Effective Blog Strategy = Results!

The right blog strategy will rock your results… Are you headed in the right direction with your blog? Or do you have one of those helter skelter approaches and you are winging it every day? If you are doing this, let me ask you a question. How is that working out for you? Every successful […]

7 Reasons You Didn’t Get Results

Marketing and strategy can be two of your best friends If you got on an airplane and the captain came on the intercom and said, “hello everyone this is the captain speaking and I’m not really sure of our destination or exactly how to get there” what would you do? There is a really good […]

Killer Profits With Blog Marketing

Smart plan for you blog marketing Do you have an effective plan for your blog marketing? What is the purpose of your blog? Making money is not a purpose. Making money is a goal. Educating and delivering massive value with your content is a good purpose. It would be wise to go through the process […]