Keys To Success – The Secret Sauce

Is there a secret recipe for the keys to success….

The secret is that there is no secret for the keys to success.I know that you may have read it somewhere or you seen an ad that is selling the keys to success.There is a formula and you will see outlined here the top 10 things to creating the keys to success.Number one is you have to know your purpose and intention.You need 100% clarity in your mind of what you want and the intention of getting it. Super successful people imagine themselves already successful before they begin .Get clear,get focused and get to work.

Number two is you have to think,learn and apply the knowledge.Lots of people are great thinkers.You study and you learn. You may have bought into the myth that knowledge is power. Wrong! Applied knowledge is power. You need to take action once you have created clarity with what you want and your plan of action.Get going now!

keys to success


Keys to success is like baking a cake.

If you mess up the ingredients your cake will not turn out very well. Number three is about giving value. Whatever business you decide on you must give value and building real relationships with your customers/associates will show you care.Remember your business is all about them. Regardless if it is a home based business or a retail outlet you serve other people.Building relationships with people is the right way to creating your keys to success.

Number four is  you need to invest in yourself. Developing the keys to success is a journey,one which you will encounter bumps and bruises.Investing in yourself is about preparation of the right mindset for success and handling that success.Many people talk about the fear of failure but studies have revealed that people are afraid of success too.You are your greatest asset and developing you is one of the fundamental keys to success to grow.If your not growing you are dying. Fall in love with the process not the destination.

Appreciation goes a long way in today’s world….

Number five is having an attitude of gratitude. If you are just starting out in business or on top of your game you must always be grateful. Humility keeps you grounded.Many people will have contributed to your success. Always have an attitude  of gratitude, even for those people and situations that anger and frustrate you. You need to learn right and wrong along the path in discovering the keys to success.There is a lesson to learn in everything so be grateful for it all.

Number six is about working on your leadership skills.What is more important than the money you make is who you become along the way. Great leaders are servant leaders.It is a delicate balance between skill,acknowledgement and helping people achieve their goals by working together in harmony.Remember the people who work for you or with you are a significant resource.Treat them with respect.

keys to success

Mastering your life with the keys to success…

Do you wake up in the morning and immediately check your smartphone? Do you check your emails one more time before nodding off to sleep? STOP IT! Take control of your life NOW. Number seven is you need to control your bookends. The beginning of your day and the end of the day.The beginning of your day sets the tone.If you are opening up to check your Facebook or emails then you are no longer in charge. The morning is the time to be quiet,read something inspirational,think and prepare yourself.This is your time.Take it. The end of the day is important because the last few things you are focused on will be the last impressions before going to sleep. Stop watching CNN(constant negative news). Take a journal and write down 3 things you are grateful for and this will shift your mind with something positive.Violent shows, loud music or especially the news is no way to end your day.

Number eight in the list of keys to success is persistence. Many people fail simply because they give up and quit.He who persists wins. Everything works,you need to have a reasonable expectation and understanding that some times will be challenging and you must persist.If it were easy everyone would be succeeding. Face the challenges and never,never,give up.

Keys to success


Is your heart really into building your success…

Are you wearing your heart on your sleeve?Are you focused on your results?Number nine in the keys to success is dedication.You must be dedicated to succeed.Your level of commitment internally and externally will greatly determine how high up the ladder of success you climb.Commitment and dedication are your level of engagement to the process of success.You need to stay focused and you need to design a plan that purposely will guide you to be more successful.Remember the keys to success is a journey and a process.Commit to the process and you will achieve the results.

Number ten is great customer service.In a home based business or brick and mortar business model you have a customer. Serve that customer and treat them like gold and you win.Without the customer you have no business. Great customer service separates you from the vast majority of companies who look at only the bottom line.Incorporate the  process from the moment the customer engages with your business.Website,in store or by phone. You need to educate everyone about this process.

Now you have the secret sauce for keys to success….

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Success is yours to discover…imagine!

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