Living in the shadow of David Thompson

David Thompson and the historical roots of the name

The background of the name Thompson originally comes from it’s roots of Campbell of Argyll and having the name David Thompson certainly takes me back to my celtic roots. In the main,the history of the Thompson family or the Thomsons- or MacThomas-(meaning son of Thomas)- is that of the history of one of Scotland’s most powerful clans,Clan Campbell of Argyll. The surname Campbell is derived from the Gaelic “cam-beul”, meaning twisted mouth.It is one of the oldest names in the highlands.The motto of this clan is Ne Obliviscaris (latin for “Forget Not”). The gaelic name is Caimbeul-“Twisted Mouth”. The symbolic plant is the wild myrtle. The clan crest or coat of arms is a boars head. Looking back in search of your ancestors is fascinating because you discover the long line of history that has taken place before you today.The septs or surnames that has come from Campbell of Argyll to the common names we know today is extensive. The roots run deep into who we are today.

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Following in the footsteps of David Thompson

It was interesting to research and find that so many famous people named David Thompson had lived before me. When you  do a family search on your name you discover many things about the roots which you came from.There is a long line of history associated with the name David Thompson. One of the first was  David Thompson the British-Canadian fur trader,surveyor and map maker. Over his career he mapped over 3.9 million square km of North America which earned him the title of greatest land geographer who ever lived.David Thompson also navigated his way for the entire length of the Columbia River in 1811 which is significant because he mapped the Columbia River and it’s tributaries which shows modern political boundaries.Imagine in the 1700’s he traveled over 90,000 km working as  mapmaker.

David ThompsonOther notables who have carried on the legend, David Thompson basketball player

Looking at more modern day you will find one of the legends of basketball fame is David Thompson. He played basketball for North Carolina State and during the 1973 season he led NC State to an undefeated season. In 1974 during the championships David Thompson led NC State over the dominating UCLA Bruins who were coached by the legendary John Wooden.March madness live (NCAA championships)is one of the prime NCAA  sports events watched by millions today.David Thompson was later inducted into the sports hall of fame.

David Thomson is one of the world’s richest men….

David Thomson is a Canadian media magnate and the son of Kenneth Thomson who had built up a substantial business empire in Canada. David Thomson is a billionaire who has an estimated fortune of over $22 Billion.

Living in the shadow of legends with the name David Thompson….

It is actually fascinating to trace back my family roots to find that so many people have accomplished so much. The surnames Thomson, MacThomas,Thompson, Thomas and many more are derivatives of the Campbell Clan of Argyll. The Campbell’s became pillars of the arts,politics,business and the military throughout the English speaking world,respected as leaders in all fields.We all have so much history associated with our name.The name Thompson is steeped in Scottish history. Living up to the legends with the name David Thompson is a challenge and one that I certainly embrace.Genealogy is the fascinating science of tracing back your roots and you will discover many interesting facts about where your ancestors originated from. I recommend that you seek out your history and discover your family tree.



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