Make A Difference – It Matters

Do you have the right attitude?

How do you look at things? Are you part of the world or are you just in it? Having the right attitude can make all the difference in your life and to others around you.

Life happens to everyone in different ways so what it really comes down to is not what happens but how you deal with what happens.

A good attitude helps you to keep the balancing act between your emotions. How to make a difference is realizing and accepting that we are are all one with the world and that we have to do our part big and small to make it a better place now and for future generations.

If you think that all the things going on outside your life are not going to impact you, then you are looking at the world as everything being separate. Having an attitude of gratitude for everything in your life is the right focus.

Make A Difference

Make A Difference

Putting it all in perspective…

How to make a difference is also a lot to do with having the right perspective. Very often when things happen to us it seems like the biggest thing ever and how will we ever get through it.

Let me use the flat tire scenario for keeping your perspective. Your driving along in your car one day and then all of a sudden you have a flat tire. Now your whole day is ruined, or so you think, and you get frustrated having to deal with such an awful event. On that day the flat tire seems like a big event.

Fast forward a week, the flat tire was bad but it is fading in your thoughts. Fast forward a month. You barely even remember it. Fast forward a year and it is forgotten and fast forward a lifetime and it is not even on the scale.

If you were to take the lifetime scenario and put that perspective in your mind when it happened then it would have little impact. Take the flat tire and replace it with most of life’s other events and it is very insignificant in the greater scheme of things.

Putting it all in perspective changes everything.

Focus on what you can do about it

Did you ever see things happening around you and you instantly started complaining about it. You can either whine and complain about things and how they are not right or you can look at the positive aspect of what can you do about it.

How to make a difference really starts with you and how you think. Your thoughts become words. Who do you know that likes to hear you or anyone else complaining about things all the time? Probably no one I’m guessing. Do you know anyone like this?

Here is an example from my own life about what you create from what you focus on. I lived in an area of the city that had lots of beautiful parks and walking and bike trails. I would go for walks with my dogs in summer and almost everyday there was piles of garbage strewn all over the path, sometimes right next to a garbage can.

I would start to mutter under my breath about those inconsiderate so and so’s. I did this everyday for about a month and then one day I stopped and asked myself, what good is all my complaining? It will change nothing.

So, I asked myself what could I do to change it. I made a decision to STOP complaining and I made a pact with myself to pick up 3 pieces of garbage on every walk and I would be grateful that I could contribute to making it clean.

So, every day I picked up 3 pieces on every walk. Small, right. I thought to myself what if every person picked up 3 little pieces of garbage, and no whining and complaining of this is not my job, I didn’t do this.

All of a sudden I was happy to do it and one day one person came up to me after seeing me do this and said thank you. Then another and another.

I changed my attitude and perspective and it changed me.

How To Make A Difference
How To Make A Difference

You get what you give

There really is no something for nothing in life. We live in a world that separates everything. We separate our personal lives from our business/professional lives. We separate all the areas of our life: health, wealth, relationships, spirituality/beliefs. In reality everything is connected.

Your life is like a bank where you make investments. The more you put in the more you get out. How to make a difference is to immerse yourself into giving as much as you can of yourself. Be the best version of you that is possible regardless of what you do.

Be the best mother or father, the best son or daughter. Spend the time to improve who you are and what you do. It’s your bank account of life. Put nothing in and you get nothing back. It starts with you. Don’t expect others to do your deposits and you do only the withdrawals.

To have the best life possible you have to give 100% of yourself, all the time!

How To Make A Difference

How To Make A Difference

Apply the Pareto Principle otherwise known as the 80/20 rule

What happens when most people have a problem? They focus on the problem. Usually the problem has happened because of certain choices or decisions.

How to make a difference is to look at from a different angle. You know the problem is there. Shift your focus to the SOLUTION. The Pareto Principle is the 80/20 rule so you shift your mind to 80% on the solution and only 20% on the problem. This shifts your mind to find a solution.

What happens to you when you think about a problem with 100% effort and attention. Exactly, it never goes away. Amazing how quickly you come up with solutions when you focus on the solution. This applies in area of your life.

Become part of the solution instead of being a continuing part of the problem. Think of the 80/20 rule next time you have a problem you need to solve.

Nothing changes until something changes!

If you do nothing then that is exactly what will change, nothing! Actions are preceded by thoughts and thoughts become things. Everything we see in the world has first been conceived in the mind.

If you really want to make a conscious effort in knowing how to make a difference then change how you think and feel.

Here is a quote by Wayne Dyer who is one of the most prominent self help/personal development influencers in the world. Read this carefully and take it to heart and you will know how to make a difference in your life and in others lives.

How To Make A Difference

How To Make A Difference


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