Marketing Secrets Of A Blog Business

Blog Business is becoming a massive trend…

Do you have a blog business?

Do you want to have a blog business?

Thousands of people every month are joining the ranks and starting their own little blog business.

I guess one of the first questions you might want to ask yourself, “Do you want a blog business that is profitable or do you want to blog just for fun?”

Blogging can be a serious business if you do it right but it can also consume a great deal of your time with little or no reward!

Every business model has a strategy and a system of how to do it right.

There are a few key components to getting it right .

Otherwise you will just be one of the countless many websites that gets lost in cyberspace.

As of Sept. 17/ 2014 there were over 1 billion websites online. That’s BILLION!

I’m going to outline a few of the simple ways you can leap into the front of the pack… but prepare yourself for a marathon not a sprint.

Blog Business

Blog Business

How to build a successful blog

There are few different strategies you can apply but in this post I will be talking about the simplest way.

Before you design your blog or even pick your theme you need to go through a few questions.

If you are blogging for fun and really don’t care if you make money blogging or if anyone reads your stuff then these details don’t apply to you.

If you want to know how to build a successful blog you ask yourself,

“What is the purpose of your blog?”

“What are you passionate about?”

“What problem can you solve for others?”

“What information can you share that would help educate your followers?”

“What is the niche that you want to target?”

Now that you have identified these few things you want to do a little research on your niche.

What are the keywords related to your niche that people would type in to Google to get information?

How many people are doing these searches daily? (you can use Google’s keyword search tool for FREE)

Take a look at some of your competitors sites and see what they are doing and and how they are doing it.

How to build a successful blog is based on two fundamentals.

1) How you can serve people value.

2) How can you solve a problem for them.

Are You Using Video Marketing To Get More Leads?


The secret to a successful blog business is that there is no secret

Do you want to make a lot of money?

Most people answer yes.

It is very simple.

I can’t emphasize enough to serve people lots of value, solve their problems and build relationships.

Transactional marketers look for the easy button to push to fill up their bank account.

Make your maketing blog about building long term relationships.

Blog Business

Blog Business

Successful strategies for your marketing blog

You have selected your niche, you have done your marketing research and now you are ready to fire up your blog with content.

Your content is like gold to your followers.

In your keyword search that you will do before every blog post you want to look at a primary keyword that you put in your title.

Make sure that you select keywords that you will not be overpowered with by the competition.

Select keywords with 2000 or less searches per month.

Also look at the low, medium or high competition rank in the Google keyword search tool if you are going to do PPC campaigns (pay per click).

Use images and videos in your posts because images, pictures and videos are more attractive to people now and it helps you get more recognition in Google’s eyes.

Make sure you link back to your site when you embed the images or to another related blog post you have done.

Videos are 80+% of all internet views now so use them often.

If you use your own videos this is even better. You don’t have to be a pro to shoot a video.

Start with your smartphone which is all HD cameras now.

Keep your videos short. (especially your first videos)

3 minutes or under.

You can shoot a short video and mention 2-3 bullet points from a specific blog post and link to your post.

Post your videos to your FREE Youtube account and these will get pushed out to your Google+.

Set up your social media networks, especially a Facebook business page.

Upload your videos directly to Facebook not from Youtube.

Youtube videos get pushed to the bottom of searches on Facebook.

Connect to social media accounts from your marketing blog and post to them each time you publish. Social interaction will get you a lot of eyeballs on your blog.

Are you struggling to get more traffic, leads and conversions in your blog business?

If you had the right tools, system, training and support do you think you could succeed?

Click the link and learn where you can get elite internet marketing training and education to kickstart your business.

Blog Business

Blog Business

Are you looking for more business blog ideas?

There are thousands of niches that you can find to serve other people.

Take a look at the health industry.

Diet products alone are over $80 Billion.

Gardening is big business. he pet industry is a huge market.

With a little research you will find many profitable business blog ideas that you can fit into.

Maybe your a stay at home Mom or you want to be.

What challenges do other Mothers go through on a daily basis?

Mom’s are great networkers and they are miracle workers at juggling all the tasks regarding family, work and the home.

Just imagine if you come up with some great business blog ideas to help other Mom’s and you get to stay at home doing what you love.

Spend quality time with your family (although I know you will miss that fun commute to work 🙂 .

When you look at the tax advantages from running a home based business because that is what running your blog business is, you don’t have to make as much as your J.O.B.(just over broke) because you get tax write offs.

Lots of them.

You need to consult with your local accountant to determine what you are eligible for.

Are you starting to realize the possibilities from having your own blog business?

Now, you could try to figure it all out by yourself, or you could work with a team of experts in all areas of internet marketing to accelerate your success.

Your choice!

Click the link now and claim your free membership.

Blog Business

Blog Business


David Thompson

Success is yours to discover…imagine!

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    Blogging is definitely the tool to expand any type of business and is very effective if done right! Thanks for sharing!

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