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Are you ready for a paradigm shift?

Consistent action taken on a daily basis will help you create a paradigm shift. This shift will allow you to move past thinking something into feeling it. Feeling is the accelerated vibration of thinking. Thoughts are like cold water. You add heat to cold water and you speed up the molecules. By increasing the vibration of thought to feeling you are expanding or accelerating the vibration. Now,add more heat to the water and you transform the cold water to boiling water and when you hit 212 degrees water starts to vaporize and form steam. With steam you can produce power. This is your thought to feeling to action which will produce a different result. A paradigm shift in how you think and feel will change your life.

paradigm shift


Create a paradigm shift and get unstuck….

Remember ,whether you are conscious of it or not you are always producing a result. It just may not be the result you want. Limiting beliefs is one element that can hold you back. By being consciously aware of your thoughts you can then direct them at what you want. Your subconscious mind has a lot of stuff buried in it that affects the way you think,feel and act. To create the life that you want you need to take steps to get yourself moving forward.

The power of the subconscious mind can work for you or against you,depending on how you live and what you constantly expose yourself to. One of the things you will find,like it or not, is that you get in your own way on your journey to discover success in life. A paradigm shift will open up your eyes to a different world,one with endless possibilities. If you want to create a paradigm shift in your life and business click the link now.

Paradigm shift definition….

Fundamental change in an individual’s or a society’s view of how things work in the world. Is it possible for you to change? What would it take? Are you ready for success or greatness? Why not you? If not now,when?

A paradigm shift in how you look at things will transform your world. Personal growth guru Wayne Dyer said”If you change the way you look at things,the things you look at change”. You may not be aware of it but you will be making a paradigm shift each time you make big decisions in your life. Careers,relationships and family will be your biggest choices to make and if you want to climb the ladder of life you need to make a paradigm shift each step of the way.

Positive affirmations is one way to anchor the seeds of change in a positive light. This stimulates the subconscious mind to create the right thoughts. Everything percolates below the surface first and then it shows itself. Like an iceberg,you only see a small portion of what is really there.

paradigm shift

Think and grow rich starts as seeds in your subconscious mind…

Did you ever notice that on TV or in ads some commercials make you thirsty,hungry or you just get an impulse to buy something? There is a thing called subliminal messages that are used to stimulate the subconscious mind to respond. If you want to create a positive paradigm shift in your life you need to be in charge of what seeds(thoughts) are being planted.

There is a perception that thoughts are things. This simply means everything has first been imagined in the mind before it was created.  Any time you want you can create a paradigm shift by reprogramming yourself. It all becomes mind over matter. Look at any sport or any achievement,it starts with a thought. All great achievers have experienced a paradigm shift to move them to the next level. Physical action can only take you so far.

The great ones will tell you that the master key is what you program in your mind. Professional golfers will tell you that physical power will only take you so far and the elite players have that extra level of developed mental power. The mind power always separates the great from the outstanding in anything.

What shows up on your exterior is only a reflection of what is within. A paradigm shift goes from thinking to feeling to action. The difference between great and outstanding is very little,but when you feel it you become unstoppable. If you want to be more and have more for your life and business click this link now and discover infinite possibilities.

From good to great…..

The mind and the training of the mind is the master key to breakthroughs. Have you had enough mediocrity? Are you fed up? Tired of not being your true authentic self who is powerful and unstoppable. Create the paradigm shift in your life and you will break down fear,worry,guilt,doubt and low self esteem.

You must continually persist to stay a champion. Breakthroughs keep happening because like the universe you have infinite potential. No one had broken the four minute mile until Roger Banister. He did it on May 6th 1954. It took only 46 days for the next person and then dozens of people were breaking it. It was not because of their physicality. Their belief that they could do it had a paradigm shift. What is your four minute mile? You are only a paradigm shift away from your greatness.

Napoleon Hill said it best…

“If a man can conceive and believe it,he can achieve it.” No truer words were ever spoken. Shift your mind and it will be like your Berlin Wall coming down and opening up new horizons. Same sunset,different view. You all live with some limiting beliefs. Can you or can’t you do something? Your life,your answer,your choice. You imprison yourself with your limiting beliefs. Expand your mind to create a paradigm shift with endless limits.

What purpose does holding on to those limiting beliefs serve.Conceive,believe,achieve.” You are the sum total of all your thoughts.” Think greatness,after all you deserve it. If you want more in life and you feel that with the right support and training you too could become unstoppable. Click on the image below and watch the FREE video and you will discover that more is just a choice. Click the image now.

Paradigm  Shift

Paradigm Shift


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