affiliate, mobile, social, and any other trending or changing topic in internet marketing.

1.  What Is NEWS Anyway?

Internet Marketing News

Before we get into internet marketing, specifically, let’s talk a little about NEWS in general.

It’s simply information about anything that you don’t already know – ‘it’s news to me’.

What makes information ‘newsworthy’ for you is that:

  • It happened in the past, but you don’t already know about it.
  • It just happened ‘recently’ and you and nobody else knew about it until it was ‘announced’.
  • Some ‘thing’ or event just loudly resonated with you – your fears, your interests, your passions!
  • The status of something that you were following, changed!

But – you are not only the recipient and user of these updates

You could also be the source of recently created internet marketing articles, for example, or the messenger of the latest happenings in internet marketing – you might even be a reporter or a copy writer for a website like ‘Mashable‘.

So, all of these aspects of news in general are pertinent to our discussion about the elements and workings of internet marketing news.

2.  What Is Internet Marketing News on Google All About? – Finding Internet Marketing Solutions

Aside from just about everything that you didn’t already know about internet marketing – and that’s probably a lot for most of us – the latest online marketing news is particularly relevant when it comes to solving problems that you may have in your internet marketing business, like:

  • how to stop ‘starving’ and make more money on the internet
  • how to get more traffic to your website and more customers to your business
  • how to beat your competition and get a bigger slice of the pie
  • how to choose the right products in your niche for eager buyers
  • how to scale up your business by leveraging the right new systems and tools
Internet Marketing Solutions

Internet Marketing Solutions

Internet marketing solutions to these common problems are in the spotlight all the time!

What are also very newsworthy in the internet marketing arena are any significant changes or additions to:

  • the rules of the SEO game in Google Search (Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird …) and in other channels like Facebook and Twitter
  • social networks – new ways to create buzz about your business (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ …)
  • internet systems and technologies that impact the efficiency and scale of your promotions
  • knowledge and training to prepare for and improve your internet marketing potential – new courses, new trainers, new guru’s (buyer beware!)

All of these online marketing news subjects, and many others that I haven’t mentioned, will impact you and your online business at one time or another.

The key players behind them are the ones to watch and follow closely!

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3.  Who Is It About – The Newsmakers?

It’s well known that one of the best ways to succeed in anything is to find someone who is highly successful and to follow and emulate them and their methods.

It’s no different in Internet marketing.

Internet direct marketing news of course has its own newsmakers – the creators of successful online businesses, systems and tools, and those that give back in the form of knowledge and training about how they failed first and then succeeded.

Here are just a few so called IM experts that you might consider looking up, and some more notable guru’s in the photos and video below:

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Ray Higdon Interviews Tim Erway (Head of Magnetic Sponsoring)

Guru’s, mentors and topics that are relevant to your internet marketing business are at your ‘digital’ fingertips if you know where  and how to look for them.

4.  How and Where Can You Find Internet Marketing News – What are The Channels?

Well, turn on you computer and prepare to be inundated with internet marketing news – so much information and advertising that you have to take extraordinary measures to filter out and calm down the traffic just so that you can get on with your mission.

You may very well be interested in much of what is unsolicited information, but most of it is not worth your valuable time.

What you really want to do is to search for or be notified about what is relevant to you.

Here’s a list of the types of channels available on the internet to serve this purpose:

  • Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo …)
  • Blogs
  • Websites (Directories, Press Release Sites)
  • Forums
  • Webinars or ‘Hangouts
  • Facebook Interest Groups
  • YouTube Channels
  • Google+ Communities
  • Other Social Networks (Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Friendfeed, Posterous, …)
  • RSS Feeds
  • Email (Lists)
  • SMS (text messaging)

There were over 300 major active social websites listed in Wikipedia in February, 2014.  These, along with the other channels listed above are only a fraction of the internet marketing news avenues available today.

There are two ways to go about getting the latest updates from the internet – in much the same manner as you would encounter in your ‘bricks and mortar’ library.

  1. Search the channel(s) manually for meaningful and fresh information
  2. Have the channel(s) notify you automatically about any changes in your area of interest

In many cases you can specify an email address and a topic of interest and the channel will notify you automatically whenever a new publication or ‘event’ occurs for your topic.  You can sometimes even dial up or down the number of notifications that you want to receive, or how often to be informed.

