Manifesting Your Life With The Power of Intention

Live a dream life with the power of intention…

Do you believe that the power of intention would help you live a better life? Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? What’s the difference between power of intention and goal setting?Are you wandering aimlessly around through life or do you have focus and the power of intention inspiring your actions? Most people unfortunately wake up each day and operate their life on autopilot instead of applying a powerful force known as the power of intention.

Living a life purposely will allow you to discover your potential and have a more fulfilling life. The power of intention is essentially having a strong purpose or aim,accompanied by a fierce determination to produce a desired result.

power of intention


Conceive,believe,achieve with the power of intention…

If you are one who subscribes to the theory that  everything happens for a reason, then the power of intention will be what I refer to as uncommon sense.All things are first imagined in the mind of man before they are ever created. If thoughts are things,then would it not make perfect sense that if you had the power of intention implanted in your mind before you did anything that whatever you wanted would happen.

The law of attraction is very similar to intents and purposes. You focus on a specific outcome of what you want. It is interesting that your mind will align with your intent to manifest this outcome.A simple test is to ask yourself if you ever wanted something very much and you just believed that it would happen. Throughout this process a series of  events happened, that sometimes defy logic to make your outcome a realization.What might seem like magic is your strong desire and intention working to make it happen.

power of intention


The power of intention meaning….

According to the famous author Carlos Castaneda….”In the universe there is an immeasurable,indescribable which shamans call intent,and absolutely everything that exists in the entire cosmos is attached to intent by a connecting link.” Do you see the power in having  the intention to have the commitment and dedication to accomplish anything you set your mind to?

Look at any successful person and you will find people with passion and absolute knowing that they will succeed.For all intents and purposes this is what they believed would happen from the outset of their journey to success.Everyone has this same possibility within them.What is your intention?

What intentions are guiding you?

Here is an example of the power of intention? A Russian scientist Dr. Konstantin Korotkov was studying the lifeforce in plants. Several experiments concluded that with the mental imaging  for intents and purposes of someone wanting to harm the plants, energy levels were detected to drop and when these same intentions were to nurture the plants the energy levels measured raised .

Now, remember this was based on only the intentions or thoughts  of people, not actions. The plants reacted to the force of thought or intention. This clearly shows one example of the power of intention being measured.This scientific data would certainly validate the definition of intention according to Carlos Castaneda. Imagine if you were to apply the power of intention to all areas of your life.

power of intention


The power of intention is a gift…..

How you apply this gift is your choice. If this is true that the power of intention is an immeasurable force, imagine how you could change your life,NOW. Whatever actions you take,set your intention first.Whatever thoughts you are thinking,set your intentions for the outcome first.

Do an experiment, each day for the next 30 days mind map out the intentions of what you want to accomplish.Set specific intentions to generate the outcome you desire.Apply this intention to every single thing you do.Create your intention first and let the fun begin.Create your destiny by intentionally planing out what you expect to happen and watch it show up.

Does this power of intention work for business?

This force that you will tap into knows no limits.It is your choices and desires to create specific intentions and how you will apply these.You might discover that this is a common practice for people who achieve success. Some may not understand it but they have a clear vision of what they want and their intention is for it to happen.

Success is a path or journey for people who have the intention to achieve.You need to get absolute clarity on what it is you want and create the intention to accomplish this.If you talk to many successful people you will discover that they work more with the “Why” then the how. Working with the force of intention is something you want to grasp because there is no limitation to what you can do.Anything is possible?

Thomas Edison intended to discover light. Henry Ford intended to build cars.Steve Jobs intended to shift people with innovative technology. What will you intend to do> If you want to understand how to apply the dynamic of intention to your business then click the link below and watch the free video. Click the image below now.I will see you on the inside.

Power of Intention

Power of Intention


Success is yours to discover…imagine!


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