Live purposely and get out of your own way

To live purposely is to follow your passion…

Are you in control of your life or do you find yourself scattered all over the place? If you are not living purposely and intentional then you might want to do an evaluation to shift this?Living purposely means that you have defined your passion and you are living life on your terms.It is interesting to note that usually the biggest obstacle in everyone’s way is themselves. Do you know how to live purposely and get out of your own way to achieve your dreams?If you are like everyone else you will likely have to do some serious digging into your inner self and discover what is holding you back. It’s kind of like peeling layers of an onion until you get to the core. You may not like what you see when you get there.Now the real work begins.



Living purposely is by design not default…

What do you want? This is a must for you to know if you are to live purposely.Let’s use a metaphor of you as a pilot for a plane. You will be doing a flight plan and safety check  before you proceed on your way.Kind of like your life plan,you would want to map out your goals or destination before taking off.Like life the plane interestingly takes off in a different direction than the flight plan destination.Even if you are living your life purposely you will experience turbulence like the pilot on his journey.Turbulence in your life can be represented by illness,family tragedy,loss of career or relationship problems.All of this puts you off course just like turbulence in the plane. Did you know that planes are off course 85% of the time? How do you end up at your destination?



Living life purposely takes persistence and focus…

You have many factors that play into you going off course.One of the biggest elements is fear.Overcoming fear is a challenge that everyone faces,but if you expect to live any kind of life you need to have the courage to face your fear.Imagine that you as the pilot encounter severe storms for the first time, this will certainly put you to the test as the gusts of wind,lightning and turbulence  rock you in the air.You need to settle the fear within you and have the confidence  that you will prevail.Fear can feel like a double edged sword because generally you have both spectrums, the fear of failure and the fear of success.How ironic is that? Fear can make you suddenly courageous or it can paralyze you.Imagine you are about to go on stage and sing before a huge crowd for the first time.If you want to live life purposely you will find the courage to do it.

Paul Potts video…. Britain’s got talent.This takes courage.What would you do.

How do you get back on track to live life purposely….

Like the pilot in the plane there are so many things that throw your life off course on a continuous basis.Your stability will come from your core beliefs you live by.Most of you have experienced turbulent times in your life and some of you were successful in getting back on course and of course some of you crashed.What’s the real difference between the two?Most of you have been told what to do since you were a child.When anything occurs for a longtime in your life it becomes habit forming and it takes a tremendous amount of courage and persistence to overcome  it.Habits are ingrained in your subconscious and you act accordingly until you dig into the inner layers of your core self. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from or what your upbringing is.Anyone can live purposely if you choose.The world has far too many examples of people who have overcome what appears to be insurmountable odds for you to have any excuses.Watch the next video and see what is possible.

Susan Boyle …rocks Britain’s got talent…would you have believed in her based on her appearance…

Get out of your own way and live your life purposely…

You have no excuses to not live your life to the max, purposely.If you have a dream and you believe in that dream then you need to get clear about what do you want,get focused and get busy. Will you fall down and get knocked around on your journey to achieve your dreams.Yes you will.Everyone does.A life of mediocrity and regret will be hard to bear when you reach the twilight of your life.If you need help to be successful?If you are looking for support and encouragement to become the best you possible?If you have the heart and passion that combined with the right guidance would allow you to fulfill your dreams,what would you do? Click the link below and watch the FREE video and see what is possible.You are one click away from success.Click the link,Now!




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