Email Lists and RSS Feeds are predominate techniques used on the internet for automated information delivery.

A great thing about many internet marketing news channels is that they are bi-directional. You can fetch or receive updated information from other sources, or you can publish your own news items on the channels – as the ‘speaker’ or ‘commenter’, for example, on blogs, forums, hangouts or social networks.

Let’s look at some examples of great  internet marketing news channels.

The Hottest Websites – Great Models for Your Internet Marketing Business

The eBizMBA | The eBusiness Guide provides some great website resources for finding your online business news.

Some of the top technology and gadget sites and ebusiness resource sites from this guide are shown below.

Click on the links and judge for yourself!

[table id=1 /]

[table id=2 /]

As you can see by looking at the content and style of the websites above, and from their visitor statistics, they are quite excellent in quality and are obviously extremely popular.

Their ‘authority’ and value in the internet marketing industry is recognized in their exceptionally high Alexa rankings – comparisons of measured website traffic and other Alexa Certified Metrics.  A brand new website would typically start out with an Alexa rank of about 10,000,000 – in this case, the lower the Alexa ranking number, the better the ranking!

Web Directories, Event Directories and Press Release Sites

There are types of websites that are more focused on the latest internet marketing news than many of the sites above.  These include:

People who are keen on keeping up to date on what’s happening in their businesses can connect to any of these websites through their RSS feeds or by simply browsing them periodically.  In turn, their feeds provide a great way to get your own announcements out to everyone else who is subscribed to those types of websites.

Internet Direct Marketing News Forums

Internet marketing forums are properties on the internet where like-minded individuals can exchange ideas on specific topics.

Users can comment on information that is saved in a ‘thread’ related to each topic, and all interested and eligible parties can review the entire dialog in the thread.

The structure of forums is flexible –  new topics and categories can be easily added.

Various levels of membership in forums are usually supported and are required in order to comment, post and extend the discussion to new areas.

Many forums permit free access to their information.

Here are some of the top forums on ‘Internet Marketing News’:

Internet Marketing News - Warrier Forum

Be sure and check out some of these forums for the type of internet marketing news that suits you and your internet marketing business.

Facebook Interest Groups

The recent statistics on Facebook are astounding:

  • over 1 Billion active users
  • 4.5 Billion Likes per day
  • 4.75 Billion content shares per day
  • 300 Million photo uploads per day
  • 5 new profiles per second

Internet Marketing News - Facebook Groups

Log into your Facebook account and search for interest groups – then apply to join up and ‘engage’.

YouTube Channels

Check out these current YouTube viewership statistics:

  • Over 1 Billion user visits per month
  • Over 6 Billion hours of video watched per month
  • 100 hours of video uploaded per minute

Internet Marketing News - Youtube Channels

Video forms of internet marketing news are readily available on YouTube.

Just go to and search for your particular topic.

If you are a video creator or just a ‘curator’, then you can install ‘widgets’ on your blog that will announce fresh videos from your YouTube channel.

Google+ Communities

Google+ is catching up to Facebook, according to Jeff Bullas in his excellent article “12 Awesome Social Media Facts and Statistics for 2013“.

They are in second place now at 50% account ownership for global internet users – Facebook is at 70%.

With the ability to create and join Google+ networks and communities with such a vast global reach, spreading and absorbing internet marketing news in this channel can do wonders for your online business prospects.

Internet Marketing News - Google+ Communities

Google+ has incredible ‘social network integration’ and ‘authorship‘ association’ capability with the internet marketing news that you create.  If you use this effectively in the setup of your Google+ profile, your social buzz and authority will just ‘fly’.

Email Marketing News Lists

Email lists are one of the most frequently used channels for delivering internet marketing news from publishers to consumers.  They also facilitate the internet sales process.

Subscriber widgets placed on websites or blogs provide the ‘optin’ forms that connect readers to ‘lists’ of subscribers and potential buyers of products or services.  Effective sales content or ‘copy’ associated with the optin form, checkout payment processing pages and web pages designed to thank subscribers for joining the list or making a purchase, all form the digital ‘sales funnel’.

