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Do you consider yourself a leader? Do you have the leadership qualities to become the example for other people to follow?Maybe you underestimate yourself but everyone is a leader. You might be a bad leader but you are a leader. Being a leader does not mean you have to be a boss or an authority figure.If you are a parent you are the leader of the family.If you are a teacher you are a leader of nurturing the minds of the future.True leadership skills that stand out are integrity, respect,dedication,passion and authenticity.It is endearing to be an authentic leader, because then you understand  the significance of being a servant leader.

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One thing that most businesses don’t get the significance of is every employee or independent contractor is in fact a leader in the company.You don’t need a title to be a leader. If you are an employee you must understand that a certain responsibility rests on your shoulders in how you conduct yourself with customers or clients.You need to realize that customers are relying on you for good information and great customer service.Anytime you are an example you are a leader.Leadership qualities sit inside all of you but what you do with them is your choice. Let me give you an example. A maid for a hotel may not seem like much to you but without them the hotel does not function. Imagine a maid who takes great pride in her job and gives the extra all the time to ensure that the guests are well taken care of. This is a form of leadership.

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There are many types of leadership styles…

You need to develop your interpersonal skills if you want to be a great leader.Invest into you and work on your communication skills in order for you to have a great rapport with the people you are supervising.It is interesting to note that some people lead by force, exercising their power over others.The best case scenario is to have people follow you by choice because of respect and admiration.One of the great leadership qualities is understanding human behavior. When you show respect,consideration and compassion for others you will get more out of those people who you are leading.Most people starve for recognition and acknowledgement . I have seen in network marketing companies,executives in their corporate jobs almost cry when they received a tiny little pin and a hug and handshake from the president of the company.It was not about the money.

Leadership qualities that separate you from the jerks…

Do you have a jerk for a boss?Do you always feel pressured to get more done?Having a commitment to excellence is the responsibility of the leader but it is important to show that you care and to show the way.Most people want to make a contribution and have a connection to what they are doing. When you spend one third minimum of your waking life at work the more you engage yourself the better you will feel about you.It takes more than just showing up. If you arrive at work and have the mindset that you are getting paid X amount and that is all you are putting in you will be depriving yourself of being the best you can be. Remember this becomes your thoughts which become things,habits and then your patterns.Give 100% all the time.Some one is always watching so with or without a title you are the leader.It is never about what you get, it is about what you give.This is what defines you as a person.

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Working on your leadership qualities does not always have to be work….

Do you say you want to be more serious in life or you want to have more fun? How to have fun while you are working on your leadership skills.If you felt a stronger sense of connection with your work,if you knew you were making a contribution for the benefit of others and if you knew you were having an impact on families would this make a difference? Think about this. As a leader you give to others who in turn give to others. Leadership is all about the pay it forward philosophy all the way down the food chain from the CEO to the janitor.Everyone’s contribution is needed to make it all work. Who would you like to have showing up everyday,miserable people who hate their work or happy people who believe they are making a difference. Your leadership with or without the title gets passed along to others and this impact creates a human ripple effect.Love, connection and contribution goes a long way to creating dynamic leadership.If you want to see an example of a great leader who inspires people to achieve more click on the link and watch the FREE video.

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