Do You Know The Meaning Of Success?

Do you have a definition of the meaning of success?

What does success look like to you?

I’m certain that every person you asked that question to would have a different answer.

If you read a lot of business books the meaning of success is all about financial wealth.

In reality it has been revealed that a lot of very wealthy (financially) people are extremely unhappy.

So what is the meaning of success?

Is it about money, health, family, spirituality or something else?

The interesting thing is that if you ask someone they give you what they think is their version of the meaning of success.

Since most people are followers not leaders most people will have been influenced in regard to their opinion of what success is all about.

The meaning of success has as many definitions as there are people on the planet.

There are fundamental truths about what success is about but it is really up to you to define it for yourself.

The question is, “Do you know what you want?”

Meaning Of Success

Meaning Of Success

What is success is an age old question

A lot of people unfortunately associate success as only financial wealth.

Having lots of money only gives you a different set of choices.

Choices of what you can buy, where you can live, what kind of home you can live in or what kind of car you can drive.

These things are all nice but if they don’t give you happiness (and they don’t) then its not enough.

Imagine you are sitting in your little castle, your Ferrari in the yard, your swimming pool in the back with an ocean view and yet you are miserable inside yourself.

How would that make you feel?

Material wealth is great on the surface.

Most people don’t know what they want.

How do I know this?

I have asked thousands of people, “What do you want?”

More often I get told what they don’t want.

How can you have a direction in life if you don’t know what you want?

If it shows up you won’t know because you don’t know what you want.

What is success?

Ask yourself these two questions right now and write down the answer:

  1. What do you want?
  2. What is success?

Stop wandering around like a rudderless ship and create your definition of the meaning of success.

Once you do this, say it loud and see how that feels to you.

Does this resonate with your authentic self?

The secret of success is…

The ironic part is that many people chase around looking for the secret of success.

All the answers that anyone needs are within them.

You just have to get in touch with your inner self.

There are countless stories of people who have lived their lives to please other people.

Meaning Of Success

Meaning Of Success

The secret of success is really to discover your authentic self and build your life around that.

It doesn’t matter what other people think.

Its your life.

Jim Rohn, the famous business philosopher stated, “its now how much you make but who you become.”

Do you think anyone is going to remember you more because you made lots of money?

You will be remembered for who you were as a person, the contribution you made  and the difference you made in other’s lives.

Did you ever notice that people with a lot of money have lots of friends?

Now take all that money away from them and see how many real friends they have left.

I remember when I was 24 years old, started my first business in construction.

We were buying property, building new homes and also flipping property.

I went from unemployment 1 year earlier to making about $7,000.00-$10,000.00 per month.

I had a new truck, fancy boat, nice home, big stereo and a good lifestyle.

My friends all wanted to party with me, go water skiing and be around me because I provided most everything.

I like to share.

Then the bottom fell  out of the market and over a cliff just like my business because I had no experience to see it coming.

I lost everything and all my so called friends scattered.

Entrepreneur success stories that inspire you

Almost every entrepreneur I have ever met has someone that they looked up to or admired.

There are lots of entrepreneur success stories of people who have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds.

Steve Jobs was an adopted child who also ended up being a drop out at college.

Do you think anyone was saying that he was going to be one of the greatest entrepreneurs who ever lived?

Meaning Of Success

Meaning Of Success

Steve Jobs created multiple companies of which the two most prominent ones were Apple and Pixar.

Both of these totally revolutionized their respective industries.

Bill Gates was also a drop out.

If you go back to the early nineteen hundreds you will find Andrew Carnegie who became one of the wealthiest people who ever lived.

He had no formal education and was a poor landed immigrant from Scotland.

He made his fortune with steel of which he himself knew almost nothing about.

Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and Sir Richard Branson are some of the many entrepreneur success stories in the world.

Napoleon Hill, the author of the classic, Think and Grow Rich, was given the opportunity by Andrew Carnegie to write about success.

Napoleon Hill got to interview over 500 of the wealthiest people in the world for over 20 years in order to create his classic book.

When he met Andrew Carnegie for an interview as a reporter he barely had enough money to get to the appointment.

He did not realize it but when Mr. Carnegie made the proposal to him to create this literary work on success he had a stopwatch and gave Mr. Hill 30 seconds to answer.

Napoleon Hill’s classic book has been responsible for creating more millionaires than any book in history.

Most books about success have a lot of the information from Dr. Hill’s book.

There are many characteristics known as success secrets

Actually there are no success secrets because many authors, including Napoleon Hill, have documented all the things it takes to achieve success.

As mentioned above you need to define what success look like to you.

If you use other people’s definition of success for you, you will ultimately end up unhappy.

Here is a list of many attributes you must develop in order to experience success.

There are definitely qualities that exist in successful people that contribute to success.

