Take Control of Your Life – Power of Choice

Are You Really in Charge of Your Life? Do you experience a lot of moments when you feel your life is out of control? Are you in charge of your life or do you have a lot of bosses both on the personal and the career side? Do you realize that at any given time […]

What Does Freedom Look Like to You?

What is Your Definition of Freedom? What is interesting is when you ask people what they want more of, the common denominator is often freedom. Everyone has their own idea of what freedom would be or look like. You want financial freedom, time freedom and freedom to be with your family more. For most this […]

Understanding Your PURPOSE in Life

Life’s most universal question “what is my purpose or meaning in life”. We search far and wide to answer this question. We look to others to try to answer it for us. In reality we have had the answer within us all along. It is part of you when you are born into this world. […]