Residual Income Model vs Linear Income

Are you headed in the right direction?

Do you see light at the end of the employment tunnel? Are you working on your dreams or are you building someone else’s dreams? The world seemed to be coasting along going through its usual ups and downs and then BAMM, 2007 hit.

Things have never been the same. Between 2007-2011 the global economy spun out of control. The savings and securities for retirement for millions of people got flushed right down the toilet. Millions in the U.S. alone lost their homes and entire life savings.

Corporate America went through a drastic overhaul and there was a lot of financial casualties. If you were one of them you know exactly what I mean.

This has been a great wake up call for many because the system you grew up on literally abandoned everyone.

So, if you still think that the J.O.B. (just over broke) market is the right way to go then I would like to wish you good luck.

Time to look after your own future.

Residual Income Model

Residual Income Model

What choices do you have?

What is interesting is that there are more opportunities available now then ever before. The question is, which one is right for you?

When you work at a job, someone else decides what you are worth, they tell you when you have to come in and when you can go home, ( lots of people get pushed to work overtime just to keep their job), when you can go on vacation and if they decide to outsource or downsize you will be asked to get out, NOW! Have you ever had that happen to You?

What happened to company loyalty? The cold reality is that the world is changing and it is going to keep changing.

What if, you were able to work with people that supported you to achieve your goals? What if, there was a system that paid you fairly? What if, you did not have to figure it all out by yourself?

One such opportunity is a franchise style business model that supports, encourages, trains, mentors you and it is ready to go right out of the box.

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Residual income model that pays you over and over and over

You do the work at a job and you get paid one time. You did it because that is all you knew, right? No one taught you in school that there was a residual business model that would pay you many times over. Do the work once and mailbox money would roll in for months or even years.

I remember the first time I got that concept. I had a friend who showed me that we could buy ATM machines and every time someone used it to get money we got paid. I learned the meaning of a residual business model. I loved it because no matter what I was doing, someone was using one of my ATM’s and I was earning money.

This was great, earning money while I was sleeping. Fast forward 1o years and I learn of other systems that are even better. The principle was the same, learn about the business, have people support and train me and then I could go build my next residual income model .

I know this got me excited and I think it will get you excited. Watch the FREE video and experience what I did. Click the link now.

Residual Income Model

Residual Income Model

How to earn money in your sleep

When I started my ATM business (now 14 years ago) I was excited to be able to make money even if I was golfing. The one drawback was that the ATM’s had to be loaded with cash and when they broke down they had to be fixed.

I am grateful for the aha moment of discovering a residual income model. I started to read Robert Kiyosaki’s books  “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”  and “Cash Flow Quadrant”. This information totally blew my mind. One of the concepts was not just building residual income but building networks.

One of the examples he gave was the telephone network where you get customers to give you money every month for providing a service.

I learned from my 35 plus years in business that many people fail because:

1) They try to do everything on their own

2) They have no plan

3) They don’t have the expertise to put together the administration and the marketing

4) They don’t have enough capital

I looked at Robert’s information in his books and sought out a business model that I could build a network with and it provided me with the resources that caused people to succeed not fail.

The residual income model that I found was multi level marketing. I received mentoring, coaching, training, distribution and a plan to build a network.

My network this time would be live, walking and talking people instead of machines. Unlike a job, I would train people to replace me and the more times I did that the more I could earn. I had everything I wanted in a business except the millions of dollars in debt to launch it. 🙂

Teach, train and promote. I just had to follow the system, just like you have to follow your boss in a job, except I could give myself multiple raises every year.

If you want to experience life by design instead of default then watch the FREE video by clicking the link now. A franchise style business model that does a lot of the work for you.

Residual Income Model

Residual Income Model

Stay broke on the job or learn to leverage systems

The global economy is looking for cheaper ways to replace you every day. “Nothing changes until something changes.” Your boss doesn’t care and the gov’t doesn’t care what happens to you. You should care enough to look at other options.

If you are thinking that I’m talking about a get rich quick scheme, then you can stop reading this now. You can have what you want, but you are going to have to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

You will have to shift your mindset because all those years at the job has ruined many a good person. You have so much potential and I’m absolutely certain that with a little effort you can create a great life for you and your family. I say this because I have seen it many times. Its your life. Its your choice.

You could do nothing and hope that everything works out or you could click on the image below and check out the franchise style business model that is changing lives now.

Residual Income

Residual Income


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