Listening for Success

Knowing How to Listen is Critical for Success

Are you a good listener? Listening for success sounds like such a simple thing to do. After all, you are all born with two ears and one mouth. You would think it would be twice as easy. Unfortunately it does not work like that. If you take the letters in the word listen and re arrange them you get silent. Listening is not just waiting for your turn to talk, which is far too common in both the personal and professional world. Listening is often confused with hearing and it clearly is not the same thing. Hearing what people are saying and actually understanding what they are saying is different.

Listening For Success

The World of Listening is All About Caring

A good listener cares. In the business world if you actually take the time to ask questions and you genuinely want to resolve the persons problem, then you will become a great listener. Everyone’s favourite subject is themselves. A psychologist did an experiment one time by getting on a plane in New York and flying to L.A. The whole time he asked questions about the other person sitting beside him and never even spoke about himself. When they landed in L.A.another psychologist posing as an airline employee doing a survey asked the passenger “How was the flight?” The passenger said that flight went by very quickly and he said he met the most interesting person on the flight. 

Listening For Success

If You Want To Achieve Success be Interested in Others

If you are an authentic person then caring usually comes natural. Asking people questions will get them to reveal what it is they like or want or need. Most conversations going on between people are like taking a number to see whose turn it is to talk. Did you ever notice that when someone is telling a story about something that happened to them, other people involved will be biting their lip to share their story about something that happened to them.Sound familiar? It’s not about waiting for your turn to talk. Be interesting by being interested, in them. 

Mastering Listening is a Real Gift

According to expert business coach Steve Shapiro, there are 4 phases of listening to master it. This can apply in the personal world as in parenting or personal relationships  and also in the sales, marketing and corporate side of things. The first step is to attend to what is being said. The second step is to acknowledge what the other person has said. The third step is to clarify exactly what they said. Step 4 is to respond to what they said. Imagine if everyone took the time to do these 4 steps, then everyone would be a more effective communicator, all arising out of the listening process. Most people are so anxious too talk that they never take a moment to understand what they are replying too. This leads to ineffective communication.

Listening For Success


 Slow Down and Listen For Success

The world has designed technology to go at warp speed so that we can do more in less time. In between all that technology are humans with emotions, cares, worries, concerns and problems. Taking the time to ask questions is a true art that will get to the root of what people are thinking and feeling.Remember when it comes to buying, people make emotional decisions and rationalize it with logic afterwards. If a child feels that the parent loves and cares for them they will tell you more than if are you showing them that you are waiting to decide which punishment is more appropriate. Kids figure this out very quickly because everyone has a pattern. Same thing applies in business, ask questions to get to the root of what they want and need. It’s not a race.

You Will Get More Results From Listening

I’m sure you have all heard the expression that “People who listen care, and people who care, listen.” Part of the quality in your life comes from great experiences and great experiences come in those moments when we feel more connected with others. Your customers want to connect with you and this connection is what will separate you from the competition. A good experience yields loyalty and a bad experience will get you out of business because when there is no connection, you will discover quickly that you are not the only one offering that product or service. 

Success is yours to discover….imagine!


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