Personal Responsibility – Is It Time To Get Some?

Are You Making Excuses and Blaming Others? Stop it!

Do you like to take the path of least resistance? Are you someone who stands up for themselves and accepts the responsibilities for your decisions and actions? Most people unfortunately like to take the easy road instead of the higher road. Taking responsibility for what you have done is the noble way but it is so much easier to point the fingers at other people. Do you know anyone like this? Of course you do.

Blaming others is a convenient way out or so it seems. You must remember that when you are pointing the finger at someone else there are 3 fingers pointing back.

Personal  Responsibility

Personal Responsibility

Personal accountability is simply saying, I’m wrong!

Personal accountability is really just you owning up to the choices and actions you took. You see kids do this often. Something happened out of the sight of the parents and when there are two kids involved generally it turns into the blame game. What causes this?

Why is it so difficult to just say, I did it and it was a mistake? It is about the perceived action taken by others and the repercussions that you will have to face that causes this.

A little insecurity goes a long way

Insecurity is one of the culprits that make us point away at others. When you are growing up parents generally are ready to hand out some form of punishment whether it be verbal or physical. It’s all in accordance with the idea of correcting something that was wrong. As a child you may not have all your mental capacities working at the highest level but once you have seen some form of punishment dished out you want no part of that. So, thus it becomes Johnny’s fault. You develop a sense of fear and the magnitude of this fear is based on how harshly the punishments have been handed out.

The more harsh the reaction from your parents or teachers or other authority figures the more you will guard yourself against the possibility of punishment. I’m sure you know what I mean when I refer to the guilt complex. What is unfortunate is that parents don’t sit down with their children and get them to understand there are consequences for their actions. If you instill fear into them for making bad decisions and mistakes then they will just develop a complex and defer the consequences onto others by blaming, which is really a form of a lie.

Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility

What happens when you go into the real world?

Everyone grows up and after you get your education, you venture off into the real world. The lessons that you learned as a child, your environment and other authority figures plays a major role in how you react to situations as an adult. Unfortunately, your boss is also a product of that upbringing. If you were scolded,punished and reprimanded throughout your younger years then chances are you are going to react the same way because this is normal in your eyes. Until you learn better you will subject people to what you were subjected to.

Personal responsibility and making new choices

The interesting thing is that as you grow older you become exposed to a wider variety of people from a different range of cultures. Usually one of two things happens. You either continue on with your same behaviour because it is all you have ever known. ( this is a poor excuse if you are using it as one). You look at the different ways in other people and you question what you think you know to be right. First mistake, it’s not about right and wrong, it’s about being different.

Once you see a difference you now have the right to choose another path of thinking and behaving. Life does offer you choices. Not making one is a choice too. Something will stir inside you as to whether you should maintain your view. Most people know inside whether they are right or wrong but all too often emotions that are heightened put us of balance. People that have a tendency to be full of pride,ego and stubbornness rarely admit they are wrong.

Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility

We are all a work in progress…keep working on it!

Do you make mistakes? Of course you do. No one is perfect. Most people make mistakes every day albeit little or big ones. If you want children to grow up with a sense of respect, honesty and responsibility then they need to be taught that without waving the threat of punishment over their heads. If you don’t correct those early childhood patterns your life will turn into an excuse/blame fest. It’s like saying it’s always Johnny’s fault. I don’t think so.

Instead of trying to blame or accuse someone, try asking questions and you will be amazed at how quickly people will calm down and admit to the truth. Remember there are always 3 sides to every story and often times the middle version is the truth. Ask yourself a simple question, “Do you like when others come up to you and blame or criticize you?”. I didn’t think so. They don’t like it either. We can’t change others but we can change ourselves.

If you want to use a simple way of beginning to correct this, each day point in the mirror as if you are blaming someone else and see how you feel. Not nice , is it!

Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility


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