Residual Income Is The Cat’s Pajamas

Earn residual income and go to the beach….

They never taught you about residual income in school, so exactly what is it? Did you ever notice that for the first 20 + years of your life teachers and schools are telling you what to do and when you get in the real world there are a million unanswered questions? It is supposed to be the education system, right?

All you know is that you are finished school and heading for the work place and all you have been told is go get a job. A place where someone has put a value on what you are worth in exchange for a service you will perform. Seems normal, right?

Nobody ever explained a great concept called residual income which is basically the opportunity to work or do investments and you continue to earn profits from your efforts, sometimes forever.

Residual income, work now get paid forever. What? I want that.

residual income


Time for money treadmill is exhausting….

You will discover in the work force most of what you learned in school is essentially theory. When you add the practical application loaded with the countless variables then you start to realize that you are not exactly prepared as well as you thought.

So when theory meets action you have a new dynamic that occurs. The real education begins when you step out of the school system.

Residual income, interestingly enough is what the business owner you are working for is making from your efforts. You have probably heard the expression that “knowledge is power” . Well, sorry to inform you but this is another myth. Knowledge on it’s own has no power, applied knowledge is power .

If you decide to continue down the time for money path you will quickly realize that you will be making others rich off of your efforts. So why not you getting rich instead? If you like the idea of making other’s rich on your efforts then keep working that job thing.

If you want to understand the power of leverage and earn residual income then click the link and watch the FREE video about a franchise style business model that will make your head spin with new ideas.

The cool part is that you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

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So what does a residual income model look like…

There are many ways for you to earn residual income. I have been building both traditional and non traditional residual income businesses for over 30 years. I can tell you that when I discovered residual income working time for money had lost it’s appeal.

One way is to invest into real estate. The problem for most is the cost of entry barrier. You can make financial investments that will generate a residual income for you also. One of the greatest ways to create residual income is by building networks such as in network marketing.

You start out at the beginning with just you and then over time you create a network of people who you have trained and you continue to support and as a result of their efforts you generate a residual income.

So, the bigger the network the bigger the residual income check. It’s kind of like giving yourself a raise every time you decide to do more work.

One of the significant advantages of building a network or affiliate marketing business is that it is a much lower investment risk factor and almost the entire infrastructure is built and operated by the company.

You can also start part time. Click on this link to take a look at a franchise style business model and see if this resonates with you.

Let me ask you three questions:

1) Are you happy doing what you doing?

2) Are you living your life by design or default?

3) Would you like to take more vacations and spend more quality time with family?

Then maybe you might want to invest 10 minutes…to watch the video. Click the link and see what is possible.

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The shifting paradigm in the workplace…

There was a time in the baby boomer generation that you would go to work and there was a good chance that you would stay in that career for your whole life.

Over the last 20 years there has been a new paradigm shift. Corporations are downsizing and outsourcing so it is now more like 5-6 careers in your life.

This is very stressful if you are raising a family. You want financial security but it’s not really there anymore. How do you create your financial independence?

I would suggest you look for a residual income formula that makes sense to you. This way you can create your own paycheck and you get to decide what you are worth. Does this not sound much more appealing than building someone else’s dream?

There are lots of business systems out there that would be a perfect fit of opportunity for you. Do your due diligence and explore the possibilities. You are worth it, aren’t you?

When is a good time to get started…..

The best time to get started on your residual income business is NOW! If you had the right system, the support, encouragement and training do you think that you could succeed.

I have been out there in the conventional  business world for over 30 years and I do know that anyone that senses you are a competitor will never help you succeed. Most have a lack mindset and believe that if they help you they will somehow loose.

Whereas, the vast majority of residual income businesses are built on the efforts of teamwork with amazing support, encouragement and training.

The main reason that these residual business systems work like this is if you don’t succeed the leader does not succeed. Diametrically opposite to conventional dog eat dog business world.

The key is to find the right one that is a fit for you. Click on the image below and check out the FREE video and see if this is something that resonates with you.

Residual Income

Residual Income


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