Shift In Mindset = New Perspective

Putting it in perspective keeps it real…

Having the right perspective about life keeps you grounded. Did you ever stop to think what kind of mindset you have everyday? What are you thinking right now? Are you happy? Is life fair? Do you feel a sense of gratitude for all that you have? Your brain takes in millions of pieces of new data everyday, how are you processing these?

It is important that you keep a proper perspective on life so you stay focused and centered on who you are, what you want and where you are going? Everyone has opinions and a point of view about all things that happen in life.

The right perspective will keep you on track because if you start to do a comparison game you will always find something better and something worse. You never win with that mindset.



The right perspective says a lot about who you are…

If you take a look at successful people, one of the key things you will notice is that they have a great perspective. This is the result of  building the right mindset. If you read the biographies of successful people or great leaders they all mention how important it is to build a positive mindset because whatever you do in this world there will be obstacles and challenges.

A strong mindset is essential to keep the right perspective, especially when things are going astray. All great leaders and champions in sport will tell you that they used their mindset to visualize the outcome of winning or being successful.

Keeping it in perspective when things are on the downside allows you to stay on top of whatever game you are in.


What are you feeding your mind?

Do you have a growth mindset? Are you focused on the right outcome? Do you complain and whine about everything that happens or do you see yourself in control? If you want to be successful in anything you need a positive mindset and you need to put things in perspective or else you will get swallowed up by the negativity that is all around you.

There is a tsunami of information that you have to swim through each day to  reach your objectives.

Here is an example of the right perspective. I live in Canada and in 1998 where I lived we had a horrible ice storm that crashed down thousands of hydro lines and millions of people were without power for up to 28 days in January.  I owned a farm at the time and we had to go up on the buildings and take the thick ice off. This was dangerous but we managed. The perspective when we were in it was one of  hardship and despair. But in reality it was a major inconvenience, nothing more. Our homes were intact and life went on. We could have blown this out of perspective and played it up emotionally but in comparison to the people who endure hurricanes,earthquakes and tornadoes it was nothing. The perspective for them is real death and desolation.

You need to keep the right perspective on your life. Pay attention to what you are feeding your mind.



Have you ever heard the phrase “Perception is Reality”?

You have the ability to make up in your mind whatever you want. Remember your perception of things is your reality,not other’s. Ten people looking at the same thing and having experienced whatever took place will give you ten different versions of what happened. Some of you are naturally negative and some of you are positive. This difference in mindset will change any outcome.

Winners see them crossing the finish line first. Losers are making up their excuses before they even begin. Having the right mindset will definitely affect your perspective and unless you are in Hollywood making a living from making up stories, you better start to get real. That six inches of real estate between your ears is going to determine the outcome of your life.

The good news is that you can shift your perspective on anything in an instant. Are you struggling in your business trying to keep the right mindset? Do you want help? How would you like to work in a business model where you get supported, encouraged and even inspired to be your best. Click the link and watch how others lives have changed.



The past does not equal the future

One of the great challenges in life to maintain the right perspective is to file your past experiences where they happened…in the past. Unfortunately most people like to drag their past with them into the future.

This makes about as much sense as having 3 boat anchors when one will do. Let go of those past experiences and this will allow you to put the right perspective on your life TODAY. Yesterdays life lessons are there to serve you from an experiential point of view but hanging on and dragging it around will create the same result.

Work on your mindset and shift your perspective and free yourself from limiting beliefs.

Ahhh! Living the life with a millionaire mindset…

Do you want to experience success beyond your wildest dreams? Do you want to live your life by design or default? Do you want to have the freedom in all areas of your life to do what you want, when you want and who you want to do it with?

Take a look at the scientific studies and you will see that one of the most powerful things to work on is your mindset. Look who is running and creating the billion dollar companies. MBA’s and PHD’s. I don’t think so. The true visionaries in the world are the people with the right mindset and the proper perspective. Do you think intelligence would have got Michael Jordan past all those missed shots to go on to become the greatest basketball player the world has ever seen.

No algorithms, no formulas, just hard work, practice,practice,practice and having the mindset with a powerful vision of the chosen outcome. A millionaire mindset is not just about the money, it is the total mindset belief that you will succeed at whatever you are doing. Anything is possible with the right mindset.

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