Network Marketing – Perfect Business Model?

Network Marketing a scam or is this a real business model…

I’m sure there a lot of you who have heard about this thing called network marketing. Maybe someone has even approached you to join them in a business that uses network marketing as it’s mode of operation.

Network marketing has been operating as a business model for thousands of years. What are you talking about? If you go back to it’s true origins it is business done by word of mouth.Well, that means that everybody is involved as we all tell others about a business or service we have had a good or bad experience with.

About 60 years ago a company known as Amway filed a business plan to conduct it’s business in a non traditional way. In reality it is a legal distribution and compensation method that is 100% approved by the government.

network marketing

network marketing

Why do you get so confused about network marketing…

Most of you work at traditional jobs where someone has determined what you are worth and you work a set amount of time and that’s the system. Anytime something does not conform to a system you will question it’s validity and in the case of network marketing it was referred to as pyramid selling

There are literally tens of thousands of traditional businesses that operate what appears to be a pyramid. Here is the picture, one president at the top, next level down 2 vice presidents, next level executives, next level managers and last but not least at the bottom you have all the workers. when you draw this out you get a pyramid.

The lower level employees can never make the money that the upper levels can. Essentially the president or owner of the company is using leverage  from your time to make huge profits while you make wages.

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Tim Sales Network Marketing Explained

Is network marketing really the perfect business model….

Let’s take a look at the philosophy of network marketing. If you help enough other people get what they want , you can get what you want. What a novel idea. It is conditional that you help other people.

In traditional business you have to work for how much your told your worth, when your told, how your told and very often you don’t get treated that well. Does this sound like any place you have worked?

In order to be successful in network marketing you need to develop yourself with leadership skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills and business skills. The real advantage is that others have a vested interest in you succeeding so they can succeed. You get training, support, encouragement and something very important missing from almost all jobs, recognition.

Remember, without you, the company where you work does not make money but do they even give you acknowledgement for your valuable contribution.

When I was 18 years old and starting in the workplace, I changed jobs about 5 times over the next 4 years because they treated me like crap and I did not take it. I am fortunate now because this prompted me to go figure something else out and build my own business.

What Is Network Marketing by Robert Kiyosaki

Why does this business model scare so many people…

Let’s go way back to when you were a kid. Your parents told you what to do. Your friends, your teachers, your coaches and then your boss all told you what to do. Don’t think for yourself, don’t dream, work hard and be honest and it will all work out. How’s that plan working for you?

Then someone comes along and says to you that you can have anything and be anything you want. Yeah, sure. What kind of scam is that? You are conditioned to not believe in your potential unless someone else say’s it is alright. People often have a negative view of things they do not understand.

Change is scary to most people. Risk is scary. Stepping out of your comfort zone is down right frightening. Talking in front of people, no way, not you. These are some of the biggest factors why you are scared of network marketing. It’s easier to justify your weaknesses by just saying, oh, is that one of those pyramid scams.

The coaching, mentoring, personal development plan and the commitment to make a great success in network marketing is reason enough why you should take a look and find a company that resonates with you.

One of the amazing under appreciated values in network marketing is the personal development. Almost everyone I have known to apply themselves in network marketing becomes a better person because they work on themselves. Better you, better relationships,better life.

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Reasons you should never join a network marketing business…

If you really don’t like people never join. If you want to have someone tell you what you are worth, when you can take a vacation, where you can live and if you never want to change and grow then don’t ever join a network marketing business.

If you are always negative and find the fault in people stay away from network marketing. If you have commitment issues, if you are not responsible for your actions and you are not a team player then never join a network marketing business.

If you don’t want to improve your life, never join a network marketing opportunity.

Reasons you should join a network marketing business…

Would you like to work from home and set your own schedule? Do you want to be able to give yourself a raise whenever you want?

Do you want to be able to take multiple vacations, and sometimes have someone else pay for them? Do you want to fire your boss? Do you want to work in a positive mindset environment where you get supported and encouraged?

Do you want to learn about the leverage in building a network as Robert Kiyosaki outlined in the video and generate residual income? Have you been looking for a way to step out of your comfort zone?

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Does network marketing really work?

Outside of the internet, network marketing has created more millionaires  than any other industry. Does everyone succeed? No. There is no industry where everyone succeeds because some people just give up. You quit, you lose, at anything.

You have so many different ways to be successful. If you change and grow and have better relationships, this is successful. Being successful is not always about money$$$. Who you become in the journey is very important. Having a positive environment that will support you can make the difference to a better family life.

The potential of financial and time freedom is more likely when you are in control of your destiny and dreams then someone else.

Here is one of the most exciting parts, no matter when you start , you can earn more money than anyone else in the company you join. Can you do that at your job?

If you have an interest in change, are a team player, willing to learn then click on the image below to watch the free video. If this information resonates with you then I look forward to connecting with you and finding out how we can work together to change the future. Click the link NOW. See you on the inside.

Network Marketing

Network Marketing


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