Subscriber lists are valuable business assets that are held in databases categorized according to the ‘campaigns’ that generated them.  The ‘Autoresponders’ or services that maintain these databases also manage the followup and subsequent ‘broadcast’ connections from the marketer (list owner) to the subscriber.

Email messages about internet marketing news can be pre-designed to ‘drip’ out automatically to select subscribers, on a specified schedule. This is how ‘newsletters’, training course modules, individual or recurring digital products, and many other types of downloadable content are delivered over the internet.

Email lists are often shared through joint ventures with other internet marketers.  For example, an email marketing news item about a JV colleague’s new product release may be emailed to your list or lists that are relevant to the new product, with the intention of selling as much of the product as possible.  The sales ‘copy’ of course would be designed appropriately to maximize conversion of subscribers to buyers.

Here is an example of an email sequence designed for a particular internet marketing news campaign:

Internet Marketing News - Aweber Messages

Check out this review and some major players in ‘list management’ software:

Note that SendReach is  an email marketing news item itself, and a very interesting newcomer to the autoresponder industry.  They boast many innovative features including new non-traditional sources of optin traffic – Facebook included!  It’s worth a look.

SMS (text messaging)

This is a very intriguing internet marketing news channel since 50% of all local internet searches are now done from mobile devices, and 70% of the world’s population now has a mobile phone.

However, there is a large caveat!

Mobile phone users are extremely careful about giving out their number.  They don’t want to be deluged with message calls and they fear the financial consequences since incoming calls are charged.

Because of this sensitivity, getting subscribers onto SMS message lists will be a big challenge – the reasons for and frequency of message calls will be under close scrutiny by the subscriber as well as by government communications authorities.

RSS Feeds

RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds enable publishers of frequently updated internet marketing news to syndicate it to ‘feed readers’.

The readers can be configured in web browsers to alert the user to items just published, or they can be embedded with other software to mine and distribute RSS feed data to other applications.

For example, this internet marketing website uses a WordPress software plugin, WP RSS Curator developed by Peter Garety, that connects to specified internet marketing news feeds and displays the results at the bottom of the post in a tabbed format.  Thus, readers of this article will have the benefit of fresh and relevant information published elsewhere.

Internet Marketing News - Widget

Every WordPress website has a built-in RSS feed so that it’s published content can by syndicated automatically to anyone or any ‘bot’ that knows the address or ‘uri’ of the feed – typically in the format:

Here is an example of what RSS feed content from this website looks like:

Internet Marketing News - RSS Feeds

To keep in touch with the websites that are most important to your internet marketing business, I recommend that you subscribe to their RSS feeds.

5.  Who Are The News Messengers?

So, who actually creates and delivers internet marketing news?  What is the source?

The answer is – everybody who publishes anything or references to anything in any of the ‘internet marketing news’ channels on the internet.

Remember – ‘news’ is subjective and one person’s ‘information’ can be another person’s ‘news’.

So, anyone can be a news creator or a messenger.  Anyone can also discover and consume a source of information that they like by browsing the channels (forums, blogs, etc.) –  and ‘subscribe’ to receive future publications from the same source – like getting your newspaper delivered to your home every day – a service by the way that is fast disappearing!

Not all news messengers are creators, however.  Some are just curators or reporters of information that is ‘newsworthy’ and that is in their interest as a service to deliver to other news consumers.

These news purveyors are often not real people, but ‘bots’ that have been automated to scrape up and/or forward information in specific categories to other news channels or to real humans.

To ramp up the ‘messenger’ complexity another notch, most of the internet marketing news channels mentioned above have the ability to ‘connect’ with other channels and push or pull data manually on demand (‘likes’, ‘shares’, ‘retweets’, ‘posts’) or automatically using API’s – ‘Application Programming Interfaces’.

For example, bloggers can set up their websites to automatically announce their latest posts to their Facebook profile or their Twitter account or other social network accounts.

These same websites can also be automatically updated with content from relevant news feeds across the internet – see the tabbed widget, entitled “Other Internet Marketing News”, at the bottom of this article for an example of this on our website.

Google, using their ‘Alert‘ service, can inform you by email or through RSS feed connections whenever anyone in the world posts information that you are looking for and that Google has already discovered from their ‘bots’ that roam the universe of websites during the night.

You can connect or subscribe to any ‘feed’ on the internet – whether to a particular website or to a defined aggregation or mix of other feeds – to automatically pull in new information.

