Know The Game You Are In

Know the game you are in

One of my mentors taught me a key phrase to making a decision about business. Know the game you are in. What do you want? Simple question but yet so difficult for most people to answer.

If you don’t know what you want how will you know when you get it? Ask questions so you can understand what you are getting into. There is lots of opportunity available today and every market has a different way of working.

Traditional business operates a certain way, online marketing has a variety of ways it works depending on what you choose, franchising has its rules and network marketing has its way of operating. The core fundamentals of a GOOD business are the same. Offer great customer service, give good value, serve people and always be ethical.

Once you figure out the game you are in then one other simple rule applies, work more on yourself than your business.

Know The Game

Know The Game

Understanding traditional network marketing

One of the biggest trends in business today is becoming an entrepreneur. The challenge is trying to find what resonates with you.

There is more opportunity available then ever before. One business model that is attracting lots of people is network marketing. The start up costs are very low. The product is created for you. The administration and distribution is all done for you. The marketing materials are all created for you.

You are responsible for promotion and marketing of the opportunity and as you build your network or team, you are responsible for training your team. The bonus is you will have team leaders who will be offering training to your team until you are ready.

One of the most underestimated components of network marketing is the personal development training you get. Personal development is almost never a part of traditional job training and this automatically spills over into your personal life.

Better you = higher quality of relationships = higher quality of life. If you are looking for an amazing opportunity to create your freedom then click the link now.

Traditional jobs – cold hard facts

When you have a job someone else puts a value on your work. Which means they are building their dreams on your efforts.

Jobs are competitive by nature and the higher you want to go the less positions available so you are fighting with many others to get ahead. A job usually has a pay limit which this dictates where you live, what kind of house you live in, what kind of car you drive and when and where you can vacation.

Only one person gets to be president with all the perks and advantages.

Typical jobs usually don’t have a supportive encouraging environment. In today’s economy it is all about how much the company can get from you and pay the least amount possible.

You can get fired any time. The company essentially has control over you and your life in all regards. Pension plans are becoming a thing of the past. You really have no security and you have someone telling you what to do all the time.

Know The Game

Know The Game

Jobs versus network marketing

In a job (just over broke) someone decides what you are worth. In network marketing you can give yourself a raise every week if you work hard and smart. In a job you work and you get paid once for that work. In network marketing when you build a team or network then you get paid over and over producing what is called residual income. In a job only one person can reach the top. In network marketing anyone can (if you do the work) reach the top of the compensation plan.

In a job someone else sets your schedule when you go to work, go home and go on vacations. In network marketing you set your schedule and you go on vacation when you want. In a job you can get fired any time.

In network marketing you are the CEO of your business. You compete in a job. In network marketing you are encouraged and supported to succeed because the more people that reach the top the more successful everyone is.

In a job most people don’t help each other to get ahead so you are competing against each other. In network marketing the philosophy of Zig Ziglar is applied, “If you help enough other people get what they want, you can get what you want.” Job is you. Network marketing is T.E.A.M. (together everyone achieves more)

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Know The Game

Know The Game

The world is changing – are YOU?

The world is shifting and the trend for the future clearly is towards entrepreneurship. Your future can be a great place to be if you put yourself in the drivers seat. Job security is a thing of the past, in case you have not waken up to that reality.

The government is not going to take care of you. They are broke and in debt too. I know it’s a scary alternative for most people to face. The sooner you realize that this is everyone’s new reality the better.

The entrepreneur trend is not going to slow down because companies are outsourcing and downsizing faster and faster. Ask yourself a question, “Do you want your future in someone’s hands who really doesn’t care about YOU, or in your hands?”  Once you make the decision and move forward you will be asking yourself, “Why you didn’t do this sooner?”

The new world order of things is about learning, growing and adapting and an entrepreneur can do this faster than most big companies.

Where do you begin?

I made the decision 35 years ago to be my own boss and take responsibility for my own life. It started with a decision. Then I committed to the process of learning.

Commit to the process and get started now. There is no perfect moment and trust me , things will never be perfect, so stop waiting.

Accept the fact that you will make mistakes, it proves that you are human. Surround yourself with people who are on the same path as you.

Instead of competing you create. Create a better you to live your life by design instead of default. What happens if you fail, so what, everyone who has succeeded has failed. Move on.

Be prepared to put in the work because if you are looking for the winning lottery ticket to make your life grand, stop it. There is no push this button and fill up my bank account.

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It’s a franchise style done for you business model in a community of people with an abundant mindset who are ready to serve you. 1000’s have already changed their lives with this system, why not YOU?

Is network marketing a legitimate business. Look at the numbers on the image below. Time for you to get started now.

Know The Game

Know The Game


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