How To Overcome Fear

How to overcome fear is a battle we all face…

What would you do if you knew how to overcome fear? What would you do if you knew you could not fail? You would do everything, right! You would be unstoppable.

Your life would be exciting  because you would go out the door every morning looking forward to that new challenge because you know you would succeed.

Unfortunately this is not the reality for most. If only how to overcome fear was that simple. A question that follows people around throughout their life a lot is how to overcome fear?

Do you know what the acronym for fear is? F.E.A.R. False evidence appears real.

Fear is really an illusion that you make up in your mind as being real and the majority of the time it is based on your life experience not reality.

Fear often will create lack of confidence and an insecurity that you will be judged if you do not succeed at what you do.

how to overcome fear


You can shift your life when you learn how to overcome fear….

Your life experience will determine a lot about how you approach the challenges in your life. If you were raised  in an environment where you were criticised  and told you were stupid you will likely not have a good self image.

Your self image is going to hold you back unless you learn how to overcome fear. When you regain your confidence you will realize that you have unlimited potential to do or be anything you want.

If your perception of your self  image is that you are not good enough or not  smart enough  then you are likely to refrain from participation in a lot of activities. Do you know anyone like this?

The common fears that people have are  fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of death and fear of public speaking. This will subconsciously create a self imposed pain that you do not want to experience so you will be reluctant to participate in events or activities that you feel will cause you pain.

Many of you started out in your life with this poor perception of yourself but one day you make a new choice to just do it anyway.

Fear of failure and fear of rejection is are just perceptions that you have bought into as being real. What if you changed that perception? It is difficult but the alternative is to live your life in fear and doubt.

When it becomes more painful to stay in that dark place you will move forward by learning how to overcome fear.

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how to overcome fear



How to overcome the fear of success….

Do you wish and hope for success in all areas of your life? Wishing and hoping does not get the job done.

In order for you to  truly succeed you need to step out of your comfort zone. You know the one I’m referring to. The place where you feel safe, there is no rejection and you don’t experience the pain of  criticism or blame.

People actually fear success because they might be judged if they have too much money. You won’t be liked because people think you have to take advantage of people to make money.

It seems strange but you will make up false perceptions of what others will think.

This is how you self sabotage your success, creating the false perception of fear so that it appears real to you.

Did you know that most of you worry about things that will never happen?  So, you  actually put yourself into a state of mental paralysis.

This is a total waste of energy but if you learn the process of overcoming fear you have all the success you want. Imagine….

how to overcome fear


How to control your emotions….

Do you  imagine that things are going to go wrong? What about doing a switch to turn that around and learn how to control your emotions and imagine that everything is going to go right? It’s your imagination.

So how exactly do you learn how to do this? The first key to changing this is awareness. Become consciously aware of what you are doing and making the conscious decision of imagining a different result. You need to give yourself time to recondition your mind.

Remember, it was conditioning that made you think like this so just learn how to push the reset button and reverse your thinking. You need to switch the patterns of your thoughts that got you where you are to where you want to be.

Overcoming fear is a process that takes time. One of the ways to help with this is  meditation. This is a way for you to calm your mind and spirit so that you can be more emotionally balanced. This is the start to making a new shift in life and learning how overcoming fear is simply making new choices of how you look at things.

. Once you begin to develop confidence you begin to believe that you can do anything and you can be anything. There are millions of cases with social proof of this.

When you look throughout history many people have overcome what seemed to be insurmountable odds to achieve high levels of success in all areas of life. Why not YOU?

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How would it feel if you did not have to go through it alone….

You will meet many people in your life. Some of these people really care about you and want to help you become a success in whatever area of life you want.

Going through this journey of how to overcome fear  by yourself is a daunting task, as we are all part of this global community.

Once you realize that there is an unlimited abundance available to you then your perception becomes different.

There are personal and professional challenges that most people face to succeed. If you want to have help and support to create the life of your dreams then there is a community of people you need to check out.

When you work side by side with a team of people who collectively have a vested interest in you it is worth a look.

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How To Overcome Fear

How To Overcome Fear


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