Lessons From The Shark Tank

Do you feel like a minnow swimming in The Shark Tank?

Great business ideas are a dime a dozen unless they are backed up with a solid plan of action to achieve them.

The very popular TV show The Shark Tank is a prime example of the countless number of entrepreneurs who have put together an idea and present it in front of some of the most astute business minds, The Shark Tank panel.

The Shark Tank panel is a group of venture capitalists who look at these great business ideas and either decide that they want to invest into them or advise the entrepreneurs that they need to do more work or to give up on their dream.

It’s very intimidating for these aspiring entrepreneur novices to be sitting in front of some of the sharpest business minds who are hungry for profits.

It takes a lot of courage on the entrepreneur’s part to put together their presentation and do it on a television program.

The Shark Tank

The Shark Tank

How to create a winning idea for The Shark Tank

The Shark Tank is a great watch for budding entrepreneurs because it gives you a real sense of what the market place is looking for.

It also gives you an idea of what it takes to put together a business. You can easily see the entrepreneurs that go on the show that are totally unprepared and don’t know the game they are in.

It’s literally like a minnow up against a shark, you will get eaten alive.

You first start with a concept, then you go to a plan of action on how you will take that product/service to market with production, distribution, marketing and the all critical element of financing.

There is a lot of preparation that is required to get through all these steps especially when you consider that most people start off with limited experience in any one of these areas.

This is the real world of business on any scale and if you don’t have a well prepared market strategy you will fail hard and fast.

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Entrepreneurship is the future of business

The corporate landscape has been drastically altered over the last 10 years and the reality of this new era was  never more clear when the global economy went spiralling out of control in 2007.

The down side is that lots of people lost their jobs and the up side is that lots of people lost their jobs.

I say it was also the up side because the reality was always that jobs are a false sense of security.

Reality dictates that if the company is going down, it’s not the captain that gets thrown overboard first. It’s the employees in an attempt to save the business.

This makes entrepreneurship a more viable option because you get to become the CEO of both your company and your life.

Home based business is one of the fastest growing trends and if anyone does not believe that you can start a global company out of your home office or garage all you have to do is read the stories of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

Regardless of whether you are going to be presenting your great business ideas on The Shark Tank or not you still have to go through the same processes to be successful.

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Entrepreneurship has opened the doors for thousands of people who have been tossed out the door by corporations and the results speak volumes.

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The Shark Tank

The Shark Tank

Angel investors and the new global economy

I would like to clarify the distinction between angel investors and venture capital. The Shark Tank if you observe it closely will enlighten you to the hard core business world if you want to swim with the sharks. It clearly shows that you need to understand the game you are in.

Business Angel Investor

  • An individual investor
  • May be willing to invest in early-stage or start-up businesses, as well as established companies
  • Investment amounts: Usually range from $10,000.00 -$250,000.00
  • Have experience and contacts to contribute
  • May be willing to be “hands-off” or “hands-on” adding important skills

Venture Capital

  • A company or business rather than an individual
  • Seldom interested in early-stage, unless compelling reasons ( successful founders with a good track record)
  • Investment amounts: Usually $1,000,000.00 and up
  • Have connections in production, marketing and distribution
  • Require seat on board ( to insure the decision making process is on track)
The Shark Tank

The Shark Tank

Do you have the right market strategy?

If you were standing in front of The Shark Tank panel what would you be saying?

One thing that rings loud and clear is “know your numbers”. “Know your target market” . “Have an effective market strategy to reach your targeted audience”.

One of the attributes that shines is “Enthusiasm“about what you are doing. After all this is like your baby that you created from scratch.

You have to show that you are committed. You need a solid business plan. You need to have a tracking system for your results. You need to know how you will scale your business up as it grows, because you are planning on growth, right!

Lots of business owners get their business off the ground and BOOM, it takes off and they have no idea how to handle the growth.

You have to know how to form what Andrew Carnegie referred to as a “Mastermind”.  Andrew Carnegie was one of the richest men in the world in the early nineteen hundreds and he made his vast fortune from steel, all the while knowing next to nothing about steel.

He was a master at putting the right people together to do the right thing the right way.

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The Shark Tank

The Shark Tank


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