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How to monetize a blog to create beach money…

Do you have a blog?

Are you struggling to generate income from your blog?

There are hundreds of thousands of bloggers out there.

Most bloggers are very passionate about what they are writing about but when it comes down to how to monetize a blog people get stuck.

I believe this is where that catch phrase you don’t know what you don’t know comes into play.

It’s about education, knowledge and a system.

A blog is a great way to attract an audience but you have to know what to do with them when they show up.

Do you know what people will do if you don’t ask or direct them?


They will read your great articles and then leave.

I’m going to lay out some very simple strategies how to monetize a blog and if you have done your foundation work properly, which is creating value for your audience or solving a problem they have.

How To Monetize A Blog

How To Monetize A Blog

How to earn money by blogging

So, you are following the plan of creating fresh relevant content.

You are getting the traffic happening organically with Google and through spreading the word out on social media networks.

Do you have an optin page on your home page. If you just asked yourself the question, “What is an optin page?” then this is the first problem you need to solve of how to monetize a blog.

An optin page is  the area created where people subscribe (enter their name and email) to your newsletter if you have one or to get a FREE giveaway (lead magnet) that you created.

This is a video training, webinar, PDF or some kind of report that would be interesting to your target audience.

If you are blogging about gardening do not offer your subscriber tips on how to lose weight. Offer something of value that is congruent.

This is the starting point to building a list.

There is gold in that list if you mine it properly.

Do you want a blueprint on how to monetize a blog?

Would you like a step by step system along with mentoring, training and support?

A system that thousands are using and making money for the first time?

Click the link and watch the FREE video to discover what is possible.

How To Monetize A Blog

How To Monetize A Blog

Monetizing a blog with multiple streams of income

Once you have targeted traffic flowing to your site and you are building your list you can set up several sources of income generation.

Here are several ways how to monetize a blog and start building your beach money account.

1) Google Adwords. You can apply to Google to get a FREE adwords account set up and once you are approved Google will supply you with a series of relevant rotating ads on your sidebar and when people click on the ads you make money.

2) Banner Ads. Lots of companies are looking for great websites to put a simple banner on that links back to their product/service or a sales page. You can charge a monthly fee for this and as your site gets more popular you can raise the rate. They supply you the banner and all you do is post it on your site. Try to keep the product/service related to your targeted audience.

3) Affiliate links. You can find thousands of products available on sites like Clickbank or JVZoo . You just set up an affiliate account for FREE and you get to pick the products/services you want to sell and whenever anyone from your site clicks on the links and makes a purchase you earn a commission. You don’t create the product or service or ship. You are just a promoter.

4) Affiliate links. In every niche there is always lots of product launches happening and once you make the right connections you can participate. The product creator supplies you with the swipe copy (marketing ads and info) for you to post on your site with a banner.

5) Create your own product. You might be asking what could I offer to my list or through my website. A product today can be an eBook, a special webinar on secrets or specific training on your niche, a step by step training guide or a course on how to…whatever you do. Remember this is 100% profit because it will be digital so no delivery cost.

6) Membership site. You can create a membership site for your subscribers where they get exclusive access to private high level information or training. This is an ongoing monthly source of revenue.

7) Email marketing. Maybe you have heard some people say that email marketing is dead. Wrong! Bad email marketing is dead. If you have done your homework by creating value for people and continue to drop nuggets of wisdom on them then when it comes time to sell or promote something your success rate will be much higher.

How to earn money by blogging about books

Do you read?

Readers are leaders.

Amazon is one of the primary sources of books online but it is also the one stop shop for thousands of other products.

You could go onto Amazon and set up a FREE affiliate account and then you pick related books or products and you write reviews.

Everyone loves reviews.

In your review you put your Amazon affiliate links and when they click and buy you earn a commission.

Remember your blog posts are online forever and anytime someone uses your affiliate link you make $$$.

This is a simple but effective way to monetizing your blog.

Almost every major company now has a FREE affiliate program.

Do you want to work with people that will work side by side with you to help you know how to monetize a blog?

There is a process to follow to create beach money.

You just plug yourself in.

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How To Monetize A Blog

How To Monetize A Blog

Are you running on the time for money treadmill?

Do you know how many hours everyone get’s in a day?

That’s right.


No more no less.

So how much can you do if you are trading time for money?

Time is limited.

So it is important to learn about monetizing a blog with passive income streams.

What are passive income streams?

Its money that flows in continuously after you have done the work once.

Once I learned the passive income streams principal 14 years ago I have never looked back.

You get to use systems to leverage your time.

You get to leverage other people’s knowledge and money.

Membership sites are passive income.

If you create the right blog with the right information you can develop countless ways of generating passive income.

You leverage your blog to work for you 24/7/365.

The ideas mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg on how to monetize a blog.

Do you want to learn how to be a master blogger?

Do you want to create passive income streams for your beach money account?

A system with a step by step blueprint.

Click the link and discover what others are raving about.

How To Monetize A Blog

How To Monetize A Blog


David Thompson

Success is yours to discover…imagine!

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