Marketing Plan= Good Marketing Scents

Do you have good marketing scents?

Do you understand the game you are in? Do you have a marketing plan or are you just winging it?

There is so much noise out there today both in the offline world and the digital world. This is causing people or your potential customers to turn up their selective hearing modules to high.

No one likes to be sold to but people like to buy. Sounds like an oxymoron but most consumers have a negative view of sales people ( and lots of this view is warranted) but they love to shop for new stuff.

Does your marketing plan separate you from that loud crowd?

Playing the winning hand with your marketing plan

By having a marketing plan you will already be far ahead of most small to medium businesses. It all starts with identifying your target market. Are you B2B or B2C Who is your customer and where do they go to look for your product or service? What are their needs or what are their problems they have and what solutions can you provide.

One of the unique things that is wreaking havoc on many marketing plans now is the number of generations in the marketplace. There are 5 generations for you to capture the interest of.

20 years ago everybody focused on the baby boomers as they controlled the vast majority of the wealth. Times have certainly changed.

There are 3 basic questions that run through the mind of the average POTENTIAL consumer.

1) Who are You?

2) Why should I care?

3) What are you going to do for me?

Marketing Scents

Marketing Scents

An effective marketing strategy builds relationships

One question you need to ask yourself, “As a business are you focused on being a transactional marketer (b2c) or a relationship marketer. There is a distinct difference.

If its transactions you are after then it becomes all about profit. You look at your customers with dollar $$ in your eyes.

Relationship marketers understand there is a delayed gratification while you create value before the sale, during the sale and after the sale. As a business owner you are looking at the business as long term so this means that everyone who ever comes in contact with the customer is part of the process.

Most products have a very short look-buy process. Its what happens after the sale that normally makes all the difference. You need to understand your business model to know what marketing plan is best suited for you.

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Good marketing scents means you know where you are going…

Are you blending in or standing out? What separates you from the maddening crowd? A good business strategy is to be different in the way you show up.

Typically you get lots of junk mail at your business or home. Same old boring brochures or direct mail pieces. What do you do with them? File 13 – the garbage can.

As a business strategy you might send out 10,000 direct mail pieces and hope for a 1-2% response. You go to trade shows and the sales people stuff their card and a brochure into your bag and away you go. Maybe they have a free draw to put your name and email on. Boring!

What about if you were enthusiastic? That’s different. What about if you created a shock and awe package that made your competitors eat dust? This is an extensive informative sales letter, DVD,   ( that talks about your product, ways people use it, benefits of it) , sample (if applicable) and a time limited promotion.


Marketing Scents

Marketing Scents

Marketing Scents -Don’t be confused about this…

People don’t buy your product, they buy what the product will do for them. Don’t make the mistake about making your marketing strategy about the product or about you.

If you have to mention the product talk about benefits not features. Features puts them to sleep.

Its always about them, not you. There is nothing more boring then you standing there telling your potential customer how great you are and how you have the world’s best product.

How will it solve their problem! Simple!

Analytics, analytics, analytics

A great business strategy uses analytics to look at your current customer base and your market and do an evaluation.

How much does it cost to acquire a customer?

What is the prospective lifetime value of a customer?

How much does it cost you to keep an existing customer?

Too often the audience right in front of your nose is ignored. Upselling an existing customer, provided they have a good buying experience, is easier because they now know you and have given you the green light by whipping out their credit card.

If you are a transactional marketer you need to ask yourself – are you leaving money on the table because you have a mindset of making as much money as you can as fast as you can?

The key is you need to track and measure all the data or you will render useless a good business plan.

There are lots of great tools and software out there to attach to your sales letters and processes.

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Business Strategy

Business Strategy

Why Transactional Marketing -Why Relationship Marketing?

With a little effort by design in your business plan you can build relationships and the lifetime value of your customer could be infinite.(membership sites, new product launches)

What do people do when they have a good experience? Exactly, they tell others. Studies have shown that you tell a minimum of 3 others if you have had a good experience. You tell a minimum 10 others if you had a bad experience . Wow, negative news travels a lot more.

One grows your business exponentially and the other can kill it. Especially, if you consider that almost everyone has a network today on some form of social media. Ask yourself a simple question… Have you ever gone to see a movie, go to a restaurant or buy a car based on the advice of a friend.

Word of mouth is the King of the Hill and makes perfect marketing scents.

Marketing Strategy or Wild West Show?

Do you have a strategic marketing plan or are you just shooting stuff out there like a cowboy in the wild west movies. Good marketing scents is having a business plan and being able to measure the results of that plan. Otherwise you will be wasting valuable $$$ on your marketing.

A good marketing strategy is constantly evolving test of what works and what doesn’t. You also need the marketing scents to discard what’s not working and continue tweaking what is.

One of the new power words in business today is adaptation.

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Marketing Scents

Marketing Scents


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