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The Buzz in the Marketing World is Social Media

Regardless of whether you have a traditional business or online business, social media is the way to seek out and connect with your target audience. The real issue is how to apply the psychology of sales and marketing on social media. One of the challenges that all businesses are faced with is how to find and keep more customers. You can apply lots of strategies but in reality, you as a business owner and your marketing team all have at least one thing in common that would help you understand this, you are all consumers. You don’t have to figure out what they want, figure out what you want as a customer and apply this.

Where does it all start?

The first and most dynamic component of your marketing should be the core values that you conduct your business with authenticity. People will see right through phony business practices. You might fool them once but they will probably not come back. One of the pillars of strength is repeat business. Remember it is social media, so break it down into two parts, social, which is personal, so be real, and media, a vehicle in which to deliver your message. Be authentic and serve people with value.

There is nothing like creating a strong connection by a great customer experience. What do you do when you have a great customer experience? You come back for more. If you want to learn how to be a master internet marketer using powerful social media marketing techniques and hypnotic sales strategies and much more click this link now.

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Build a Tribe Mentality

A tribe is all about a loyal following. Social media is all about engaging your customer. It is a scientific fact that people record everything in their mind and they connect through engagement. It is all about building that trust by giving value and serving. Trust is something that is built in the subconscious and broken in the conscious mind. Trust is something that you earn not buy. Most business models out there fail miserably in trying to connect to their target audience because the fundamental component of authenticity is not present.

When you make people feel like a transaction there is no trust and loyalty established. Take the time to build relationships with your audience. Trust takes years ( not 3 emails or messages) to build and in the blink of an eye it can be gone.

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Are You Asking The Right Questions?

What do people look for when they are looking to buy? If you want people to buy your product or service what do you need them to believe? What is your differentiator? Some people use the scarcity approach in their marketing tactics. After all no one likes to miss out on a deal, right! These are one hit sales. Another approach is using either dominance or influence. Dominance is often a part of manipulation and influence is about persuasion using social proof and authority.

There are several ways to prompt behaviour. The top 3 prompts are when, how and why. Many people believe that why is the most prominent prompt except that most people don’t know their Why. Do you know your Why? Understanding the fundamental dynamics of what people really want and how they want to be treated will pave your road to success. Don’t just be a make more noise then the next guy marketer.

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Understanding Human Behaviour

You may not realize this but all your behaviour is driven by habits and these habits create patterns. If you study and observe people long enough you will realize that everyone has a pattern. Understand these patterns and you can be more successful in your marketing. Everyone has a dominant trait that is auditory, visual or kinesthetic. This basically means that some people are better at listening and adapting what they hear. Visual people have better observation skills and learn from this pattern. Kinesthetic learners are all about touch or practical. Each of these patterns is triggered in individuals based on which one is more prominent. Which one are you?

Basic Fundamentals of Social Media

When you are writing your posts on social media you need to blend them to attract all the types. Don’t do it just to be social. Do it to make a difference. Social media is based on relationships and relationships are based on giving. There is nothing worse than trying to steer people where they do not want to go and feeling disconnected to you and your message.

If you try to push people where they don’t want to go you will always be meeting with resistance. Understand your customer and give them what they need. Use compelling information to engage them and you will build a loyal and trusting tribe of followers.

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