Sometimes You Win Sometimes You Learn

In business and in life sometimes you win sometimes you learn… Do you react or respond when things don’t go your way? Life happens to us all and you have to develop good coping mechanisms to work your way through the struggles that inevitably happen. A coping mechanism can be exercise, praying, meditation, listening to […]

Leadership Quotes To Inspire You

     Leadership quotes are a great way to inspire you and your team… Do you ever need a mindset shift in the day? Some days are a real struggle to get through and a great way to refresh your mind is to push the reset button and read some great leadership quotes. It’s only […]

Motivational Quotes – To Fire You Up!

Are you on fire with passion to climb the mountain of success? Lots of people start the journey to achieve success but very few finish the race. There are many success factors that contribute to those that win the game. If you take a look around there are countless success stories that you can use […]

9 Reasons Why People Fail

The secret to success is…. Ask 25 people what the secret to success is and you will have 25 different answers. After over 3 decades in business I can honestly say I know what the secret to success is. The secret is….that there is no secret. Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Stephen R. Covey […]