Love and the power of forgiveness.

Understanding the gift of forgiveness….

Forgiveness is a true gift that can give you inner freedom.Have you ever been hurt?Have you ever experienced anger with someone who has done bad things to you?It is important for you to understand the power of forgiveness because any ill feelings that you drag around will not serve you.You will have bad things happen in your life and how you deal with it will determine the quality of your life and relationships.Do you know people who drag their baggage with them every step they take through life?It is all too common for people to hang on to old feelings instead of having forgiveness for those who inflicted pain upon them.Forgiveness is really love transferred into acceptance and surrendering the feeling.



Forgiveness is one of life’s keys to success….

The burden of caring around pain,anger and hatred for others robs you of living a quality life.You hanging on to pain and suffering will actually harm you spiritually,emotionally and physically.Forgiveness allows you to release the ill feelings and thus producing calm and peace within you.Anger and pain will cause you to produce cortisol which can become toxic to your body if produced in excess.You need to understand that if someone hurts you once then you have a choice,make yourself suffer for a long time or let it go.The act of forgiveness is about how to forgive yourself and how to forgive someone else.Hanging on would be like you punishing yourself.Forgiveness and letting go are two of the hardest things you will learn.We live in a world that conditions us to hang on to everything and when you internalize things it causes you harm.



Letting go of the past….

Sometimes it can be a real challenge to come to terms with what we have internalized and are carrying around inside us.The things that have traumatized you very often get buried in the subconscious mind and when a similar sound,action or touch happens it triggers a reaction.The key is to create a higher level of awareness and this becomes the first step to resolving the issue.Wayne Dyer, one of the world’s great self help guru’s talks about sending love even to those that are trying to hurt you.You have to remember that everyone has  had stuff go on in their life that they did not know how to process properly and they subconsciously take it out on other’s.Forgiveness can actually neutralize pain and suffering because it is a higher vibration.I have studied several cultures and it is interesting to find that Asians do not internalize as much as people from North America.North Americans are more likely to become bitter and hang on  instead of forgiving the actions of others.



Forgiveness serves your greater good….

In order to have peace in your life you will need to come to terms with all things in your past.It is important and wise to forgive and forget.I’m sure you are saying that sometimes it is easier said then done.How to let go of your past is a challenge that many people are faced with.Ask yourself a question.If you hang on to all that stuff will it serve you or harm you more?Is forgiveness a sign of strength or weakness?Your relationships will improve if you embrace forgiveness and letting go.The fact is that when you hang on to ill feelings you give them power instead of you.Love is the most powerful emotion in the world and forgiveness is a result of having love within.You will understand from experience that negative emotions make you weaker and more vulnerable to more pain.

The question is what are you going to do?

Are you going to ruin the relationships that come along in your life or are you going to be the bigger person and have forgiveness for others?If you cut yourself you would put a band aid on it to help it heal.It is your first reaction to prevent any more bleeding and harm to you.Then why not have the same reaction when someone hurts you inside.It does not matter whether it is intentional or not because you need to forgive and forget.It might seem difficult at first but like an exercise that is practiced often you get stronger.Pay attention to your inner health as well as your outer health and you will have a life filled with more harmony and balance.Learn the power of forgiveness.




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