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Go wild with your online video marketing…

The dramatic shift in marketing means you must have an online video marketing strategy for your business to rocket your sales. In the last few years online video marketing is responsible for over 60 % of all the bandwidth used on the internet.There is no coincidence in this statistic since Google bought out Youtube giving them control over the top video hosting site in the world. It is a proven fact that people will watch Youtube videos before they will read an email. It is combining entertainment and education.

The biggest single factor of how we learn is visual. It is not uncommon for millions of Youtube clips to be watched on a daily basis. It just makes sense to incorporate online video marketing into your online marketing plan.

Create brand awareness with online video marketing…

 Adding videos to your site will get you a better ranking on google and it will get you more views. In today’s market it is becoming more common for you to be the brand so creating brand awareness with online video marketing with you on the videos is smart marketing. Business opportunities come and go and your market or team identifies with you not a company or product. It is critical that you are front and center in the sales video on your site.

The most important advice I can give you is to be authentic in your online video marketing campaign.  An authentic video with you starts to build relationships. You might even consider to produce some funny Youtube videos because people like humour. It also makes you more real because people want more fun in their lives. If you want to explode your business and learn more about online video marketing click the link now.

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Making money on Youtube…

Marketers can have difficulty getting their business off the ground because it is expensive to do advertising and creating your brand awareness can get costly. You can start your online video marketing campaign for free on Youtube because Youtube gives you your own channel for FREE. Start your Youtube marketing immediately once your site is up. Online video marketing is a way to launch new products,do product demos or give training sessions.

One of the advantages is that Youtube even does all the hosting for the videos, which will save you bandwidth for your site. You don’t need thousands of dollars worth of fancy equipment and the days of needing professional videos are gone. Your online video marketing campaign is about branding you so you need to get over being shy if you are and have fun telling people about you and what you have to offer.

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Video marketing software that simplifies your business…

There is lots of great software on the market that will help you produce quality videos. I will not get into any reviews here as that would take up the entire article. One of the features of all the new smartphones today is a HD built in camera that you can upload directly to Youtube or Facebook. You see lots of online marketers today shooting videos wherever they are and posting them. This is simply being real and letting people know what is going on with you.

The cost of a HD camera has dropped dramatically in the last couple of years because there is more demand and the manufacturers have to compete with smartphones.You don’t need to be a technician to do this. People are no longer expecting the professionally edited video.

Your online video marketing campaign can be started for less than $500.00 . Just remember to put out some funny videos of you doing real life stuff because people relate to that. Hey, they are just like you, so remember to have fun while you are setting up your online video marketing. Do you want some cool tips, tools, and strategies on growing your business, then click the link  and watch the FREE video.

online video marketingMore online video marketing tips….

There are a lot of strategies that can help your online video marketing campaign. Things such as the length of videos you make. It is generally recommended that you produce short videos of one to five minutes. If you are doing training you might want to consider giving it to them in bites. You want them to absorb it and like a good sales copy you leave them wanting more so they will watch the next one and so on. Online video marketing is not about being perfect, you need to provide good content that gives value.

Like blog posts you need to do keyword search and embed links into your videos if you are promoting sales. It’s not a sales pitch fest. If you are doing a training then by all means complete the segment of the training for your audience. If you want to learn about some fantastic tips and strategies and online video marketing click the image below and watch the FREE video and the wealth of knowledge you need to drive your business to the next level is there. Go ahead and click the image now.

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