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How to get more done with the one minute manager

Have you ever noticed that everywhere you go people tell you they have no time. People are running in all directions at warp speed. It’s like someone lit the world on fire and everyone is trying to get out. The interesting part is that everyone has 1440 minutes in a day. You get no more and no less. So, is it just a question of good time management? Regardless of what you do or don’t do the clock is ticking away. Technology is supposed to make our life simpler, right!

The One Minute Manager – a book written by Ken Blanchard and Dr. Spencer Johnson is a unique approach that reveals three very practical secrets: One Minute Goals, One Minute Praisings and One Minute Reprimands.


One Minute Manager

One Minute Manager

Mastering your priorities

Since we all get 1440 minutes a day, how does one explain the dramatic difference in what one  can accomplishes over another. What are your priorities? Setting goals and deadlines. There are more distractions in today’s modern world than ever before. Social media, emails and demands at the work place. Having a plan, focus and a precise list of priorities as to what you want to accomplish will allow you to stay on track. Time vultures are always lurking all around trying to consume our non renewable resource.

To keep yourself on track have a set of short term and long term goals. Remember, you are the pilot of your life and from your origination point to your final destination you will go off track but good goals and a plan will give you the advantage of knowing when to change course. Do want to work with people who encourage and support you in your dreams and goals, click here now.

one minute manager

one minute manager

One Minute Goals

Two of the primary  things needed for efficiency and productivity are communication and clarity. Too often in both life and business miscommunication and lack of clarity create confusion. Confused people either do nothing or waste their time putting effort in the wrong direction. Setting simple concise goals and outlining the expectation makes it clear and simple for people to follow the right path. You need to create an outline for what needs to be done and delegate who has to do what.

One of the challenges in bringing a team of people together to accomplish something is that each person has their own way and speed of comprehending things. Clarity helps the vision or goal to be accomplished in the most efficient means possible. Learn how to build and manage a team,click the link now.

One Minute Praisings

Have you ever noticed that in a company bosses are quick to point out what you are doing wrong? This is a form of criticism that will erode your self confidence and cause a low self esteem to exist. This ultimately creates more mistakes. This is often the norm in the workplace . When are people inclined to do a better job, when they feel good about themselves or when they are under constant criticism? Help people reach their full potential. Catch them doing something right.

Studies have revealed that when employees are acknowledged and get recognition for their contribution they feel good about themselves. Higher productivity and better working environments are the result of praise and recognition.

One Minute Reprimands

Everyone makes mistakes. It’s called being human. It is vital to be on top of any situation and the best time to correct something is immediately after it happens. There is a simple process of going about pointing the problem out, identifying the cause of the problem and then determining the solution. Have you ever been attacked(verbally) for making a mistake? Very often it is taken on a personal level. It is important for people to understand it is about their behaviour not them personally. One of the keys to reprimanding someone is pointing out the problem, have the person recognize the cause and asked what the solution is.

I have heard this referred to as the Oreo cookie method. Praise the person for their work ethic and competence, reprimand for what was done, and then express confidence in their ability to resolve it. Praise/reprimand/praise. People who feel belittled and openly criticised often react defensively and withdraw causing low self esteem.

one minute manager

one minute manager

Being Accountable to yourself and others

Everyone knows people who are very responsible and accountable. These are often your real friends. Ultimately responsibility falls on our shoulders and we are accountable for our actions. Commitment is necessary to be accountable. You have power in your word. Keeping your word in what you say and what you do is vital to have others place trust in you. Responsible people understand there are consequences both good and bad in our actions. The One Minute Manager clearly outlines that it is really not about time but rather about people. People are the true resource in any enterprise. It is people that make things happen. How people are treated is revealed in the outcome or productivity of any business.

One Minute Manager strategy applies everywhere

When you stop to think about it these same techniques for business can be applied in the family. Families have schedules, deadlines and goals to accomplish. Kids and parents both make mistakes. There are consequences for those mistakes. If you only criticise kids or your spouse for what they do wrong and leave them in that mess you will affect their self confidence and self esteem. Praising is an important component of recognition to kids. Just think back to when you were growing up and see if any of this could have changed the outcome of your life and future?

If you are someone who is looking to work with people who understand acknowledgement and recognition and personal accountability then click the image below and discover what is possible!

one minute manager

one minute manager


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