Breakthrough The Fear Barrier

Is The Curse of Fear Holding You Back From Achieving Your Dreams? Do you have the confidence to try new things or do you hold yourself back? Is it the fear of failure or what others will think that stops you from exploring or trying new things? Have you ever heard the expression, “perception is […]

How To Overcome Procrastination

Do you suffer from procrastination syndrome? Are you an action taker? Or do you like to talk about what you have to do, and then never do it? Are you living the expression, “Why put off until tomorrow, what you can put off until the next day.” Procrastination is one of the biggest dream stealers […]

Mach 2 With Your Hair On Fire – Self Motivation

Are you running around like your hair is on fire? Richard Bliss Brooke authored a book titled “Mach 2 With Your Hair On Fire” – The art of vision and self motivation. Its a fascinating read that defines what is vision and why you need to have one for your life. Are you just waking […]

Paradigm Shift – Time For Change

Are you ready for a paradigm shift? Consistent action taken on a daily basis will help you create a paradigm shift. This shift will allow you to move past thinking something into feeling it. Feeling is the accelerated vibration of thinking. Thoughts are like cold water. You add heat to cold water and you speed […]

Perception is reality or grand illusion.

What is your belief of perception is reality… What is your self image?You generally have an image of yourself based on your life’s experiences and the influence of the people closest to you.Perception is reality is all about the story that you have bought into and subscribed to as yours.If you really want to achieve […]

Personal breakthroughs that shift your life.

How to create epic personal breakthroughs…. Are you struggling how to overcome fear? Are your limiting beliefs holding you back?You need personal breakthroughs to take you to your next level.The question is,how do you know what is holding you back?Most of you have a belief system that stems back to your childhood. You were fed […]

Network marketing tips that shift your business.

Strategic network marketing tips…. Are you struggling to make your business work? How would you like to have 5 key network marketing tips that will transform your business?When I first got into network marketing about 25 years ago I did not understand how it worked at all. I struggled to adapt my thinking.You are not […]