The possibilities are endless – creating an incredible BUZZ of news throughout the world – connecting everyone with a blast of fresh information!

If harnessed properly, the potential advantage to your business, online or offline, is virtually unlimited – it’s actually VIRAL!

Internet Marketing News Watch Services – The Bigger Messengers

Here are some of the best internet marketing news watch services available today:

  1. Brafton
  2. TechWyse
  3. ClickZ
  4. Web Marketing Today
  5. MarketingLand
  6. Entrepreneur
  7. IM News Watch
  8. Search Engine Watch
  9. Marketing Pilgrim
  10. eMarketer
  11. MarketingVox

Check them out.  Connect to their RSS feeds and get their important internet marketing news messages – we have!

6.  How Does Technology Make It All Work?

The technologies underlying the internet marketing news channels that we have described in this article are incomprehensible to most people.

It’s all based on computer software and hardware – the underbelly of the internet – and incredible design, development and engineering skill.

To give you a taste, here are some of the technologies involved:

  • computer technology – servers, PCs, MACs, tablets, mobile phones
  • network technology – domain servers, routers, gateways, wireless networks, local area networks
  • internet communications protocols – TCP/IP, FTP, UDP, POP3, IMAP
  • web hosting management (WHM) software – cPanel
  • website platform software – WordPress, Joomla, Drupal
  • website addon  software – themes, plugins, scripts, apps
  • website syndication software – RSS, Atom
  • document markup languages – XML, HTML5, XHTML, CSS3
  • software programming languages – CGI, PHP, Java. .NET, ASP, ColdFusion
  • software server side scripts – Ajax, Flash, jQuery, JavaScript

With all of these technologies and the thousands of applications built on them we’ve come a very long way since the days of the ‘town crier’.

This over abundance and complexity has created a huge industry, but a difficult problem of choice for most internet marketers.  All of the internet marketing news channels are filled with constant announcements of new digital products that are designed to make life better for online businesses.

Here is THE LARGEST brand of digital products occupying internet marketing news channels today:


Just a quick look at WordPress and current statistics:

Internet Marketing News - WordPress

If you are thinking of setting up a website and blasting out some product announcements – WordPress is a no brainer – it’s FREE.

In affiliate marketing news, its one of the hottest topics for 2014.

WordPress commodities – themes and plugins – are in great demand and can be very lucrative if marketed properly.

7.  How Much Does Internet Marketing News Cost?

As a last gasp in this article, I wanted to clarify some of the costs associated with exploiting internet marketing news channels.

For the most part, accessing these channels is free.

Just go to the respective channel’s web address – eg,, – and search for what interests you.

Facebook and most of the social networks also have free access, although you usually need to set up a personal account in order to participate.

You can also publish in many of the channels at no service cost – ‘commenting’ on blogs or forums, for example.  Some require you to log in with your email account in order to access information – but, it’s still free.

Of course, I’m not including any production costs for media content – which can range from a few minutes of your time to larger expenses like those for video production or professional ad campaigns.

What’s in it for the free channel owners you might say?

Well, some of their business models are built on advertising revenues, and some on splitting their services into different levels – free and paid.

Lots of internet marketing channels offer paid services only for access, publishing or both.

You will find that if you want any kind of premium service where the quality is exceptional, delivery is quick, market reach is highly targeted and sales conversion rates are above average, then you will pay accordingly.

So, there’s lots of scope for beginners with no budget, to professionals with profits to invest in scaling up their businesses.

Internet Marketing News – It’s a Wrap!

As shown in this article, there are almost unlimited numbers of internet marketing news channels of various types that are readily available for anyone who wants to stay plugged in.

Participating as an author or consumer or both in your pick of these channels will surely provide whatever internet marketing solutions you are may be seeking.

Whether your interests and requirements relate to affiliate marketing, email marketing, social network marketing, mobile marketing or any other kind of internet marketing business, a better grasp of the workings of the internet direct marketing news world illustrated here will hopefully help you along in your business.

So, get connected and keep up with your competition, don’t miss events or opportunities, adapt to your market changes, follow your industry leaders and put a real ‘buzz’ in your own internet marketing news.


Success is Yours to Discover….Imagine!

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