Secrets Of Law Of Attraction

Where did Law of Attraction get its roots?

The Law of Attraction has drawn a lot of attention, especially since the book and DVD, “The Secret Movie”, was highlighted on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Some of the original works were done through “The Teachings of Abraham” by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

If you want to keep going back  in time you will find a number of metaphycisians who studied and practised the “Law of Attraction”.

 A lady in the early nineteen hundreds, Florence Scovel Shinn had a tremendous influence on people like Emmet Fox and her works also influenced Louise Hay to go on to starting Hay House which is one of the largest personal development companies in the world.  

With all of this attention, “Law of Attraction” has helped raise the level of consciousness to new heights, but like anything, it brings along with it some controversy. 


Law of Attraction


Law of Attraction Movement

Whenever something of this nature becomes mainstream there suddenly become lots of experts (many self-proclaimed) who offer their interpretation of what it means.

One of the things I truly believe is that those people who honestly set out to serve others with knowledge and information, seem to have a greater understanding and, therefore, a clearer message is given.

The opposite applies to those who set out to serve themselves and only think of how much money they can make.

They create confusion. Purity of intention always wins. Isn’t it ironic that someone would try to use what is regarded as a divine force within each of us for a purely selfish reason!

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Creating a paradigm shift with Law of Attraction

It seems that in the last 25 years there has been a tremendous shift of consciousness in people.

You hear more about spiritual growth through books, CD’s, personal and business trainers, and TV. It is everywhere. It is causing people to ask more questions, to search for more meaning and to search for what they feel may be missing in their lives.

It’s like a quest to discover the meaning of why we are here.

The Law of Attraction is about identifying a desire for what you want. You give that desire attention. Then you allow it (removing doubt and negative vibrations).

Law of Attraction is about attracting things in our lives with the understanding of vibration.

The power of attraction starts with creative visualization. You can only attract what you are not what you want.

This means that if you are on a low frequency of vibration you can’t attract something better at a higher vibration.

Creative visualization is about learning how to raise your vibration to match what you want. 

Law Of Attraction

Law Of Attraction


How to Define Your Purpose

The “Law of Attraction” is showing people that what they have in their lives is the result of their thinking, their beliefs and their actions.

What a fascinating concept that if you think, feel and act a certain way, this will manifest on the physical plane known as your life.

This seems like a very natural way for you to discover your higher purpose. The interesting thing is that the thoughts, beliefs and actions have to be parallel or congruent.

Divine force will deliver what you order through this process. So, if they are not congruent, the results will reflect this.

For example, if you express that you want a new house, don’t believe that you deserve it, and do not act in faith that this will come to you, then you will not have it come to be.

Some people have mastered this process and then discover a higher purpose in serving others with this incredible gift of understanding.

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Using the power of attraction to get what you want

Let’s use the example of attracting money into your life. Remember it starts with identifying what your desire is.

Do you know what you want? You want more money.

So, in order to be attracting money in your life you have to raise your current level of vibration.

What does more money mean? Be specific. Because more money could be another $100.00. I’m sure you want to be attracting money to create financial and time freedom, so how much would that be? $1,000.00 a month, $5,000.00 a month or more?

Attracting money or a better job, a loving life partner or a new career is the same process.

Creative visualization gets you to focus on your desire and then you have to allow it which means to remove any doubt or negative vibrations.

If you want to learn about this process with some worksheets go to Michael Losier’s  Law of Attraction Book site and download his FREE worksheets.

Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction

What is The Secret?

You may believe that there is a secret to this or that it is magic, but it really comes down to the divine gifts we have all been blessed with, and learning how to apply these gifts.

The world teaches us it’s ways and we find ourselves getting off course from our life’s path.

The thoughts you think, the decisions you make and the actions you take ultimately create what shows up in your life.What are you creating?

Stop along your course in life and ask more questions. What is your purpose? What are you here for? Does this make sense?

Maybe, you will discover different results by aligning your thoughts, beliefs and actions and having “Law of Attraction” deliver these results to you.

Do you want to get different results showing up in your life? Are you tired of struggling to be successful? Would you like to live life on your terms?

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Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction


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