I’m not just talking about success in business.

Success in any area of your life requires these things and many more.

Its kind of like a recipe for a cake.

Leave out one ingredient and you don’t get the optimum result.

These are things you need to possess or work on to achieve success:

  1. Discipline
  2. Integrity
  3. Perseverance
  4. Persistence
  5. Competence
  6. Consistency
  7. Imagination
  8. Attitude
  9. Desire
  10. Commitment
  11. Faith
  12. Self Confidence
  13. Dependable

Every successful person needs a  personal development plan because investing in yourself yields the greatest R.O.I. (return on investment).

You can have it all

This is a line used by a lot of motivational speakers.

This is actually not true.

Meaning Of Success

Meaning Of Success

There is 24 hours in a day for everyone.

You arrange your day as per the priorities you have set in your life.

Hoping and wishing for things does not work.

This means if you want something other than what you have you have to do something different.

You have to give up something in order to get that other thing.

Success is not about having it all.

Success is looking at life as a journey and for you to become the best version of yourself possible.

Contributing to the world and making a difference is fulfilling.

Your days are already filled to capacity, right!

So if you want success with something else you need to give up another part to achieve that.

It’s called prioritising.

If you want more you have to make more sacrifices.

Its that simple.

Success is like a game of chess.

You have to make strategic moves to win.

Same thing in life and in success in any area.

There is always a cost to achieving that success.

Time with family, fun times, freedom to do what you want.

There is a cost and as Brian Tracy, the famous business coach said, “if you want to be successful you have to pay the price in full and up front.”

Meaning Of Success

Meaning Of Success


David Thompson

Success is yours to discover…imagine!

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  1. Fantastic post David on success! I also think that success during different periods in life will mean different things to everybody.

    Was just listening to Grant Cardone’s audiobook “Sell or Be Sold” and he talked about that in the twenties success is maybe moving into your own apartment, in thirties starting family, etc.

    Love the 13 things that you mentioned on success!

    • You are absolutely right Jelena, success not only means different things to different people, its also about that timing in your life. It usually is never cast in stone because life changes.

    • I so agree with Jelena.

      In my twenties all I wanted was the high life, a cool dude, and cute house. Maybe late a couple of cute babies and a hubby. I got them all…Then My definition changed. I started looking for personal fulfillment. For ways to build something beyond myself, something I will leave to other generations, and my JOB didn’t provide that. Plus it depended on someone’s definition of what I am worth….I could go on here but you get the picture!

      Success to me is aiming for the highest best possible person I can be enriching as many people as I can along the way and receiving the financial, life and time rewards I deserve in abundance too.Living the life I design with my loved ones, spending more quality time with each other and enjoying this planet. Teaching my children to be definite in their purpose and lives and star to build their legacy NOW!

      I know we are all born to success and can create what we understand it to be. Our mind is a true factory to create greatness or mediocrity. We are all part of the Omnipotent force good or bad and success can come from any side, the one we feed!

      We have more power than all the living things combined, if we were a lot more definite in our life purpose! This includes KNOWING What we want and surmise as success! Something not taught in schools today, so we gotta spread the word! As you have David & keep doing!

      • The cool part of life is that it changes and evolves. For those like yourself Julie who put in the time and effort life gives us great rewards but along the journey we get to choose and decide what it means to us and what we want. As you pointed out what we want becomes something different as we go through the phases of life. Its all in our hands and believing in ourselves and going after it with passion is exciting.

  2. I admire Earl Nighthingale a lot. He defined success as the realization a great idea. In another book success just meant leaving successfully. You elaborated on the definition and its great. Just earlier today I was thinking to myself I would have preferred a course in Personal development rather than Astronomy. They don’t teach these things in college….

    • That is the interesting thing about life Kwao, we learn new things and get to make choices what direction we want to go. It’s not actually self improvement it is self discovery.

  3. wow you have such a jam packed blog here david, thank you

  4. Yes, David, I think success is different for different people at different stages of their life. I also believe that we come into this life with a plan that if we fulfil it, we will have a successful life: be it money, family, relationships. and our actual feeling of whether we have succeeded is deeply internal, not external, and not always dependent on what others see in us.

  5. Focusing on what you want, and not what you want will help pave the way to success! It helps eliminate the unimportant things!

  6. Kenneth J Sandstrom says:

    Funny how most people base success on how much crap they have or how much money they make, and never realize it all starts within their own mindset. Great article Dave!

  7. Yes! Success is becoming who you truly are. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Fantastic post!

  9. Success is really a touchy subject, It means something different to everyone that comes across it, but no one can really define it. Thanks for this post.

  10. i think success is doing what you want when you wanrt

  11. I like Earl Nightingale’s definition of success “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal” Success is never ending and never “achieved”. It is chased but in the chase and in getting closer to your ideal IS the success.

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