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Are all network marketing companies the same?

There are over 1000 companies to choose from in the network marketing industry. The challenge for most people is trying to figure out which company is right for them.

After 20+ years in the network marketing industry I have worked with a number of different companies and I have looked at dozens of compensation plans.

The main benefits that sets companies apart are leadership, community, training, compensation and products.

These components are all important to create a great opportunity. Any business opportunity that runs on hype is usually just blowing hot air.

I would like to emphasize the difference between enthusiasm and hype. The network marketing industry is no different than conventional business in the sense that there are good companies and bad companies.

You as an independent marketer have to do some homework to understand what makes a great opportunity for you to get involved with.

After all it is your money and a non renewable resource called TIME.

What is Empower Network?

Empower Network is a network marketing business that offers education and training for both internet and network marketing. As a member at the basic level you get your own blog on the recently released Kalatu blog platform.

On this system you can now host 3 domains of which you are free to market any products or opportunity you want. Members of Empower are trained in all areas of how to build a business offline and online.

One of the advantages of the Kalatu blog system is that it is less vulnerable to hack attacks than a traditional wordpress blog. If you have ever had your website hacked you will know what I mean.

Empower also offers a range of products that gives you higher level education and training. This covers everything from how to blog to make money, copywriting, creating Youtube videos, Facebook marketing, lead generation, SEO (search engine optimization) and much more.

After searching for 5 years and spending over $40,000.00 on systems,software and tools I consider it the best system available because it is a one stop shop and the compensation plan is amazing.

I will give you one simple example, the last company I was in, of which I was generating a 5 figure a month income, I would need 600 , yes that’s right, 600 customers to generate what I can earn from 1 customer (who purchases all the products) in Empower.

If you want to take a look at this opportunity watch this amazing video and discover for yourself.



What makes Empower so different?

When you look at the 5 criteria to evaluate an opportunity, Empower Network dominates especially in leadership, training,community and compensation.

You have some of the best internet/network marketing trainers in the world. There are other experts who Empower brings on as mentors, such as Neil Patel for blogging. Imagine being trained by someone who consults Facebook and other Fortune 500 companies how to be a prolific blogger.

Empower also has a 70% commission structure.

When I calculated the commission in my previous company it was around 5% because I only made $10.00 for the sale of 2 X $150.00 of product. Most network marketing companies have levels to qualify for and if you don’t meet the volume each month you drop down.

Empower has no levels. If you own the products you get full commission. 70%. Almost every network marketing company says you are an independent distributor but if you want to work another opportunity you often get terminated.

Empower is training and educating on knowledge that is transferable to whatever business you are doing, even other network marketing companies.

What is IPAS2?

IPAS2 is a franchise style business system. One of the founders of IPAS2 , Chris Jones is one of the leading distributors in Empower Network.

Chris has extensive experience online and has made millions of dollars. Chris Jones has been working on a business model that changes the game for all marketers. IPAS2 is a done for you system that does most of the heavy lifting for things such as professional sales videos, a back office with a tracking system for your leads and sales, training, capture pages created for you, professional follow up email campaigns and IPAS2 gives you the ability to make back end sales and IPAS2 creates the products for those sales.

Imagine walking into a business system that makes you look like a seasoned pro. That’s IPAS2. Chris recognized that newbies struggled like he did when he first began his internet marketing career so he built the done for you system so you could focus on marketing and promotion.

Oh yeah, one of the biggest ongoing challenges for marketers is an ongoing supply of leads for new sales. Chris lets you take advantage of all his personal resources that he has access to for your business. How cool is that?

Another challenge getting started is you usually don’t know very much. Problem solved, you each get your own personal coach to help you to sales and marketing. Imagine an expert coach working side by side with you.

Everyone has a dream number that they want to generate and IPAS2 has a comprehensive calculator that in seconds gives you the exact sales at each level that you have to accomplish to achieve that dream lifestyle.

Click on the image below to watch the free video that will blow you away.


Who is Empower Network / IPAS2 Supercharged really for?

Do you know know anybody that needs to figure out how the online world works for business? You got it! Everyone in business today.

The internet is growing by hundreds of thousands of users every day. The challenge is trying to figure out not only what to do but how to do it. I will use myself as an example, I have 35 years of business experience but until a couple years ago, none of that experience was online.

Facebook, wordpress,SEO, plugins, I was super confused where to go. I spent over $40,000.00 trying to figure things out and I was still getting no where.

I join Empower and all the experts are training me and my team. I had my first $100 profit day online, my first $500.00 day, my first 1,000.00 day and my first $3,000.00 day.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, in traditional network marketing I had to take on responsibility for my team which included home meetings and hotel meetings. We meet on hangouts and online webinars at our convenience.

Want to learn Facebook marketing, done. Youtube video marketing, done. Be a better copywriter, done. How to blog, done.  SEO, done. It does not matter what business you are doing today you need to figure out how to drive more business online and that is who this system is for.

If you want to try and figure it out on your own, I wish you good luck. If you want help from people who have an abundant mindset then this is the place you need to be.

Click the link and watch the video and discover the real deal.




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