Is Your Email Marketing Strategy Working?

Are you using a badass email marketing strategy?

The three main components to have a successful online business is getting more traffic, leads and conversions.

One of the challenges facing internet marketers is what to do with all those optins (leads) that subscribe to your list or offer.

Too many people are trying to close the deal on their offers by directing people from the optin box straight to the sales page.

This is a huge waste and loss of potential revenue.

An effective email marketing strategy allows you to capitalize on all the people who didn’t purchase from you the first time around.

This is where the transaction marketers get lost and lose out on what I refer to as a gold mine.

If you make the decision to add relationship building in your email marketing strategy you will see your end results (sales) increase dramatically.

You have probably all heard that expression “the money is in the list”, sorry but this is WRONG!

The money is in the relationship you build with your list.

Get that right and you are on your way to building an MBA (massive bank account).

Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Strategy

The first thing you need is a good reliable email sending service.

A good email sending service or an autoresponder is the connection between you and your list.

There are several to choose from but what I recommend is Aweber for ease of use and having a solid reputation for excellent service.

You can check them out on a link on my tools page.

There are a couple of steps that can change the level of optins for you.

You can select either a single optin or a double optin.

There are different schools of thought on this but double optin does eliminate bogus emails because someone actually has to click a link sent to the email they entered to complete the process.

Single optins get you more leads but if the email addresses are not real you will have a higher unopened rate and a higher bounce rate.

This could cause your account problems.

Aweber is a great email sending service that has a good amount of analytics set up.

I have used and highly recommend Aweber as an autoresponder service.

Go check it out here.

Every part of the internet marketing process has to have tracking in order for you to know what works and what doesn’t.

Setting up your email marketing online…

You have a system for your traffic (or you should) so it is critical that you have a system for your email marketing online.

One thing that will definitely increase your optins from your capture page is a lead magnet.

For a full blog post on lead magnets click here.

Now you have subscribers pouring into your list.

What does everyone go online to do before they buy a product or service?

They do research for a problem or a pain they have in their life.

People buy solutions to their problems.

They have somehow landed on your capture page and gave you their name and email address.

Remember, they likely don’t know you but they are opening the door for you to offer them a solution.

The opportunity is yours to start building a relationship.

Your potential customer may or may not be in purchase mode when they first see your offer.

If you start to deliver them value with good content in your email marketing online then they start to feel more comfortable with you.

What % of emails should be value based? All of them.

It is always tempting to go for the quick buck because it’s less work but you will always be looking for new customers.

Do you want to learn how to put together an effective email marketing strategy?

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Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Strategy

What kind of email marketer do you want to be?

Don’t just promote anything and everything.

Know the offer and its value and be able to talk about it.

You want to let them know what it does not what it is.

People don’t want to see another advertisement.

Your credibility is at stake every time you create a capture page and communicate with your list.

How do you want them to perceive you?

Someone who just wants their credit card or someone who cares about their problems and willing to put the effort into providing constant value to help them.

Ask yourself a question: “How often does your target audience need help?” Every day!

An effective email marketing strategy is designed to serve value first and then you have the right to ask for the sale.

Always remember you are not the only game in town and with a click of the mouse they are gone.

How to run email marketing campaigns that get results…

One of the easiest traps to fall into is using one list and then running all your email marketing campaigns through that one list.

A great strategy is to segment your list and you can do this effectively by integrating surveys at strategic points.

It is powerful to ask questions in a survey because it eliminates all the guess work.

They tell you what you need to know, if you ask the right questions.

You can serve people better when you know exactly what they want.

How often should you communicate with your list? Daily.

At least one email per day.

Your email marketing campaigns are like miniature blog posts packed with good content.

Tips, tools and resources for them to get better results in whatever they are doing.

The other thing about segmenting your list is that you will have people at different stages or levels of the buying process and you can inject better  and more relevant content for each list.

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Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Strategy

A few tips to increase your results in your email marketing strategy

1) At the bottom of your emails you want to incorporate the P.S.

Let’s say that you are in a business opportunity and you could leave a discreet..P.S. reply back to you if you have any interest in working with me personally on a side project.

2) Another one is P.S. we are rolling out a new product (be specific) reply back if you want a sneak peek. (everyone likes to see new stuff before it comes out)

The key is the value you provide in the emails you send daily.

Make them want your product and/or work with you.

People want to buy from and work with people they know, like and trust.

3) Then there is the almighty “NoLink” email . Just a quick email to see how I can best help you, reply back with the number one struggle you are currently having and I will do my best to help.

You promote nothing here but your help for them.

This gives your credibility a boost.

4) Never give too many options in any call to actions in your emails.

5) Limit 1-2 things to click on in any email blast.

6) Use cool images.

7) Do screen shots of videos and embed the actual video link that will re direct them to the video.

8) Be authentic. Tell your story and take them on a journey.

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Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Strategy


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