Proven Home Based Business Ideas

Is home based business right for you?

The home based business industry is exploding with opportunity.

For many years home based business was a “Plan B” as an opportunity for some people to make a little extra income from home.

The true blue entrepreneurs set up a little corner in their house and started an enterprise.

Maybe you know the names of these two entrepreneurs who had a little idea and started working from home.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Imagine, their little initiative turned into two of the largest brands on the globe.

Maybe you don’t envision yourself as the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates but “Plan B” (home based business) has turned into a $250+ Billion Dollar sector especially now that you include internet home based business into the equation.

You just have to do a little research to find a home based business idea that resonates with you.

Home Based Business

Home Based Business

4 Common myths about home based businesses

1) It’s not a real business.

Home based businesses are recognized by the government as a legitimate business like a traditional brick and mortar business and you are entitled to all the same tax advantages.

This is huge.

You need to consult with a tax expert in your area to determine what tax advantages you are entitled to.

2) You need a real office to be a business.

The golf course and the local Starbucks is a very common place to be conducting business these days.

With all the downsizing and outsourcing of companies many people have become consultants on contract.

You go to see your clients versus them coming to see you.

3) It’s too hard to focus working from home.

Working from home can be a distraction if you let it.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur you have to be disciplined.

You set up a schedule and you can easily set up an office to conduct your work from.

You have to make rules for your family to respect just like there are rules for co-workers.

4) You need to be a sales person. 

There is a misconception about real sales.

Sales is serving. Not trying to convince or arm twist a decision out of people.

When you serve people with value, this is the true nature of sales.

When you love what you do and it has value to others, this is a great business model.

Are you struggling with your “Plan A”? Are you looking for a new direction to go with your life?

You can have access to the right tools, systems, training, mentorship and support that can create a life by design.

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Ideas for business from home

One industry that has been around for almost 70 years now is the Network Marketing industry.

It has blossomed into a $125 Billion worldwide industry.

Network marketing is right behind internet home based business in producing the greatest amount of millionaires.

The interesting thing to note is that every time the world goes through another recession the network marketing industry grows by leaps and bounds.

It is low risk on the cost side to get started and you are taught business skills and more importantly personal development skills.

Other ideas for business from home include blogging.

A blog is essentially a different format of a website that is interactive.

Thousands of people have taken to blogging about their passions and interests and turning this into a little pot of gold.

What do people do when they are looking for a product or information?

They Google it and if you are able to be a provider of that product or solution to their problem you can grow a very profitable business.

Internet marketing in general is exploding in growth because the internet is becoming everyone’s source of connection, communication or information.

There are many ideas for business from home available by tapping into the internet.

Home Based Business

Home Based Business

The best home based business opportunity

It always starts with a question.

What is the best home based business opportunity for you?

What do you want?

What is your passion?

Do you like to work alone or work on a team?

There is no one size fits all solution.

It’s all about answering these questions to get to what resonates with you.

Maybe you like consulting or doing freelance writing.

Maybe you want to operate a mini spa from your home or do health consulting. What’s your dream?

You have to define and refine the wide spectrum of home based business ideas to see what works for you.

The best home based business opportunity for you is one where you can achieve your goals and one where you can grow professionally and personally.

You probably already have some hidden talents that you have been itching to do.

But you have been stuck in a J.O.B. and needed a boost of confidence before you took the plunge.

The world is changing, are you?

Don’t wait until you get the push out that corporate door to shift your life.

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Home Based Business

Home Based Business

Internet home based business

Do you know why most people don’t venture online to start an internet marketing business?

You are afraid of technology.

The truth is most people are tech dependent not tech savvy.

A lot of baby boomers (this includes me) were forced into the use of technology and the internet.

There is no doubt that the internet is not going away.

The yearly growth is staggering as everyone connects with their computers and smartphones to the world wide web.

I have to admit that it was a little intimidating at first but like cold water, once you are in, it doesn’t seem so bad.

If you have any intention to have a home based business you will need to learn how to utilize the internet and especially social media or you will not make it.

The cool part is that more and more people have recognized that the functionality of technology needs to be simpler to work with.

User friendly systems and tools are more commonplace now. Thank goodness.

The key is finding a mentor who has accomplished what you want and where you want to go.

You will save money but more importantly you will save your precious non renewable resource, TIME.

Do you think that if you had the right tools, system, resources, strategies, training, mentoring and support that you would be successful?

You get access to a blueprint built by internet marketers for internet marketers (even if you are offline you are doing internet marketing).

Does it work? Almost 200,000 people later, I think so! It has definitely simplified my life and business strategy.

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Home Based Business

Home Based Business


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