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Your Pension Getting Flushed!

Your Pension Getting Flushed!

Reality is setting in with these new economic times thrust upon us and people are forced to adjust their lives as the once secure pension funds are becoming a thing of the past.

Do you remember what it was like when you were growing up and you were told to get a good job and stay in that position so that you could retire with a good pension. Well, an interesting thing happened along this journey. The economic landscape has gone through a dramatic change and the businesses you entrusted your faith and hard earned money to have decided to use this capital (known otherwise as your secure future) to make their companies more profitable. When economic times created turmoil pension funds were often used as leverage to keep companies going. This outdated career strategy is like continuing to put air into a balloon, eventually it has to burst.


One by one, the companies that were engaged in the mishandling of their pension funds started to find themselves with a serious dilemma. They could either file for bankruptcy and close – putting all of their employees out of work – or at best, re-structure and lay off part of their workforce. Since they could not afford to pay back the pensions at face value, they could only propose a unilateral solution. They went to their respective governments and advised them that the choice was simple, close their doors or be allowed to re-set the payback of these pensions at a greatly reduced rate, or perhaps not at all.

Imagine! You have worked really hard your whole life and are expecting your pension to provide you with a secure subsistance with a planned lifestyle. Then, you discover that the economy and your employer have put your job and your retirement in serious jeopardy – that realization can be quite a shock!!


Another reality of our current economic times is the disappearance of employment benefits. Companies and governments have created a whole new employment scheme where job terms and scheduled work time are planned so as to exempt the employer from paying health and pension benefits. For these people now, what they earn as take home pay is all they get.

It’s up to you to pay your health bills and to find a way to secure your retirement years on your own!

Statistics tell us that 83% of those who reach retirement age in fact cannot afford to retire. They must keep on working to maintain their lifestyle (in many cases at the subsistance level), or they have to be helped in some way and perhaps depend on some form of social assistance for their retirement years.

Is this what you had planned?


The current economic climate has presented a whole new challenge for everyone. The reality is that nowadays there is no such thing as job security. Stats tell us that you will have about 4-5 career changes before retirement. The question remains, is there an alternative to putting your life into others hands and hoping that things will work out, or do you apply a new strategy now, that can provide you with financial freedom, a better lifestyle and a brighter future.

We all have a great power in life; this is the power of choice:

  1. I choose to follow the path that others provide
  2. I choose to hope that things will work out
  3. I choose to make no choice and take what life throws at me
  4. I choose to take action and create a new strategy to create a better life


These are interesting times we live in. There are great challenges ahead. The choice is up to you. You can look at the world through the eyes of a person who sees ‘lack’ and no opportunity or a person who sees ‘abundance’ and great opportunity.


I currently work with a team that helps people build and create the vision of the life they want. A new way for you to look at business opportunities that makes sense for you. If you would like more information on this, contact me.

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