New Ideas For A Blogging Business

The trend for a blogging business is hot, hot, hot…

Do you have a blog?

Are you thinking about starting a blog?

If you are thinking of a blogging business then you would be right on track as the trends suggest that blogs are a great way to build an online business and to do something you are really passionate about.

The majority of blogs on the internet are either hobby blogs where people just want to tell others about their passion or share their knowledge of a particular subject.

One great example of this is Mommy bloggers who are sharing the experience of raising children, where to get the best deals and things to look out for regarding your children’s health.

Other topics of passion are gardening, landscaping, antique furniture, coin collecting, furniture making, fitness and of course there are the great foodie blogs.

There is no shortage of ideas for you either create an interesting hobby or if you want to get serious with a blogging business.

Blogging Business

Blogging Business

Some of the do’s,  dont’s and pitfalls of a blogging business

What is everybody’s favourite subject? Themselves!

Blogging is another form of interaction with another person and the last thing your readers want is you constantly talking about yourself and all the wonderful things you do.

The idea is to attract them and be interested in them and serve them.

One great idea to engage your readers is to have lots of images and videos if you have them.

The cool thing today is that you don’t have to be some fancy slick pro with a camera.

You can just pick up your smartphone as they are all equipped with a HD camera and start to shoot short how to videos as you are walking through your garden or displaying a new piece of furniture you just built.

Little tricks and tips educates your followers about your passion.

It shows that you are a real person that they can connect with.

Don’t be all over the place with your topic.

Narrow it down as it is difficult to capture an audience’s attention.

Create good content.

Think of the problems that your followers have and you are creating a solution for them.

Do you want to know how to be a blogging expert? Do you want to learn from some of greatest bloggers out there? Would you like to have access to a blueprint that shows you step by step how to write blogs? Click the link and watch the FREE video and you will be amazed.

Starting a successful blog

New bloggers often run into pitfalls.

You either have an unrealistic expectation about making money immediately or you discover that you chose the wrong subject and you lose interest.

It really helps to pick a blog topic that you are passionate about.

If you are interested in the topic you are more likely to be motivated to produce better content.

What do you do if you land on a blog that has crappy content?

Exactly, you never come back to it. Content engages your followers and engaging content will get you repeat eyeballs and referrals.

Word of mouth works as well on the internet for your blogging business as it does for brick and mortar business.

Imagine your raving fans sending their networks (because everyone has one now) to your blogging business.

The basic foundation for starting a successful blog should encompass two primary pillars.

1) Create lots of value

2) Create engagement and interaction

It’s all about them not you!

Blogging Business

Blogging Business

How to write blogs

Have you ever started anything new or tried something for the first time?

Were you very good at it?

Chances are you are like the rest of us, you stumbled and fumbled your way around.

That’s okay. It’s where everyone begins.

Including when it comes down to content creation.

You don’t have to be a prolific writer.

You will learn more skills as you you consistently apply the basics and learn from there.

Just imagine that you are engaging in a conversation with someone.

How would you talk?

You just transfer those thoughts from your mind down your arm to the pen or keyboard.

Don’t complicate it.

If you want to learn how to write blogs you can also go to other blog sites and look at how other people are expressing themselves.

One key attribute to maintain is be AUTHENTIC…be real. Be YOU!

There is a real person at the other end of the internet who is reading your content, not a robot.

Do you want to learn how to get new ideas for your blog?

Do you want to work with others who want to be successful?

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Blogging Business

Blogging Business

Business blog ideas

Take a look around your house.

Everything you and I buy is marketed to us.

Take a look at the thousands of businesses out there.

There is no shortage of business blog ideas for you to launch today.

You start with what you are passionate about.

You research a few blogs in that niche and you take a look in Google keyword tool (FREE) to see how many people are searching the topic or niche you have chosen.

You probably already know a lot about at least one thing.

Generally people underestimate what they know and how many people need or want that info to solve their problem.

That’s the key. Interesting content that tells stories and solve’s problems.

Here is a small list of business blog ideas for you to ponder:

1) DIY (do it yourself) projects

2) Landscaping

3) Internet marketing – affiliate marketing

– PPC (pay per click)  these are just two of dozens of ideas from the internet marketing sphere

4) Furniture restoration

5) Gardening

6) Personal coaching

7) Fitness

8) Diet products

9) Electronics

10) Digital products (courses,eBooks)

11) Food

12) Real estate

13) Travel

So what are you waiting for?

You can start building a blogging business today.

Starting a successful blog is not as complicated as you thought.

It’s fun to put your passion to work and use your creative imagination to offer people tips, tools and education.

I know, you will say you are not technical. I have a solution. You are not sure what to write about. I have a solution. You don’t know where to begin, such as a blog theme, hosting for the site, etc. I have a solution that will literally cost peanuts!

Click the link to watch the FREE video and find out why over 150,000 others like you are now building their blogging business in a variety of niches.

Blogging Business

Blogging Business


David Thompson

Success is yours to discover…imagine!

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